Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Productivity at its best!

Well, I have to say that I was very productive today despite the lack of sleep. As soon as I woke this morning, I got started on the things I needed to do. I finished a few minutes ago and am now finally able to sit and rest.

I am totally dreading the dentist tomorrow. Bleh! At least I'll get it done early and have the rest of the day. I hope it rains like it did today, because I love being at home when it rains. I want to listen to the rain fall through the trees. I want to watch it from the balcony. I want to open all of the blinds in the bedroom, crawl into bed, close my eyes, and drift to sleep in my treehouse.

So the wife and I have come to the conclusion that two women going through menopause and pms'ing at the same time is just not conducive to peaceful problem solving as far as disagreements. Now don't get me wrong, we haven't been arguing... we've just both been going silent and then nothing is resolved at all!!! :::sigh::: She's a bit further into the whole menopause thing that I am, but I do get a few hot flashes now and then. I don't like them....So, I suppose we'll need to keep that in mind for the next ummmmm, 20 years of our lives. Seriously, exactly how long does menopause last anyway? Hmphhh!!!!

I don't know how to...

First off, let me start by saying Wicked was a great musical. Not as good as the Lion King, but I loved it just the same.

It's a little bit of a late nighter for me right now. Try as I might, I cannot sleep. The frustrating thing is that I'm totally exhausted. I thought maybe coming out here on the balcony and blogging my heart out would help, because it's beating so hard that it's keeping me awake. Being on the balcony is actually a step forward for me. In the past you would have found me sitting on the floor of my closet with laptop in lap, writing away. I've written some of my best stuff like that, but the closet really wasn't a healthy place for me. As a kid, I would hide in the closet at night and often ended up sleeping in it under a pile of clothes. I felt safe that way. As an adult, being in the closet was pretty much the same thing... I went in there if I felt scared.

So, here I sit... on the balcony, looking out into the dark night. I can't even see the sky right now. What makes it so weird out here is that the neighbors next door are going through a remodel, and I think some of the guys are still in the house working. If they aren't, then someone is in the house. I suppose I should feel scared, but I really don't right now. I just find it odd that the contractors would be working at 2 am. I guess they're a little worried about getting things done before the neighbors come back.

The wife is sleeping soundly inside. This is another frustrating thing for me. Lately it seems as if it's not one thing it's another, and I'm tired of feeling lonely when I go to sleep. I know the pounding heart beat is more than likely the need to cry, but I don't know how to do that. I lost that ability between childhood and my horrible marriage. I have gotten better at it... Why would anyone want to get better at crying? Because crying is cleansing. It's good for you... unless you do too much of it. Then it's annoying. Anyway... I did shed a few tears at the Karate Kid movie... when he was yelling at his mom that he just wanted to go home... I cried. I could totally relate to his heartbreaking pleas.

Anyway... back to the crying. I guess the last time I cried was when the wife told me she would take me to Cali with her on a trip. This was at dinner. I told her "You told me you wouldn't be able to take me on this trip with you." She said " I can change my mind..." or something like that. The she said I may have to do some begging (jokingly). I was totally excited. I had just been talking about Cali earlier and San Fran is one of my favorite places. Later on, after we were in bed, I said something about Cali again. I was gearing up for the big beg session. Haha right... then she says "Honey, you know money is tight and I won't even be around." Okay... no reason to cry right? Well, let me tell you that nothing is worse than not expecting to go, then getting your hopes raised, and then basically being told "Just kidding..." maybe not in those words, but still. I was so upset and I did cry... she didn't see though. Bleh... I need to just get it done with... ughhh! Trust me, if you can cry, be thankful!

It's so late and I know this is going to be a very rough start to a long week. I've got to get some sleep... I really hope sitting out here has helped. I also hope the dogs don't go crazy when I go back in. No need to wake the wife.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Last night the family and I went to see The Karate Kid. The movie for me was a bit stressful, but I was inspired nonetheless. It was stressfull in that I can't stand to watch innocent people get beaten up, even when I know it's fake... it's worse when you can hear the pain!

The inspiration came from the movie's moral lesson... of course. That lesson being, never give up... face your fears so you don't have to be scared anymore. SO, I can do that, right?

We really enjoyed the movie, and I think I enjoyed dinner even more. We rarely go out to eat anymore because of dieting issues. I've lost 5 pounds and don't want to lose anymore (I just need to tone now) so I decided I was going to eat a "real" dinner. I ate it so fast you would have thought I was denied food on a daily basis! Plus, I totally cleaned my plate. The wife was looking at me in shock. "Honey, what's wrong with you? Do NOT lick your plate!" Ha! Just kidding on the plate licking, but I came very close.

I decided to schedule the photo ops (talked about in the last blog) out two weeks. I figured this would give my friend and I time to put something together before we show up at a church to take pictures of people who will want to know what on earth we're doing. I just didn't want the family rushed before we headed to Wicked today. The church is in Fort Worth, we're in Dallas and I only had a few minutes available for pictures. I want to have time to talk to the people too, so this will work out much better! It will also give us time to get a website up and running. Woohoo!

I suppose I'd better start getting ready to go! I saw one child dressed and ready, but had to make him go change. I don't understand why kids insist on wearing dirty clothes. I swear he has every opportunity to wear something nice, and he throws on a pair of dirty khaki shorts and tells me that's all he has. How hard is it to bring the laundry to the utility room? I mean seriously, I do his wash... all he has to do is carry it in. Yesterday would have been a prime opportunity to do that, since I was in major cleaning mode. I really enjoyed the cleaning too! Cleaning for me is a way to work through frustrations. Since we have Modesta, I don't do much of it anymore... now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaing.

As a single mother way back when I first left the jerk of an abuser, I cleaned apartments... thanks to a friend. I moved into a tiny one bedroom and as a form of rent payment I cleaned. The extra money I earned went for groceries and kid stuff. The jerk didn't pay child support for about a year or perhaps more than that. SO, that being said... I'm thankful for Modesta because that was the most exhausting job ever. I have tried to get the wife to cut her back some because as a housewife I feel guilty for having her, but she refuses. I accept this somewhat happily! I admit it... whew! Yesterday was good for me, but I love our Modesta!

Wow... totally off topic and I really have to run... have a super Sunday everyone!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

When the housekeeper's away...

When the housekeeper is away, the homeowner will play! Isn't that how that phrase goes. That's what I did today... I played with the Shark... love that thing, and I cleaned, and I did a lot of thinking!

So, I know my blog last night was rather pitiful, but I'm beginning to realize I'm my own worst enemy. There are things I want to do, and I hold myself back. I want to start what I think will be a great business. The wife says get a plan together, but I haven't done that yet. I know that we couldn't do it right now anyway due to the financial aspects. That's me, making excuses in my head as to why I haven't done anything yet. I want to write a book. When do I really have the time to seriously sit down and write? That's a partial excuse. The other reason is, I have to have the atmosphere a certain way... I'm serious about this. Crazy, I know.

I need to make this DocuBlog work. I need to make this small documentary. If I don't... If I just let this fall by the wayside and don't put my all into it, I have no excuses. There is nothing holding me back right?

So my friend and I are supposed to go to this church to take pictures of families tomorrow. This is for the beginning of the documentary. Okay, so now I'm having a scheduling conflict. I forgot we're supposed to go see Wicked tomorrow with the wife's aunt and cousin-in-law. They wanted to do brunch too. I can't cancel out on them and I worry about canceling the other, because what if it turns into another empty project? Ughhhhh... I cannot let this happen.

Anyway... I better get going! The kids, the wife, and I are heading to a movie and dinner!

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's a thought process

I love sitting in our backyard, listening to the insects chirp and buzz. I love looking up at the sky through the arch of hundreds of tree limbs. I love sitting down by the water and watching my family feed the fish. Tonight, I was doing just that! As I sat there, I closed my eyes and imagined what it would be like if everyone lined their stone pathways with white rope lights… if everyone had a paddle boat, also with white lights surrounding the edges of each one… if everyone had jazz flowing from their lit up back porches, and the smell of different foods was wafting through the air. I could almost see it… I could almost feel it. How amazing would that be? Now, don’t get me wrong… it’s already quite amazing back there to me. It’s been a great source of peace. I just have all of these things bursting within me right now and am trying to let things slowly work their way to the surface.

I miss my creativity… I miss my passionate, do-gooder side. I miss that part of me who gets “riled up” (Is this a Texas term?) over an injustice done to someone else. I don’t know… I sometimes am of the mindset that has me truly believing I am not quite capable of doing something to make a difference, and that’s sad, because throughout my whole life, that’s really all I’ve wanted to do… make a difference. So, I get the way I am now, at this particular moment, and I shut down. I’m trying to figure something out in my head and sometimes I just need to think really hard. This makes any small distraction frustrating. The thing is, isn’t this shutting down thing kind of the opposite of my do-gooder, want to make a difference kind of person I want to be? Ahhhh, things are so confusing at times!

New Blog info!

I'm starting a new blog to chonicle the making of what I would eventually like to be a documentary. This is an idea that started out small, but has grown the more I think about it. I'm lucky to have my anonymous friend commenter helping me put this together! If you want your name used anonymous, let me know. We'll use it in the DocuBlog! I'm still working on a good name and will let everyone know when I get it up and running. I really hope you'll follow and ask your followers to follow. The good thing about this DocuBlog will be that ALL opinions will be asked for whether they agree with us or not.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She's flying!

This is going to be a quickie blog. I just got home from dropping the wife at the airport. This is the first business trip for the summer and there will be many more to follow (almost all of July), so I'm trying to gear up... I can handle this traveling thing.

The kids and I are heading out to the softball game. I'm not on the roster tonight. I guess they didn't think I'd want to come out since the wife is gone. I'm fine with not playing, but I need to get out and be social. That makes me happy! Plus, a few of the women requested the use of our bat... it doesn't weigh as much as the one the guys use.

After the game we'll go to a late dinner with a friend and her son. I may just eat something normal and not worry about the fat content. I did make myself a smoothie to kind of stem the appetite. I want to tell you that this eating right thing is really working! I haven't had a Dr. Pepper or anything fried in a month! It's making me a bit nuts because the wife gets diet cokes every day. I can't drink diet sodas... blehkhkkhhh!

Seriously, my main diet consists of walnuts, almonds, hummus, fruits, veggies (mainly peas and cucumbers), low carb wraps, greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, salmon,chicken, and green tea! I've also been doing some toning exercises that seem to be helping. I don't want to lose weight at this point because I know where I would lose it... the boobs... that would be devastating! I didn't even gain enough weight to have boobs when I was pregnant years and years ago. Now that I have them, I refuse to give them up... they make a nice addition to the body! ;)

Okay... time to wrap it up, gather the kids, put the puppies away, and head out!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Visions of wellness didn't dance in her head

Today I brought my computer to the neurologist’s office just so I could write. The wife’s MRI is today. We will do this every six months to make sure the old lesions haven’t grown and no new lesions have cropped up. She has MS, though it hasn’t been truly diagnosed. We’ve run the gamut of Neurologists. Well, okay, not the gamut, but 2 thus far and I’m trying to convince her to go to the one who specializes in MS. Yes, we have 1 in all of Dallas. Being on the other side of things has been such a learning experience. I’ve watched her explain her symptoms over and over to different doctors. Our family physician is a very good doctor and has worked well with us, but the first neurologist she sent us to was a quack. He read the wrong MRI report telling us nothing showed up, and then proceeded to tell her that perhaps her symptoms were stress related. We would never have known the wrong report was read had we not requested a copy of the MRI information. By the way, while stress exacerbates her symptoms, it is not the main source. The MRI showed 3 frontal lobe lesions and a minor infarction. We rescheduled with another neurologist. We were rolling right along with this one, but she feels that if the wife truly had MS, her episodes would be more severe than they actually are due to age and length of time she’s been experiencing symptoms. Well, her episodes are gradually becoming more frequent, and has anyone ever heard that symptoms associated with any disease often prevent with different levels of severity at different times? I just read a story the other day about more adults being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis… unusual yes, but it happens. Ughhhh, so frustrating.

So, I suppose my goal is to convince the wife to see the specialist. I understand her hesitance. She’s tired of all having to explain over and over again what’s going on with her, and I think that deep down she really doesn’t want to be told officially that she’s got MS. I understand this. I also understand that even if she is diagnosed, she won’t take the meds because the side effects are worse than what she’s experiencing with her symptoms alone. Regardless of any of this, we need to know what’s going on. Knowledge does give you some modicum of power. I think if she knew officially, she would be more likely to follow the regime I’ve tried to put her on as far as natural herbs and vitamins that help reduce and even prevent some of the symptoms. Wish me luck!

New Title


I've been doing a small bit of research as far as my blog because people have been asking me for the link. Well due to the link name, I've just given them the blog title and told them to google. I decided to try that myself since I was just assuming this would work. It did work if you type in the full blog name, but if you type just a portion of it, all kinds of other blogs, along with a book that was written a few years ago, come up. I was so upset with my lack of imagination! I truly thought "perfectly imperfect" was my phrase!!! I mean it applies to our lives... to everyone's life, yes?

Ughhhh... so, I'm considering changing the name of my blog. I was thinking of changing it to "Just Two Chicks." We'll see... I haven't googled that one yet. I just want some originality. Granted the content of my blogs are quite original as they are about our life... just as everyone's blogs I've been reading. We're all original with our content.

So... that's my dilemma!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I once again have a blog type of back-up. In other words, there are so many things going through my head, and sadly enough, not nearly enough time to write them. The only opportunity I have to write is about this time (11:30 PM), and I’m simply worn out by now. The functionality of my brain sinks to a level 3 on a 1-10 scale. I do have one thing I want to write though… before I head to bed.

A letter:

I just want you to know, you’re one of the best parts of my life. I often wonder what would have become of me, had I not found you when I did. I was so unhappy and constantly searching for something, not really knowing what that something was. I knew what I wanted… I just never thought it existed. Then, one day, quite suddenly I might add, there you were with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, a delicious sushi dinner, and a smile that lights my world. I love the ease of simply being with you. I love our talks on the balcony, our afternoon slow dances in the home office, feeding the catfish that live under the paddle boat, and I love getting your morning coffee even though you at times want me to just run to Starbucks in my PJ’s! I love that your love of music equals mine, and that you’re so willing to go out of your way to make sure the kids have the best education, the best medical care, and, even more important, the best of you. I hope that you realize, every day of your life, how very special you are to me. Thank you for giving of yourself… and thank you for loving us the way you do.

This is a letter to the wife. No, it wasn’t to my new puppy Tallulah, though she does make me smile often. ;) I know that the wife hasn’t had a chance to read my blogs as of late, but when she does, she’ll find this out here waiting for her.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Socially hungry or hungrily wishing... hmmm

It's been a few days, Okay maybe longer, since I've done a real blog. I won't count the video blog, although I do plan on posting more videos in the future.

I'm sitting here right now listening to the wife's conference call and trying to decide if I want to do my sit-ups and other exercises. I found them in a small magazine called "Walk it Off." They're working. I can feel it in every stomach, leg, and butt muscle I have. It's either working or I'm doing something terribly wrong.

This whole diet thing is making me incredibly cranky. I'm not really dieting, but the wife is, and it's so strict it's making me nuts. We can't eat out, we don't eat the same things and inevitably we don't even eat together.

I guess I didn't realize how food-driven our activities were. We'd go run an errand and grab dinner. We'd go to a movie, eat popcorn, and the grab dinner. Lunches from local sandwhich shops were delicious and dates were dinners out. Now I'm struggling... I want to go out, I want a real meal. Hell, I want a date! Yes I do still cook for the kids, but they won't eat the things I'm eating (fat burning foods)... seriously, I think the grocery bill has gone up.

Today I was excited because I was going shopping with a friend and then we were going to eat. We didn't have time to eat because I had to get home to get the wife to her MRI appt. I was still okay with all of this. In my rush home, I hadn't really had time to feel disappointed. I was half-way home when the doctor's office called me and said her MRI was pushed back an hour and would she like to reschedule. Well, I knew she would because she had a conference call this afternoon, but I couldn't get her on the phone so I knew I had to continue on my trek home or she would be freaking out about not making her appt in time. Sure enough, I'm running in the door and she's walking out to meet me. She hadn't listened to my voice mail. By the time I opened the pantry door, the diapointment had set in. I wanted my indian food!

Now I'm snacking on low salt, low fat, no butter popcorn and mentally stomping my feet. We'll be going to play tennis tonight and it's so close to the indian food place. :::sigh:::

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Things I've Learned

I've learned not to be so engrossed in my iPad reading while in search of a restroom. We were dropping the wife's sister off at the Burbank airport in Cali on our way to Las Vegas. I remembered a bill I had to pay and was attempting to take care of it on the iPad. Being the multitask person I think I am, I was looking for a restroom at the same time. Aha... I spotted it, headed that way, and walked in. I looked up just in time to see a man peeing in a urinal. After many apologies, I left the men's restroom and found the women's directly across the way.

I've learned to hang the "Do not Disturb" sign on the hotel room door even though the maid has already been in. I left the children at the pool and went back to the room to shower before dinner. I had the TV on in the bedroom and music playing in the dressing area. I had just finished applying lotion when I heard a "Hellooooo" from the front room. I ran to close the bathroom door as the maid was entering the bedroom... After many apologies from her, I assured her all was okay and that I would close the bathroom door so she could leave the chocolates. I can honestly say I probably would have been more horrified had the children been the ones walking in on me. I was very upset that as soon as the kids did came back to the room, they had the chocolates eaten before I emerged from the bedroom. I'm just saying, I felt I deserved those chocolates after my unplanned exhibitionism.

I've learned that roller coasters are a great stress reliever for me. I actually knew this already, but really felt the relief this time around. Las Vegas was making me manic and the wife's irritable mood wasn't helping. When she left for her conference, I took the kids to Circus Circus and the Venetian. We rode rides, ate junk food in the food court, and bought a bag of cotton candy that was gone by the time we headed back to our hotel. That was the first night since our arrival that I actually felt normal again. I know it was the roller coasters... And the cotton candy. Oh, I can't forget room service... I really enjoyed dipping my french fries into the little bottle of ketchup. It wasn't appropriate, but felt so good!!

I've learned there are actually honest people out there. My son left his iTouch at Circus Circus. After getting on to him for taking it to begin with, I started calling around. When I reached the Circus Circus operator and explained my dilemma, she grunted discouragingly. I agreed with her, but told her it was worth a shot. She put me through to Lost and Found and I again went through my story. Low and behold, the woman asked me for a description because one had been turned in! It was ours and the boy was happy. I know how he felt... I would hate to lose my iPad... I love it!!

I've learned you can't reason with a puppy as far as the benefits of using a puppy pad as compared to the bedroom carpet. Me: Look, this is your pad... You go potty here, you get a cookie. Tallulah: jumps around at my feet looking for said cookie. Me: You need to potty first. (I put her on the pad). Tallulah: lays down on puppy pad after sniffing around. Me: ::::sigh:::: I walk out of restroom. Tallulah: comes running after me with the puppy pad in mouth. Yep... Can't wait to get all of her shots so that maybe she'll potty outdoors.

I've learned that you don't tell a dog groomer you've never had before to "cut them short." Poor Callie and Calvin are scary right now and won't have photo ops any time soon!

That's it for now. Tonight we have softball practice... Oh joy of joys! Then tomorrow, back to routine... I'm ready for routine.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's a trip!

Okay, I have about 20 minutes to belt out a blog before they kick us out of the hotel pool.

Here's the rundown of the trip thus far:

* Pismo California was absolutely amazing. The temperatures stayed between 65 and 90 degrees. The waves were beautiful and I loved falling asleep to them each night. We left our balcony doors wide open just for the sounds of the ocean. We had huge foothills on one side of us and ocean on the other... This place was heaven to me. The town was quaint... Perfect! We stayed 3 nights in Pismo... This just wasn't enough. I need more of that...it's good for the soul.

* We left Pismo and drove to Vegas. The wife has a conference to attend here tomorrow. I personally have never been to Vegas, and I can honestly say 5 nights is too long. I love to gamble, but nothing is paying. It was 111 degrees when we rolled into town and there is nothing green here, unless you go to the Bellagio and check out their indoor garden. The heat is dry and unrelenting, but you may occasionally get treated to a breath taking rush of scorching wind. There are sand foothills/mountains surrounding Vegas, and at night it's brilliantly lit and lively. There's something to do on every corner and you'll find that an odd assortment of people will suddenly start filling the streets as the sun goes down. Liquor flows freely, slot machine bells ring continuously, and peddlers sell everything from water bottles to their own bodies on the strip. It should be noted that selling water bottles is a crime and the peddlers are in excellent running condition. They will run from the cops on one corner and set up business again just a few blocks down. It is it's own amazing site, but eerily so... It's almost as if you were stepping into a strange sort of hell. The people living it don't realize that's what they're living in, and you being newly introduced to such a place, wonder when the whole thing will be sucked into oblivion and disappear into the desert it once was.

* Yesterday we took a day trip to the Hoover Damn and Grand Canyon. It's unbelievable to me how something such as the Hoover Damn can be built. The size alone is intimidating, but add that to the fact that it's been built within the confines of the steep foothills makes it even more astounding. They're also building a bridge that runs across the tops of the foothills. I can't wait to come back and drive over it! After taking some pictures of the damn we continued our trek to the Grand Canyon. The temperature dropped as we drew closer. We started seeing green again, and suddenly we were swallowed by rolling foothills overgrown with impressive pines. As we approached the gates to the Grand Canyon National Park, we were greeted by signs announcing the presence of deer... And we actually saw one! We tried to get a picture but the deer was faster than our camera. The canyon was stunning. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't that. I suppose I pictured a canyon surrounded by desert with overlooks protected by railings. What we had was full access to a beautiful multicolored canyon, surrounded by yet more pines, flowers, and water running through the very bottom. I loved it... It was peaceful and made for a very nice time spent with the kids and wife.

That's about it for now and there won't be much going on tomorrow. We'll go to Circus Circus for the rides, then come back and spend the rest of our day at the hotel pool. Both the wife and I are ready to be home with our furry babies! I think the kids are ready as well!!!!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Wow! This has been some trip so far... Busy, busy, busy! I've tried to keep up with everyones blogs, but my iPad doesn't allow me the ability to scroll on my dashboard. I'll have lots of reading to do when I get home!

For now though, I'll just leave it at this... Wow!!!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just a thing!

A few days ago I blogged about my worries over my little puppy, Tallulah. The x-rays looked normal but the vet is sending them to a radiologist just to be safe. Her trachea is a bit narrowed which could be the cause of her cough.

With that being done, we began our frantic mission of getting ready to be away for 8 days. I just thought it was 7. Though the actual trip to Cali was planned, it was only to be a 3 day event. The wife's cousin is getting married in Pismo.

We were going back and forth as to whether we would go ahead and go to Las Vegas afterward. The wife has a conference to attend there this coming Wednesday, so we thought we'd just drive up from Cali. This was all still somewhat manageable until we decided to go ahead and take the kids as well. We figured we'd make it our summer vacation, hitting the Grand Canyon and Hoover Damn. I literally had two days to pack the kids, first for their weekend with their dad, and then for the week ahead in Las Vegas and Arizona... Then I had to prepare the dog sitter, etc,etc.

I was feeling quite frantic but was able to get everything done and am now sitting in the plane watching the clouds go by beneath me. You would think this would all be well and fine, but no... I'm stressing!

Here's the problem...
I have made it a point to get up every morning and go bike riding. After my ride, I do some floor exercises. I've felt myself slimming down and have been excited. The wife is also doing great with her Nutrisystem diet by losing 14 pounds this first week! So, why am I stressing? No exercise today... I ate bread, cheese, and a freaking' chocolate chip cookie. I ordered a power bagel, but the peanut butter wasn't low fat or low sodium. I've been sitting here trying to figure out how much exercise I'll need to do to counteract my bad food choices and wondering when the hotel gym closes. Maybe a run on the beach would be good, but the wife doesn't run and neither does her sister. They'll think I'm nuts worrying about this stuff, but seriously, I have flab in places that I didn't know were capable of such things! If I could walk around naked, you would hardly notice. Clothing just seems to squeeze you in places it shouldn't....

Perhaps I'll visit a nudist colony!! Ha!!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I believe it was about a month ago that I blogged about buying a new puppy. The wife was out of town and I was feeling discombobulated. I love the word “discombobulated.” I mean, it totally fits! Anyway, I haven’t really said much about the new furry baby since then. If you knew how crazy I am about her, you would be shocked that she isn’t the main topic of most of my blogs!

Tallulah was one pound when I bought her, which caused panic in the wife. She was so tiny and fragile, but Tallulah didn’t think she was fragile at all. She still doesn’t at 2.5 pounds. She’s got a great personality… a little crazy and loving too! Hmmmm… kind of reminds me of the wife!

Tomorrow I have to take her to vet for some x-rays and I’m hoping it goes okay. First of all, she does NOT like the vet, and second, I would lose it if anything happened to this little dog. She’s had a cough since we’ve had her and medicine isn’t working. They eventually put her on a steroid which has helped, but when she ran the course of the steroid, the cough came back. It doesn’t slow her down, she eats fine, and drinks plenty. She can’t bark. If that’s the worst thing wrong with her, I’ll be perfectly fine with that. Callie May (our other furry baby) has a horrible, high pitch bark. It makes me nuts.

So, this is why I’m up so late… worrying about my puppy. We’re supposed to leave Thursday for a 7 day trip, so I need to know my furry baby has healthy lungs and a strong trachea…