Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Life is...

I'm leaving this one blank until I return from my Dr. Appointment.

Life is...


Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It feels like it's been forever since I've been here!! I think my blog space needs remodeling, but I have no idea how to do that, so if anyone would like to help, let me know!

We have had a whirlwind few weeks, planning this, planning that, the girl graduated from high school this past week, the boy graduated from middle school, we've had friends galore showing up on our doorstep, drunk from celebration, or mourning the graduates (I haven't been drinking because it isn't compatible with trying to lose stomach flab), we've taken them boating, taken them to our neighborhood club, taken them to the different harbor area restaurants, entertained them here... OH, and I'm still working out with my trainer! My butt is tired... literally. It hurts today. The exercises he made me do yesterday actually worked my glutes! I mean, I do a lot of exercises meant to work those areas, but I've never felt it like this. This is exciting.

The teens... It doesn't feel right calling them the children.

This was after a long day on the boat!! I was tired... I know, I'm getting old.

So, I've got all of this excitement going on, but then... I go try things on (In this particular instance, exercise swim suits for water aerobics). I want to know when I'll be able to walk into a dressing room, try something on, and NOT feel big, and NOT feel gross because my legs are ugly. I hate this. I know what makes people want to starve themselves, or eat, then puke it. Luckily, I hate puking. I also know that puking won't exactly help the leg situation. It could possibly help create a flatter stomach though. Eh, it's gross... I won't do it.

These past few weeks, I've been drinking an energy-metabolism boost drink. It's called Slimquick, NOT to be confused with Slim Fast. I haven't taken it this week, but wow... I got so much done while drinking that stuff!! I'll probably start drinking it again tomorrow, because I've noticed a difference this week. The difference being, I'm not getting anything done. I couldn't even sit long enough to blog when I was drinking that stuff.

Then I've got the whole TMJ thing. Oh my God!! Okay, so my teeth are shifting, and it's making me nuts. I was going to get invisalign, but now I'm leaning more toward veneers. If you can get a lifetime guarantee, then that's the painless way to go. I'm all for pain-free, and if it cost the same as braces, then why not? Seriously...

So, I lose my stomach flab, tone the legs, tan the legs, get my veneers, I'm taking vitamins for my hair trying to thicken it... I wonder if getting all of this accomplished will make me see something better when I look in the mirror.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

No Pain No Gain My A$$

(I started writing this Wednesday afternoon)
Oh boy... has there ever been pain around here. 

My last post was short and "sweet," due the amount of pain I was in. Little did I know that the pain I felt that evening, was not even comparable to the pain I felt the next day.

A few of my simple requests:

"Can we just raise the toilets, so that I don't have to use the walls to pull myself up?"
"I'll take a hot bath, but I need you to listen for me, because I just don't think I'll be able to get myself out." It turns out, I couldn't get myself in either. 

So, that night, the wife helped me in the tub, and was even nice enough to bring me a glass of wine. I had already taken 3 Advil, but they didn't come close to touching the pain I was feeling, so a friend suggested wine, which was a request the wife was happy to comply with. 

I didn't even wonder why she was so happy to comply... I was in too much pain to notice she was drinking like a fish. Wait, do fish drink? 

I literally crawled into bed after getting out of the bath, and didn't realize how drunk the wife was getting. I sat in bed and watched TV for a long time... until my patience wore thin. I had to get up early for my next personal training session, and she was just sitting outside. Here's the deal, the dogs bark when she walks into the bedroom, which wakes me up, which then makes it hard for me to go back to sleep. She needed to come to bed, so I could sleep. Plus, I was cranky from being in pain all day... 

So, I went to get her.... quite slowly. She was drunk... slurring. I saw this, and went back to bed. Needless to say I wasn't happy. She follows me in acting sheepish, but I was all kinds of mad, so that wasn't going to work on me at all, although I was wishing later that I had allowed it to work. 

The wife about 20 minutes later: "That B*tch screwed me... she knew... she knew!!" Oh yeah, let me tell you what we found out. We found out the wife's ex business partner is an ass. Oh wait, we already knew that. Anyway, she did screw her/us, and we will pay for it financially in a big way. This is what drove the wife to drink herself into a frenzy, but she chose not to tell me the depth of the problem until she was totally unreasonable. She was ranting, raving... I won't go into the details of what she wanted to do, because I really hope she does it. I just couldn't allow her to do what she wanted to do, while she was drunk. 

Needless to say, I can't stand the woman (the ex business partner that is). 

SO, what do two people do when they've found out they've been financially screwed? Apparently not what we did.... we went out and bought two new cars. I know, right!?!

What we did was trade in the wife's vehicle, because it was time. Had we waited any longer on it, we wouldn't have gotten a good deal on the trade. Then we bought one for me... it's going to be used for our business though, which I need to get started on right away. I'm hoping by Fall, we'll have it up and running with at least a few clients. 

You see, we couldn't get the building we wanted, finalized... we just couldn't see spending that much money on something that made us jump through hoops, because according to city zoning, the building doesn't have enough parking spaces per square footage. Now why someone would even be allowed to build something that doesn't have enough parking, per code, is beyond me. This building was built in 2007... it was beautiful, but no one had ever been in it. It sat vacant. That spells out a resale value of zero to us. Meaning if our business failed, we more than likely wouldn't be able to sell the building due to poor planning on someone's part. 

So we bought a vehicle... and we're going to try to make it our mobile motor lab. Hopefully it will work out. If not, well, we were going to have to buy a car anyway. We have a teenager going to college, getting a job, etc etc. 

Now that I've explained it, I hope we don't look as stupid as you probably thought we were before I explained! 

It's an awesome car. I could drive it blind. It corrects me if I sway into another lane, and it keeps me one car length behind the car in front of me. If I'm about to run into the car in front of me, it will break on it's own (not sure how I feel about this just yet), and it will give me a warning beep if a car behind me is too close. I also has sensors that tell me someone is driving in my blind spots. Plus internet for up to five computers. We could have business meetings in it if we wanted!The only thing I don't like about my awesome car, is that there are so many on the road. It's not different, that's for sure. Well, the technology is, because it's a 2013, but no one knows that by looking at it. That's why I still love my convertible, and I'm not quite ready to give it up to the teen. I mean, I drive with he top down as often as possible... I love the wind in my hair!

This is why I love driving the boat! I just have this amazing sense of freedom, being out in the open air.  I chose to go on the boat for Mothers Day today. The wife and I both love it, and the kids didn't complain about it! I even did the Cupid Shuffle on it... this wasn't easy, because it was a bit rocky, but was a great workout... 

Well, I need a hat, because combing my mess of hair after a day on the boat is no fun at all!

I'd better get some sleep. My 4th workout with the trainer is first thing in the morning. I'm pretty certain he'll have me squatting again... that's what makes me hurt the most!

Have a great Monday everyone!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Really, I was fine

Today, I had my first session with my personal trainer. Then earlier tonight, I had tennis. 

I didn't really feel any pain at all after my session this morning. I mainly suffered from jelly legs. I went to the grocery store right after, and basically used the cart as if it were a walker. I was still okay though... even when I realized, as someone waved me the go ahead to cross the parking lot, that I couldn't even begin to put a little pep in my step. 

I came home feeling totally exhausted, made the wife and I something to eat, then passed out for a good hour, weird dreams and all. I figured my exhaustion was stemming from the fact that I didn't really sleep at all this past weekend. The wife's sister was here. Anytime someone visits, the dogs develop super sonic hearing. 

Anyway... I woke up, managed to get my household duties done, then headed for tennis.... with jelly legs. I couldn't chase a ball if offered a million dollars to do so. Talk about grounded... this is not the type of grounding I want. I still wasn't hurting though!! Nope... that didn't come until I got home. I was in the middle of making homemade "energy balls," (these are so GOOD, easy, healthy, and a great snack!) when it hit. Burning... aching, hot... ugh, so freaking hot!! 

I took a hot (even though I was hot) epsom/lavender bath, two advil, and crawled into bed. Now I'm sitting here focusing on the parts of my body that do not currently hurt. That would be my boobs... and my fingers. Although, my fingers are shaky as I hold them over the keyboard... yep. 

My guess is that running wasn't really scratching the surface of the "get in shape" bubble, for me. No, I don't think it was. Of course this doesn't mean I won't keep doing it. I found out tonight that our town has a running club!!! Oh, and I'll be playing tennis again on Wednesday night with someone I just met in my clinic. Little steps soon lead to larger steps! 

Okay... I am truly worn out. 

I hope everyone had a happy Monday! Woohoo... read that in a deadpan voice. That would be the correct way. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

I came to bed early, only to feel miserable! I hate my stomach issues, though I suppose they pretty much keep me healthy, because I can't eat anything delicious, creamy, rich, chocolatey, sugary, red meaty, fried... need I go on? Because I could! I can eat anything I cook at home, from scratch. I can eat spicy, fishy, chickeny (I know, I'm making up words), veggies, yogurt, fruits, and nuts. It's frustrating...

So today I wanted to avoid stomach issues at all costs. I knew I'd eaten bad the night before... I knew I'd eaten bad all weekend. This usually means a full day of home recovery for my stomach, but we were planning on taking the boat out today, and I wanted to go, and enjoy it. So I doubled my stomach meds... it worked. I love taking the boat out on days like today. We tooled around the whole lake, shopped in the harbor, then floated in the middle and watched the sail boats. No problems on the boat,  but now I feel bleck!!!

Lesson learned... never, ever double up my meds! Tomorrow I have my first personal training session scheduled, so hopefully this won't linger. Tomorrow, I'll start my total body transformation. Wish me luck!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, mine will be the typical Manic Monday!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Forever Young...

All day today, people have been saying May the 4th be with you! I love it, it's cute, and it's a phrase that can only work with my Birthday!

Today (tomorrow now that it's after 1am), I turned 21x2... and I'm happy about it. I will never have a problem getting older, because it's the natural progression of things, and well, it's better than NOT getting older. Not to mention the fact that people have flattered me relentlessly with their comments on my appearance lately. I'm not talking about people I know. They love me and tell me what they think I need to hear. I'm talking about strangers!! Thursday, I  went down to the tennis courts to watch the wife play. The coach from the other team was sitting there, and we were talking about teens. She asked me if I had my 17 year old when I was a teen myself, because I looked way too young to have a teen! Yes, I loved her for that. Today I went in to the gym to set up my personal training schedule. I told the guy I needed three days a week, and a meal suggestion schedule to keep me on track. He said it shouldn't be difficult to reach my goals within the month because "you're already in pretty good shape." Yes, I loved him for that. What I didn't say was "Well, you haven't seen me naked!!" I wouldn't have meant it that way, but he might not have known that. I reeled it in.

I think this is about all I've got tonight. I'm worn out. It's late, and these dogs haven't let me sleep these past two nights. The wife's sister is here, and she brought her little dog, which has mine totally worked up. This means, mine will dash out of here first thing in the morning barking. This also means they'll be extra sensitive to sounds, and will bark at everything all night.

I will try to come back tomorrow... I hope you all have a great Saturday!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Humans are STRANGE creatures

I started this post with the full intention of writing about the reality TV show Strange Addictions, so that's what I'm going to do. Then I'm doing another post about someone I miss terribly, even though we weren't extremely close friends.

The wife and I seem to bond over Strange Addictions, and Hoarders for some reason. The last two SA episodes we've watched have pretty much had me feeling sick to my stomach. In one of them a man was in love with his car and quite content with the relationship... yes, he did have sex with it. No, I'm not going to go into details.

I told the wife I had recently read a news story about a woman from England who had fallen in love with the Statue of Liberty, and made several trips a year to visit "her." Of course at home she "had to settle for a replica." This particular "disorder..." (I'm hesitant to call it a disorder, just because at one time homosexuality was considered a disorder. So, I suppose as long as children and animals aren't being victimized, then whatever floats your boat) Anyway... this disorder is called Objectum sexuality. The wife and I feel like if your going to fall in love with an object, then you need to at least make it a useful one, like a vibrator or a dildo. Hey, those come in some pretty amazing colors, and some have more buttons than your remote control. You could even use a line on it like "C'mere baby and let me push your buttons," and not even get in trouble for it! I mean, c'mon... I don't even want to know what that woman does with her Statue of Liberty replica, but I think it should be illegal, much like defacing the flag... you know? 

The one we watched last night was really bad. The woman had become addicted to drinking her urine. I'm not exaggerating when I type that I really thought I would be sick watching her. The wife said to just pretend it's apple juice, but then that kind of ruins apple juice for me later, you know? Or anything that looks like it. 

I felt pretty bad for her, because her addiction came from her desire to avoid chemo therapy. Apparently she was given a year to live, and was told she needed to start chemo. She decided to try Urine Therapy, something from the middle ages, and has survived for over 4 years so far. The problem is, she is now consuming almost ALL of her urine, which can cause kidney failure, and she has a suspicious mole on her back. She started sobbing heavily when faced with her daughters begging her to please see a doctor. I think she's simply terrified the doctor will tell her that her cancer has returned or that she is in kidney failure. 

Not only is she drinking her urine, but she now bathes in it, AND uses it in her netti pot!! ( I don't know how to spell that, and right now I'm not going to correct it). 

So the wife and I wonder if she smells like urine. I know I wouldn't be kissing her, and I know I wouldn't be drinking out of any of her glasses. Every time she drank a glass of urine, she used a different cup.

That being said,  I really hope she's going to be okay. 

Decisions, and then some...

I've got so much to do, so little time to do it, and I don't have what I need to get it done now. So, I'm taking a breather, and I'm going to blog.

First of all, I noticed my last post had some grammatical errors. I apologize... well, let me go ahead and apologize for every post, because I know they all have grammatical, and punctuation errors. Especially the punctuation! I love my "..." so much! They represent my pausing for a breath when I talk. ;) Am I even using the word "grammatical" right? I do sound better when I talk, although I've noticed lately that I've developed a major southern twang. It took about 34 years to lose any British accent I had, and to develop this new "sound."

I'm not really sure what we're doing about this building. I think we're going to go ahead and purchase it. You see, we really like the guy who's selling it to us. After our meeting today, the wife asked me if I thought this guy was being genuine, or if he was blowing smoke. I watched and analyzed everything he said during the meeting. I'm not one to trust someone I hardly know, but he knows his stuff. Much of what he's told us so far we absolutely can verify, so I really think he's being genuine about his successes, and the possibility of a future joint business venture with him. So now I'm stressed, because I've worked hard this past week on changing my thinking, so I wouldn't be upset about not doing the gym, and I'm stressing about the money! We just scheduled a huge vacation for the summer... we figure if we do the gym, this will be it for awhile. Not to mention the girl is graduating, so it may be our last full family trip. Plus we have two different events happening very soon. Events that are going to cost us way more than we had originally thought. Oh, and a car for the girl!! Yes, I am screaming inside. BUT... all of these things that are costing so much right now, will not come up again. The boys will need a car in a few years, and we'll have his graduation, and other vacations... other than that, SIGH. It's all once in a lifetime crap. Right?

Ugh, I cannot type right now... I have spaghetti fingers or something. I think it's because I was actually able to sleep in this morning. I took the dogs out at 7, but went right back to bed, and Cammy Cam let me sleep! Well, the wife got up with him again at 8, but all those sweet babies came right back to bed with me after they went out a second time. They love me :)

I suppose I'd better get started on my day... I have tons of stuff to do around here. The wife's sister will be here Friday morning, our anniversary is tomorrow, and my second 21st birthday is Friday! I want to go get spray tanned today, but I'm not sure... I've never done it before. What do you guys think about all of that. All of our friends around here do it. Some have had liposuction, and all kinds of other things. I just want to tan my white skin. I figure it will make the flab look better. I'll for sure start personal training next week... this week has been hectic crazy. The good thing about not starting it yet, is that I now have a recommended trainer. I've been told she's down to earth, and not all beboppity. (My made up word)

Have a great day!