Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kicking and Screaming

I don't have any idea how long it's been since I've blogged. I suppose since January 15th, 13th, I dunno.

SO I am stepping back in to the blog-o-sphere... if only for one night. This is our last night of vacation. The wife surprised me with a trip to Big Sur, and Carmel, before we open our business in ten days. TEN days. I'm freaking out, of course, and having second thoughts, thinking things like "OH my God, what have I done?"

So, yeah, I don't want to go back.  I love it here. This is my Heaven on earth.  I want to move here. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the kind of person who wants to move to every place they vacation in. I mean, last year, we took an amazing cruise, with my favorite place to visit, being Virgin Gorda. The hot springs, the huge boulders on the white sand beaches. I loved it, but I didn't want to live there. I was ready to come home. Not this time, and not the last time we came here. I love Cali because it has everything I've always said I've needed to feel at peace, in my life. It has my mountains, ocean, white sand beaches with huge boulders, and valleys. I want to live with mountain behind me, and ocean in front of me. I want to live on the cliffs of Big Sur. This is where I feel most at peace. I love watching the waves roll in. I love the smell of the air, not just the ocean air, but the woodsy areas, and the residential areas. Yes, of course we visited the residential areas. We googled the homes with the views, and we set out goal. This is our last stop on the highway of life. In other words, we're moving here. We can't move here right away, due to familial obligations, but we have yet another goal to work toward... one last BIG dream to achieve.

As far as the past dreams... we've done well. We have a beautiful home, a LOT of fur babies, and now we're finally opening our business. We bought the building LAST August, and the city gave us a run for our money at every freakin' turn. Well, not the city, just one gentleman who works for the city. We thought he was representative of everyone who works there, but alas, he is not. Thank God.

People seem to be excited about our business. We are teaming up with a few others to make this a great success. I'm a nervous wreck. I know this has been my dream, but I'm not stupid enough to believe it won't come without a TON of stress, and worry. People don't really seem to understand how much of ourselves, and our money we've poured into this, which is fine. It is a little frustrating though, to have someone say things like "Well, all you can do is try, and if it doesn't work..." Um, no. It NOT working is NOT an option. This has GOT to work.

Anyway... it's time for me to go. I think the wife will be dragging me from here tomorrow... kicking and screaming. I know it's time to get back to life, but we will be back nex, and the year after... until we are finally able to move here.

I promise to try to blog more! So much has been happening, and we've been crazy busy with getting the business ready to open. Hence this vacation. The wife and I needed it. We've spent these past 6 days cruising the coast, and sleeping. We needed a recharge!