Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I believe it was about a month ago that I blogged about buying a new puppy. The wife was out of town and I was feeling discombobulated. I love the word “discombobulated.” I mean, it totally fits! Anyway, I haven’t really said much about the new furry baby since then. If you knew how crazy I am about her, you would be shocked that she isn’t the main topic of most of my blogs!

Tallulah was one pound when I bought her, which caused panic in the wife. She was so tiny and fragile, but Tallulah didn’t think she was fragile at all. She still doesn’t at 2.5 pounds. She’s got a great personality… a little crazy and loving too! Hmmmm… kind of reminds me of the wife!

Tomorrow I have to take her to vet for some x-rays and I’m hoping it goes okay. First of all, she does NOT like the vet, and second, I would lose it if anything happened to this little dog. She’s had a cough since we’ve had her and medicine isn’t working. They eventually put her on a steroid which has helped, but when she ran the course of the steroid, the cough came back. It doesn’t slow her down, she eats fine, and drinks plenty. She can’t bark. If that’s the worst thing wrong with her, I’ll be perfectly fine with that. Callie May (our other furry baby) has a horrible, high pitch bark. It makes me nuts.

So, this is why I’m up so late… worrying about my puppy. We’re supposed to leave Thursday for a 7 day trip, so I need to know my furry baby has healthy lungs and a strong trachea…

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