Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quick Updates!

We've been going and blowing since we've returned from our trip which has left me no time to actually blog anything! Because of this, I'm going to bullet point a few items!

* I was offered a teaching position at my kids school. I was originally offered 1st grade, but since I can only work a half day,we decided on kindergarten instead. (I have mini panic attacks when I realize I'm going to be teaching again!)

* The kids will return from their dad's on Monday... woohoo!

* I have made it a point to read others' blogs and I want to thank everyone whose blog I read for the insights. I see people wanting to do the same things I want to do, like change their blog names, write about more interesting things, get rid of the fear that keeps them from achieving success, etc etc. Plus I can always relate to different life events and beliefs... :)

* I want to thank everyone for their comments. I always respond to them on my own blog, but I know it doesn't send a message telling people this, so I want to make sure everyone knows this. I appreciate all comments!

* I WILL blog more tomorrow!!!

Have a good night everyone!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pictures from Big Sur/San Fran!

I just wantd to get some pictures from my trip posted. I didn't post too many because I was worried it wouldn't work... but these pretty much sum things up. Loved this trip!! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The computer has stepped out...

All I'm going to say is computer viruses are not fun!! I was going to post pictures of the trip but alas my computer has fallen victim to a virus of unknown origins. Hopefully Data Doctors will figure it out and have me up and running again soon! I'm really hoping the virus didn't come from a Facebook app... I only play on one app and that would be just horrible!!!!

The good news is I've started writing and though it's origins are dark (I'm attempting comedy inserts) I really think it will work. I'm excited!!!!

So, I'm now sitting at Cafe Brazil (love this place) blogging and getting ready to go watch a friend get a tattoo. I personally don't have any, but I'm morbidly curious about the whole process. The wife has threatened divorce should I get one... She has no worries... Pain and the thought of elderly skin with a tattoo keeps me on the goody two shoes path.

Anyway... My pancrepes are here now, so off I go!!!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010


I don't know how to title this blog... Lucky... It's how I feel. It's how I feel every day when I wake up with no pain or illness. It's how I feel when I run up to Starbucks for our coffee or when I'm throwing laundry in the wash for the wife. Lucky is how I feel when I look over at the wife and find her smiling at me or acting goofy to bring me out of my pms'y moods. Lucky is how I feel right now as I sit in our beautiful hotel room that sits between Big Sur and Carmel. The ocean view is heaven to me. The weather is cool enough in the evenings for a fire and warm enough during the day for the beach. Amazing... Heaven!!

The wife surprised me with a trip... A better trip than it would be had I gone on a business trip with her. Better because we have time together... We rented a spider convertible and drove up (or is it down?) from San Fran. We've explored these past few days and it's been wonderful. As soon as we made it into our amazing room the wife crawled into the big comfy bed for a nap and I took an hour long bubble bath. Now Im writing, enjoying the smell of the fire, and the view of the ocean and pines while she sleeps.... It's so amazingly peaceful.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Running on empty!

Still PMS'ing

Not happy that I can't bring myself to write the blog I promised I would write next. You know, the one that would simply list some of my childhood memories.

Frustrated with myself for this blah feeling and a bit confused too. I woke up pretty grumpy and was perfectly content with that. I decided to get some sun hoping the heat would suck some of that grumpiness away like it does my energy. It didn't happen. I stayed grumpy and that suddenly turned into "blah." I'm not going to analyze this because I figure I'm just experiencing some form of petulance. Yes, I am quite capable of that.

Completely beside myself for having a coke and eating two or three brownies. I won't be stepping on that scale again until I can gain some control over myself. I'm sitting here contemplating having another brownie right now! Or maybe a trip to a 24 hour Starbucks. I guess it's good that doesn't exist. Does it?

Getting up early tomorrow. I have to pick the boy-child up for an early morning test. The girl-child will come along too of course and we'll hang onto her until Wednesday afternoon. Her 16th birthday is Wednesday so we'll go to lunch and perhaps a movie. We bought her a very special present (not a car because she hasn't yet gotten a permit and we aren't ready for her to drive. The wife's mother brought her an even better present than what we're giving her. I always pictured her 16th a little different... filled with friends, a huge party, and such, but that's not meant to be. Probably not for either one of our kids. The girl-child literally has no friends (her own fault)... though there are tons of boys in the wings who we won't let her date. The boy has friends but prefers not to have attention drawn to him in a party type of situation.

Hoping for a good night of solid sleep and a pleasant, happy feeling tomorrow.

"Closing my eyes and mentally shaking things away..."

Saturday, July 3, 2010


It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged and there are very good reasons for that. Well, maybe not very good, but… okay… I have excuses.

My excuses:

1.I was spending as much time with the kids as I could. They left to be with their dad for a month and I wanted to be sure to get in some good quality time. Now I realize that cleaning the house, running errands and such may not equal quality time, but it gets them out of their rooms and we’re actually communicating a little. I’ll see them on Tuesday because the boy has to go take a test. His school wants to advance him a grade in math, but they need to make sure he’s ready for that. Then I’ll see them on Wednesday because it’s my daughters 16th birthday. Then we’ll see them again on the 17th and 18th because we have company picnics. SO, it won’t be too bad.

2.I have writers' block. I told the wife I was going to closet myself and just write. I told her I hadn’t written anything good in awhile, and umm, unfortunately she agreed. Then she says it’s because I’m not happy. I think the problem is actually the opposite of that. I write well when I’m struggling with something. Make me happy and I’m a freakin’ blank slate. I’m glad the wife doesn’t lie to me, but it makes it a bit harder to sit down and blog because I feel like everything is so mundane. Seriously though, if I could blog everything I wanted to, it would be anything but mundane. Unfortunately I am censored and I get it.

3.I have been totally nuts lately. I’m not kidding. It’s PMS, but if you’re one who doesn’t believe in that type of thing then call it what you want. It’s not pleasant. I have been a whirlwind of emotional insecurity these past 4 days. “I’m a horrible parent…” “I’m boring and uninteresting for the wife…” “I can’t do anything right…” “I’m fat…” Seriously, I’m making myself crazy and then… THEN I worry that I’m pushing the wife away with all of this insecurity and that just piles more of the same on… ughhhh!!! Because in my head I’m trying to reason THAT one out… “Well she gets PMS…” “She has issues going on too that could possibly make me crazy…” Then I go through that list in my head which makes me circle back to “I’m BORING…” OH my God… see what I mean? It’s nuts! (I personally find this to be the best excuse since it is playing out at this very moment!)

Those are my excuses. Here’s what I’m going to do next.

1.I am still planning on working on my Docublog. It will be slow because I want it to be good. I have ideas floating around and am meeting with my friend on Tuesday to kick some things around.

2.I’m going to take my own advice. I’m “helping” a girl who has just gone through a break-up. I’m good at this, but I have no “license.” Anyway, I told this girl to write her story… her life. I wanted to read it before I tried to “help” her. I’ve decided that I too will write my story. Now I’ve done this before and had a ton of subscribers on Myspace. I have since stopped using Myspace, but I did walk away with some advice. I just don’t know that I can follow it. A friend of mine told me that you have to be able to look at the bad things with humor. That you’ll know you’ve truly let go of things when you can laughingly write about it and have people laugh with you. I can’t find humor in my past. I figure the first blog will list random memories which may be good or bad. Whichever comes to mind first… bear with me if you happen to be reading this. I’m hoping it will help me get a grip on the whirlwind inside of me right now. I may actually get it posted directly after this one if the wife doesn’t come to bed soon. She’s visiting with her mother downstairs.

This is all I’ve got… my excuses and my plan. SO here we go!