Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Goodbye Stranger...

Goodbye Stranger…

I love, love, love music! Classic rock, jazz, blues, blue-grass, rock alternative, indie, folk… you name it! Music is about the only place I’ll allow “mushy” thoughts without wanting to say “Gag!”

At the concert:

Friday night the wife and I went to see the Indigo Girls in concert at the House of Blues. The House of Blues is an awesome music venue. The smells, the d├ęcor, and the various stages are all carefully planned to create the perfect ambiance for your listening pleasure. The food isn’t all that great, but since we’re both dieting, we chose hummus and pita bread while we waited to be ushered onto the balcony.

I have to tell you, concerts like that make for interesting people watching. We saw more mullets, 80’s hair style feathering, man-women, and a** slapping, than we’ve seen in quite awhile. We watched one particularly manly woman make a drunk fool of herself and get kicked out and we saw couples hugging and lovey-dovey with each other, only to see one half of the” lovey” being “dovey” with someone else.

Background information:

While the wife and I are lesbians, we strive not to fit the stereotypical image most people have in their heads when they think “lesbian.” We don’t wave the rainbow flag, we don’t have very short hair, we’re not all that athletic (well, the wife is good at tennis and I love to run and bike ride), we both wear make-up, and we love getting our mani’s and pedi’s. That being said, we aren’t lesbian snobs, we just don’t want to be stereo typed… I think that runs along the lines of wanting acceptance. Luckily we don’t face a lot of acceptance issues in Dallas.

Before the concert:

I went through the Jack in the Box drive-thru to get the kids something for dinner. While in the car, the song “Good Bye Stranger” came on. This is an oldie but goodie! Have you ever listened to a song and thought “Wow, that’s me.”? There are several songs like that for me. I’m not being self centered, I promise. I just know this to be true, because exes have told me about songs they played over and over after I left them. This makes me sound horrible, and the wife herself has said that I’m the one who’s left everyone I’ve been with, but let’s review reasons

• Reason 1: The husband of 11 years was abusive, and 11 years was some mighty strong staying power.

• Reason 2: The first girl friend of my entire life was bipolar and wanted to date others. Have you ever dated a bipolar who doesn’t take meds and drinks too? Not good… and I had kids to consider. They didn’t know about her as far as a relationship goes.

• Reason 3: The second girlfriend was very into internet women. My self esteem isn’t large enough to accommodate online women who can be anything they need to be to whoever they want. Now she did come around, but by then, I guess you could say I was lost.

• Reason 4: The third girlfriend was a friend. Simply that. I didn’t love her they way she loved me. She was good to me and I seriously began to think I had major issues because there was no reason why I shouldn’t have loved her like that.

• Reason 5: Not a girlfriend but a good friend I dated who wanted to date around. I wasn’t up for that. I knew what I wanted… I’ve known what I wanted. I warned her… “”If I put myself on this single dating site and find someone who wants only me… someone I have a connection with, and the kids like, then I’m going for it.” I was on the site for less than 3 weeks. Yes, this is how the wife and I met. I took myself off the site 1 month later.

We instantly connected. Everything was so easy from the beginning and I think it’s because, though we both have baggage (who doesn’t), our baggage was checked… it wasn’t carry-on. We both knew what we wanted and we went for it. We had our lists of acceptable, unacceptable, and things we would compromise on… there were interviews… and we just fit. All of us fit into one nice package! The rest, as they say, is history!

So, while I was always the one saying “Goodbye stranger, it’s been nice, hope you find your paradise…. Tried to see your point of view, hope your dreams will all come true..." There were reasons for that.

Not one relationship will be perfect because we as humans are incapable of perfection. That’s why I call this blog “Perfectly Imperfect.” I told my wife when I first met her that what I was searching for was “perfectly imperfect.” Someone who’s imperfections would blend nicely with my own. So, while we have our issues with the little imperfections in life such as my sense of time, her relationship with her business, the kids and their own imperfections, we have something that works and we love it… we love each other and what the four of us have created. That being said, I would still never feel comfortable giving relationship advice!! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Figuring Out MS

MS can be an ugly, ugly thing. It’s one of those diseases that hides out, making you think you must be crazy thinking anything is wrong with you, and then suddenly, when you least suspect it, up crops a symptom. The twitchy/tingly legs, numbness in arms, legs (or both), temporary loss of vision, and temporary loss of hearing, etc, etc, etc.

I was reading the news today and one of the headlines mentioned a man (I can’t remember who now) who has been struggling with MS. I guess I’m about to sound very ignorant now, but I really thought only women suffered from MS. I don’t know why I thought this. I guess because when we did the MS fundraiser and walk, most of the teams walking were walking for a woman.

I’m not overly familiar with MS as a whole… only the symptoms and natural methods of keeping some of them in control. I did a lot of research on it last summer and have continued to search out new information for the wife. The problem is she’s so freakin’ stubborn when it comes to taking the vitamins and exercising regularly. Let’s not even mention the smoking, which doesn’t help, nor does the stress that comes from owning a business.

I do see that she is beginning to realize my suggestions are right on target. She feels better after taking her vitamins… she feels better after exercising (unless of course it’s softball and we’re getting hit with those damn things!), and she feels better when she isn’t so stressed. She has started her diet and wants to lose 20 more pounds than she should to make up for the weight she will gain when she quits smoking… hooray! I know she can do it! I just can’t let anything happen to her before then…

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rundown on the rundown!

Well it’s 10:30 and way too early for me to be so tired. I want to blog and the wife is waiting to for me to play Scrabble with her (We play it on the iPad). Now re-read those last two sentences and tell me how old you think we are!

Here is a rundown of the day:

• I woke up at a pretty decent time because I was excited about shopping for more flowers to plant. I went in knowing what I needed and only walked out with 1 extra plant! This is a good thing for me. I bought the most beautiful plant… it’s called the Cajun “Creole Lady” Hibiscus. I’ll post a picture of it tomorrow! As I was driving home I hit traffic, which is frustrating at 11 in the morning, but typical of Dallas. I considered taking the HOV lane and quickly came up with a story in case the cops decided to pull me over. “But officer, Hibby (short for Hibiscus) is a living thing, and she is riding in the front seat with me.” I wonder if they would have let me go or have me committed instead? I opted out. The last thing I need is another ticket. I’ll explain this in another blog.

• I stopped by Bath and Body to get some yummy smelling air fresheners. You know... plug ins, sprays, the kind that just sit there. Again I walked in knowing what I needed and walked out with tons more, but not before I showed the sales woman my beautiful plant! We started talking and the next thing I knew, I was giving her directions to the nursery and showing her my flower. I guess I never meet a stranger? Hmmm...

• I then went to the store to get some things to supplement the wife’s Nutrisystem diet. I spent all day Sunday cleaning out cabinets to make room for all of the Nutrisystem foods. I then read the booklet to see what extras she can eat, and have now totally restocked the pantry and kitchen. Her diet will help me with mine, though mine isn’t as strict as hers. Anyway... at the store as I was walking up to the check-out line, I saw that the one with less people in line had a checker who's not very friendly. I walked to another line without even really thinking about it until later. I suppose when you have very little contact with those outside your home, you want each experience to be a pleasant one, thus choosing a longer line if need be!

• I planted flowers the rest of the afternoon! It was hot, but I love being in the sun!! I had my daughter help and all I heard was “Ewww gross, that’s a snail without his shell… yuck! Ughhh, a worm… yuck, a spider!” It was good fun. As we planted the wife came out to tell us the neighbor across the water was watching us with binoculars. Sure enough, we looked over and saw him sitting there. It was quite disconcerting… The girl and I kept looking over and noticed he wasn't moving. I said, “Maybe he’s dead…” I moved to the other side of the tree and was able to get a better view of the guy… unbelievable! You’ll see pictures of him tomorrow as well!

• Tonight we went to the batting cages because I have to play my first ever softball game. I’m not looking forward to it because, well honestly, I suck! As I’m struggling to hit the ball, a cute little 5 year old boy is giving me instructions from the other side of the fence. Yep… tomorrow night will NOT be fun. Plus my hand hurts from batting. Yes, I’m whining.

I suppose I'd better wrap it up for the night. The wife is almost done playing Scrabble against the computer and I have to get up early. I’ll be shopping at Nordstoms early tomorrow morning with the wife’s sales person who is back in town this week. I love it when she comes to town. This isn’t typically my store of choice, but love going there with her. I’m way too intimidated by the snooty people to go on my own!

Have a great Wednesday and if I haven’t broken anything playing softball, I’ll blog tomorrow night and post those pics!

Monday, May 24, 2010

At a Loss

Any parent would agree that raising children is not easy. They start out so sweet, innocent, and vulnerable, looking to us for their every need. As they grow we celebrate their small steps toward independence. We take pictures, keep baby books and journals, and make home movies. During all of this, we’re not really thinking about what comes later. We’re not lamenting on how we’re going to handle certain situations. Oh, don’t get me wrong… we have our ideas! We have strong ideas. We hear other’s horror stories and say with righteous indignation, “Not my child!” Well, let me tell you something… that will come back to bite you in the “a double arse” later.

So here I am… facing some issues with my daughter that I never thought I would have to deal with. I have no idea what I’m doing because I just didn’t expect this. She was “raised better than this.” I can’t tell you I did everything right with my kids. I did a lot of “guilty parenting” after my divorce, even though I knew a divorce was the healthiest thing for us, both emotionally and physically. If you’re curious about this, then read my first blog. I can also tell you that from the time they were born, I worked hard to give them the childhood I never had. My mother drank, did drugs and passed me around to whoever would care for me. I wanted something different for them… something normal. I wanted them to know love, laughter, and to have the opportunity to explore life! They’ve got that… all of it, yet my daughter chooses another path. She has no self-respect and no respect for me. She tries to bargain with the wife, but she lies continuously, and there are other things going on that I won’t get into. She’s extremely anti-social with no friends to speak of, but way too social with boys… none from her school of course because guess what…? Those are good boys… she isn’t interested in those. Though she’s fifteen, her emotional age would probably be comparable to that of a 13 year old. I’m hesitant about allowing her to date at 16 due to things that have come up. I understand I can’t keep her isolated and have no desire to. I just want her to have a friend to do things with… girl things, because at the rate she’s going, she’s going to ruin her life at a very young age and I’m not going to bail her out. She’s been given too many opportunities to make the right choices. With all of this running through my head, I’ve decided to write her a letter. Would love opinions on the content!


I remember tea parties in the yard with popcorn and kool-aide.

I remember a princess bed, pink walls, and "The Little Mermaid" stickers on your closet door.

I remember a cute little girl in daisy overalls and pigtails in her hair for the first time.

I remember trips to the zoo, the museum, Six Flags.

I remember the first dance class, soccer game, basketball game, color guard performance.

Now we have a first dance to add to the list of memories and so many more memories to come.

I’ve been thinking a lot about when you were small. You loved dressing up, painting, swimming, and playing with your friends. Even when you were small, you had so much potential… you still do. There are so many things you’re good at! Your writing is amazing, and your photography skills are something I’m quite envious of.

I’m not really sure where to go with this, but I need you to know that I love you. I love you and I want so much for you. You could have anything you want in the world if only you would make the right choices. I know we talk to you about maturity, but I’m beginning to learn that maturity comes with age… it isn’t something we can force, and it isn’t something you can pretend you have. It takes time. I’ve also come to the realization that it’s incredibly difficult to teach someone how to have self-respect. I don’t know how to do that.

It breaks my heart to see you hurt yourself the way you do. I know you don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, and I have no idea how to show you otherwise. I’m at a loss. At this point, no matter what I do, I’m the bad-guy, and I’m sorry for your feelings on that, but not for setting the rules that form your opinions of me.

You’re a wonderful, amazing child. I am lucky in so many ways, and I don’t take that luck for granted. I hope you see these things in yourself. I hope you know it isn’t too late to turn things around.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Okay... I survived the day of fasting and the other effects of colonoscopy/endoscopy preparation. I survived the actual procedure, which I almost backed out of because the anesthesiologist had me very worked up about the "dangers of these procedures with someone who has asthma." After explaining all of these "dangers" to me, and then making me take my inhaler, even though I told her I didn't need it and that I rarely used it, she asked me if I was still willing to go through with "this." SO... I mentally weighed my options. If I back out now, with the IV in my arm, and after having gone through yesterday's ordeal, how would I feel about myself. How would I feel the next time I felt the need to down a bottle of Pepcid? How would I feel with the wife giving me that look over her glasses... that last one did it for me. It is not a good look. "Yes, I'm willing to carry this through..." I have to tell you, the anesthesiologist was a bit dramatic, but I guess better safe than sorry.  Now I can plant my flowers and enjoy the rest of my evening...

Old person quote of the day... "I remember a time when Friday nights were spent eating dinner out, hitting the club, and sitting on the patio to listen to a local band..."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Affair With Food

I'm not sure I've mentioned this in previous blogs, but I love food... all kinds of food. Indian, Italian, American, Country "cookin'," and sushi. This is just a small smattering of what I can eat. I love sweet treats, and I love salty treats. I really should be thankful for the size I am considering how much I eat... how much I love to eat.

A few years ago, I had to stop eating red meats because I was getting sick. It took a few tests, but I eventually figured out it was red meat that was taking me down. I figured this out without a colonoscopy.

Well, here we are again.... two years later, with major problems as far as restrooming, reflux, nausea, etc., etc. This time I've given in to the doctor. I'll be having a colonoscopy and endoscopy tomorrow... bleh! Right now, the worst part of this is the fact that I haven't been able to eat all day. I have to have a cear, liquid diet until midnight. I really hope I'm sleeping before midnight because I am going nuts not being able to eat.

Now lets bring in the wife... she had a meeting to go to, a salesperson to drop at the ariport, and the kids to drop at their dad's. She was running behind ( they went in to the office today) and asked me to meet her close to the highway so she could get to the airport in time. I looked at the clock knowing I'd have to start taking these cleansing meds in 20 minutes, but okay, sure. So, I loaded the kids and all of their stuff in the car for a weekend with their dad. I then met up with the wife who smokes and will not buy cigarettes in front of the children... as she's getting in the car she says "I need cigarettes." Now normally, this wouldn't bother me, but I was hungry and when I'm hungry like that, I'm cranky!!!!  Oh well, I headed to the 7-11 to get her cigarettes. I walked all over that store looking for popsicles or jello that's not red, orange, or purple... no luck. I bought her cigarettes then came home to take the first of the meds.

So here I sit, lucky enough to not be feeling the full effects of the meds at this point, but hungry enough to make myself crazy. I want something in my mouth, and though I don't smoke, nor have I ever smoked, I really want to pop a cigarette in my mouth and light it! Seriously... a sucker... something would be great!

Anyway... I dread what's coming within these next few hours, so I suppose I'll be thankful for the time and ability to blog right now. I hope everyone has a happy Thursday evening and Friday morning!! Eat lots of delicious foods for me!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I think I have the comment section of my blogs fixed. A few people have said somthing and I thought I had corrected it. Apparently I've no idea what I'm doing which, I want to tell you, isn't right. I was once considered "computer savvy." I seem to have lost my touch. :::sigh::: 

This day has been long... it started out well enough, but has turned a bit chaotic! There will be more, but for  now I must go get the boy from school. Today was his last day of testing. They are now out for the summer!

Tennis 101

I do believe the kids will be taking tennis lessons for at least the next 2 years, which still puts them ahead of me. I'll be taking lessons the rest of my life! One thing to remember when it comes to tennis, is your racket. Now, it really isn't our fault that we don't have our rackets. The wife has one of her sales peeps in town and she borrowed the car that has our rackets in it. She wanted to hit an 8 am sale at Nordstroms.... A woman after my own heart! Had sleep not been more important than shopping when the alarm went off, I probably would have joined her. Oh well, maybe next time! So now, I'm watching the kids play tennis and sunning myself by the court... Umm no racket for me equals no play.... Loving it!!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

News of the day...

Okay... in the news it talks about Representitive Mark Souder resigning after admitting an affair with a part-time employee. Has anyone seen the guy's picture? I'm just saying, I would love to know "what" on earth would have an affair with this man, Is he good in bed, does he have money, what is it??

I once was ultra liberal, but now believe I am becoming a conservative liberal. I would never go so far as to say I'm conservative... that will never happen. I've decided to place myself in this new category due to one small observation I made today, which then had me lamenting on how much I've changed over the years.

I had to go buy some treat cookies for the new puppy and some cheap wash cloths to clean up her little accidents. Accidents that need to stop, but anyway, there is a Walmart very close to the kids school, so I figured I'd go in there to pick up what I need. Fast and simple... in Fort Worth it would never have been fast and simple at a Walmart. So, you know how Walmart has the front door greeters? I've been told these people are injured workers. They put them at the door to keep them working. Well, today the greeter was a younger girl, who had decided to perform her "difficult duty" while standing around the corner by the baskets, obviously trying to keep out of view. She was talking on her cell phone. She stopped long enough to "greet" but then continued to talk on her phone, and look around to make sure she wasn't being observed. I'm sure the look on my face was quite open to interpretation... not that she cared. I wanted to say "Get off your 'a double arse' and get to work!" As an employer I would have fired her on the spot. I'm sure all kinds of litigation would come from my impulsiveness to fire someone who doesn't pull their weight, which I think is absolutely ridiculous. If someone doesn't perform to standard, there shouldnt be a bunch of hullabaloo... it's should be short and sweet... "You aren't doing X, Y, or Z so you're fired..."  Or, "You're on the phone when you should be working, you know the policy, take a hike!" Pfffftttt... There are too many good, hard working people out there who are looking for jobs, to have to put up with laziness of this sort.... enough said...   

A burst of Morning Sunshine?

Happy Tuesday! Wow, I actually slept last night and woke up in the best mood! The wife however, did not wake up in the best mood. One of her sales peeps is in town and the woman was yelling up the stairs pretty early. Lets get one thing straight right now, we are NOT morning people.

Now I'm going to talk about something that I would love to get feedback on. Just know that I'm not bad-mouthing public education at all. As a teacher I know that every child in my classroom will benefit from being there because I'll see to it.

Here is my issue:

The wife has been working from home since January, but today she had to go into the office to interview for another sales person.She has developed a major dislike as far as going into the office, and feels she is more productive when working from home. I completely understand these feelings. If you're lucky enough to have a job that allows you work from home, enjoy it. That gives you more time with your family, even though you may be working, and a little flexibility. People who report to an office don't have these benefits.

I'm one of those people who would home-school if I could. I don't believe we bring children into this world in order to send them away for long school days that are full of time- fillers. Yes, I would agree the socialization is good, PE is good,  but they can get socialization and physical fitness from other activities and from simply living it at home.There was nothing worse than seeing a child come in to school at 6:30 am and then go back to daycare until 6pm. If you're not living this, then you're one of the lucky ones and that's great... but not everyone has that choice. Not everyone can stay home (I am so thankful for this time with the kids, which we have more of because their day isn't consumed), not everyone can work from home (the wife is thankful for her time with us, and likes the background noises while she works.), but if you can and you do, then be grateful for that! If you can and don't then don't judge others for their choices.

Now someone told me recently that a 3 hour day (that's how long the kids are in school), isn't life. I'm calling BS on that. I understand that there are jobs out there that require the hours and I get it, but let me tell you something, not every job has to consume your life and most don't. If a person is left to get their work done, they can accomplish it in very little time. If it's an ongoing thing, then it's ongoing... when you have someone above you who sits around, creates work, calls meetings, and throws things out there that are completely unproductive... then yeah, you might as well pull up a bed, because your life is your job. Not your family, not your interests. On the other side of this...  Okay fine, so 3 hours isn't life, then I say my kids need to enjoy being kids while they can. They need to enjoy life and have the time to figure out what it is they want from it. I do not feel like my children need a full day of "lets figure out how to keep them busy, lets have assemblies, sell junk, and then do worksheets because we work faster than other children, etc etc etc" to teach them what life is about.  Perhaps going to school and learning just as much, if not more in 3 hours, will show them that though there are many out there who say "it can't be done," they can turn around and say "Wrong... you have no idea because you haven't had expereince with it!"  Something is not wrong, nor is it impossible, simply because it's outside the box. People!  Now I know how home-school parents feel and why they do it... good district, bad district... it has nothing to do with it. It's a desire for your children to have the best that you can give them. It's a choice, it's not wrong because "you" feel like it's not "life."

I remember leaving the kids for long periods of time to go in to work. I would tutor in the early morning hours, then teach, then tutor in the afternoon, then plan for the next day, set up my room for whatever fun activity we had planned, etc, etc. When I moved to Dallas, it was even crazier because I knew I'd have an hour drive both ways.

We'd have meetings galore. Oh, don't get me going on meetings! Seriously, when I'm at work, let me work! Meetings are great when introducing a new concept, but for crying out loud there is nothing less productive than the weekly meeting that drones on and on. Most people are doodling, inwardly rolling their eyes, and trying to figure out how to get all of their work done so they can actually get home at a decent time... meetings... bleh!

So there's my issue... what is it that makes people feel as if they have the right to redirect something in which they really have no idea, no experience, and no business redirecting? Yes, I stay home and take care of my family... they're a lot of work! Yes, my kids go to a school that's three hours a day because it's academics only... nothing wrong with that. The boy has friends... the girl is anti-social. That would be the same no matter the hours she spent in school. They get physical activity... we run, we ride bikes, we paddle boat, they play tennis (I will too again soon!). What is it that bothers people about this? Seriously...

Ignore the typos or bad grammar...  I don't have time to proof. We have a lot to do today! :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Softball blunders...

What a beautiful Sunday! The sun is shining, a cool breeze is blowing, and in the background I have the peaceful sound of the wife's company softball team "practicing." I'm supposed to be playing as well, but because I know nothing about the game, I've opted to watch this first time out.

Now don't get me wrong... I've played before... Once! I was on second or third base, tried to catch a ball, it bounced off the glove and hit me in the head. I never had to bat due to the "injury" and I never tried again because those softballs are NOT soft!!

The wife has played once before as well, and like me, she was injured... Knocked out to be exact... And... Here we are, in our 40's, and trying to do it again.

Wish us luck!

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Heaven Is...

Heaven is sitting on the balcony at midnight running my finger through the thickest, creamiest, yummiest (does this qualify as a word?), pink butter cream icing top of a vanilla cupcake, and then licking it off.  Heaven is repeating this action until all of the icing is gone and my finger and tongue are an unnatural pink that won't wash off until about the third hand washing and second tooth brushing. Heaven is the imagination that allows me the luxury of this delicious cupcake, when in actuality I'm sitting here drinking a bottle of water and cursing the self-imposed diet I've put myself on because I've gained a few extra pounds!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Bottom Level?

The wife and I spend a lot of time upstairs... especially when the children are away. Her office is upstairs, along with our adjoining bedroom, and  it's just easier with the dogs who can't manage the hardwood floor stairs by themselves. They are quite slippery at times!

The upper level of our house is our "treehouse." The view is absolutely beautiful and we have everything we need minus a kitchen! So why go down when we're having a lazy afternoon? Or night? Or entire day even? Weekend... ?

Today I made a stop before I picked up our morning coffee, which for me has turned into a morning green tee. I'm trying to be healthy, and to be honest, coffee goes right through me in all kinds of bad ways. After getting home, I took the wife her coffee and told her I'd be up in a bit. I wanted to make us something to eat, and put fresh flowers out. I make a point of having flowers waiting for her when she returns from a trip, and when she doesn't travel, I get them every Saturday. I had a thought though... My gosh, we'll never see these flowers because we never come down! I do make sure she has flowers at her desk as well, but I love the ones we have in the kitchen and living rooms too!

With this in mind my wife received an email...

Here are our flowers for the week!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Poop Nazi

I have earned a new title... Poop Nazi. Yes, that's me! So here's the scoop on the poop, ummmm, so to speak. The wife and I came home after getting the kids to the dance, and settled in for the wait. We were tired and knew better than to get too comfortable lest we fall asleep letting the children get away with staying out way later than allowed.

The puppy is still in the process of potty training (with an indoor pad because she is still too little to take outdoors). I sat down on the bed and was just about to sign on to Facebook when I saw the dog squat. The wife said "Uh oh" as a little kid would, and just watched her. Not me, I jumped off the bed and ran toward the 1 1/2 pound dog, scaring the sh*t out of her (literally), and chasing her through the bedroom. The wife could be heard in the background "She has sh*t on her backside..." I didn't care, I kept chasing her. I finally caught her as she was attempting to crawl under the bed. Well, as I'm sure you can imagine, the poop was no longer on her backside, but as luck would have it, it was still on her. :::ahem::: I took her into the restroom and verbally reprimanded her as she struggled to get away from me. I placed her on the pad and told her to "poo-poo potty." Yes, this is how I talk to my animals. Well, she could feel the poop on herself and was jumping backwards like a drunk rabbit. It was hilarious, but I finally grabbed her, washed her off, and tried to put her back on her pad. By this time I suppose she had lost the need to complete the task, so I gave up...  for the time being! I'm still walking around making sure she didn't slip one by me.

The Big City

Tonight is our daughter's first date AND her first official dress-up dance. It's prom, but since it includes the middle school kids too, I won't call it that. The school is small... If they didn't include the middle schoolers, there would be about 13 kids there.

My daughter, being the anti-social child she is, is going with a boy from her old school. He had to follow us out to Dallas ( where we live ), then to the restaurant they were planning on going to ( we ate at a cafe down the road ), and they are now following us to the dance site. I'm thinking this isn't typical, but the kid is from a small town on the other side of Fort Worth and doesn't know his way around.

We're hoping he'll be able to find his way back to our house after the dance. I have a teacher calling me when they leave and I told them they have a 30 minute time-frame from the time they leave until they get back home (Is this militant?). The wife threatened a shot gun to make a point. Wonder if it worked? She's stressed because we'll be driving back to Fort Worth after the dance to be sure the boy makes it home safe and sound. This will be a late night for the "old folks." I won't start in with "I remember a time when..."

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The Rush of Life

Today I've found myself in a battle with the clock. It didn't matter that I left the house in plenty of time to get things done. There was obviously another plan for me. That plan was to sit for 45 minutes in traffic at 12:30 pm. No, there was no accident...that's just Dallas for you. Once past the traffic I had heavy rains and 60 mph winds to contend with. These had me driving 40 mph most of the way to Fort Worth. Not good when my daughter has to have hair, nails, and makeup done by 4:15 so we can then head back to Dallas with her date following us. The 4:15 time was set by me in hopes of avoiding rush hour traffic! Well, I still hope to meet that time frame, but for now I'll enjoy my own pedi/mani!!!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A New Beginning

I call it this for two reasons:

1. I am testing out my new iPad. It was a birthday present from the wife and kids. They want me writing and thought this would give me the freedom to do so anytime, anywhere.

2. I am giving this blog its new beginning as of right now if I can get this to work. New beginning, meaning I'll be blogging everyday!

Now for the test.... Will this work? I'm pressing save and crossing my fingers!

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