Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rundown on the rundown!

Well it’s 10:30 and way too early for me to be so tired. I want to blog and the wife is waiting to for me to play Scrabble with her (We play it on the iPad). Now re-read those last two sentences and tell me how old you think we are!

Here is a rundown of the day:

• I woke up at a pretty decent time because I was excited about shopping for more flowers to plant. I went in knowing what I needed and only walked out with 1 extra plant! This is a good thing for me. I bought the most beautiful plant… it’s called the Cajun “Creole Lady” Hibiscus. I’ll post a picture of it tomorrow! As I was driving home I hit traffic, which is frustrating at 11 in the morning, but typical of Dallas. I considered taking the HOV lane and quickly came up with a story in case the cops decided to pull me over. “But officer, Hibby (short for Hibiscus) is a living thing, and she is riding in the front seat with me.” I wonder if they would have let me go or have me committed instead? I opted out. The last thing I need is another ticket. I’ll explain this in another blog.

• I stopped by Bath and Body to get some yummy smelling air fresheners. You know... plug ins, sprays, the kind that just sit there. Again I walked in knowing what I needed and walked out with tons more, but not before I showed the sales woman my beautiful plant! We started talking and the next thing I knew, I was giving her directions to the nursery and showing her my flower. I guess I never meet a stranger? Hmmm...

• I then went to the store to get some things to supplement the wife’s Nutrisystem diet. I spent all day Sunday cleaning out cabinets to make room for all of the Nutrisystem foods. I then read the booklet to see what extras she can eat, and have now totally restocked the pantry and kitchen. Her diet will help me with mine, though mine isn’t as strict as hers. Anyway... at the store as I was walking up to the check-out line, I saw that the one with less people in line had a checker who's not very friendly. I walked to another line without even really thinking about it until later. I suppose when you have very little contact with those outside your home, you want each experience to be a pleasant one, thus choosing a longer line if need be!

• I planted flowers the rest of the afternoon! It was hot, but I love being in the sun!! I had my daughter help and all I heard was “Ewww gross, that’s a snail without his shell… yuck! Ughhh, a worm… yuck, a spider!” It was good fun. As we planted the wife came out to tell us the neighbor across the water was watching us with binoculars. Sure enough, we looked over and saw him sitting there. It was quite disconcerting… The girl and I kept looking over and noticed he wasn't moving. I said, “Maybe he’s dead…” I moved to the other side of the tree and was able to get a better view of the guy… unbelievable! You’ll see pictures of him tomorrow as well!

• Tonight we went to the batting cages because I have to play my first ever softball game. I’m not looking forward to it because, well honestly, I suck! As I’m struggling to hit the ball, a cute little 5 year old boy is giving me instructions from the other side of the fence. Yep… tomorrow night will NOT be fun. Plus my hand hurts from batting. Yes, I’m whining.

I suppose I'd better wrap it up for the night. The wife is almost done playing Scrabble against the computer and I have to get up early. I’ll be shopping at Nordstoms early tomorrow morning with the wife’s sales person who is back in town this week. I love it when she comes to town. This isn’t typically my store of choice, but love going there with her. I’m way too intimidated by the snooty people to go on my own!

Have a great Wednesday and if I haven’t broken anything playing softball, I’ll blog tomorrow night and post those pics!

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