Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Running on empty!

Still PMS'ing

Not happy that I can't bring myself to write the blog I promised I would write next. You know, the one that would simply list some of my childhood memories.

Frustrated with myself for this blah feeling and a bit confused too. I woke up pretty grumpy and was perfectly content with that. I decided to get some sun hoping the heat would suck some of that grumpiness away like it does my energy. It didn't happen. I stayed grumpy and that suddenly turned into "blah." I'm not going to analyze this because I figure I'm just experiencing some form of petulance. Yes, I am quite capable of that.

Completely beside myself for having a coke and eating two or three brownies. I won't be stepping on that scale again until I can gain some control over myself. I'm sitting here contemplating having another brownie right now! Or maybe a trip to a 24 hour Starbucks. I guess it's good that doesn't exist. Does it?

Getting up early tomorrow. I have to pick the boy-child up for an early morning test. The girl-child will come along too of course and we'll hang onto her until Wednesday afternoon. Her 16th birthday is Wednesday so we'll go to lunch and perhaps a movie. We bought her a very special present (not a car because she hasn't yet gotten a permit and we aren't ready for her to drive. The wife's mother brought her an even better present than what we're giving her. I always pictured her 16th a little different... filled with friends, a huge party, and such, but that's not meant to be. Probably not for either one of our kids. The girl-child literally has no friends (her own fault)... though there are tons of boys in the wings who we won't let her date. The boy has friends but prefers not to have attention drawn to him in a party type of situation.

Hoping for a good night of solid sleep and a pleasant, happy feeling tomorrow.

"Closing my eyes and mentally shaking things away..."

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