Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Saturday, December 31, 2011

This is it...

2 1/2 more hours left in 2011 here in the heart of Texas! I hope you're all happy and celebrating safely. 

The wife and I are home watching Auburn (my team!) Play in the Chick-Fil-A bowl... they're winning which makes me happy. We ordered pizza, and wings, and I'm drinking wine-spritzers until midnight. We'll have a sip of bubbly then, and I'll save the rest of the bubbly for mimosas on New Year's day. 

The wife's prized rooster and my wine spritzer :)

Last night the wife and I went to Dallas for sushi. We always go to our favorite place... the place of our first date, and the best sushi in town. After that we went gambling. We really had a great time losing, winning, then losing again. I was a little disturbed to see a woman sitting in the middle of one of the walkways in the casino, with a leashed child. Apparently they were waiting for her boyfriend or husband to finish playing Black Jack. I'm really surprised the casino would even allow that, and was going to try to take a picture, but I didn't want her to kick my a**. 

I see Dallas!

I've always loved this shopping center. It was very close to our old home.

Our sushi place... also the place of our first date many years ago!

Many wines to choose from!

Well, I don't have a whole lot more to say tonight... I wish nothing but happiness, health, and safety, through 2012, for everyone!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Panic in the Evening

There once was a time when I would totally look forward to my peaceful mornings... I don't have those anymore. I have a crazy nut dog, who can play fetch for hours, and if you aren't throwing his toy for him, he's barking, or torturing the bird. He doesn't let me sleep at night, and he gets up early. I feel like I have a new born baby.

Anyway... this is not why I'm posting. I really have no idea why I'm posting tonight, except that I'm addicted. I'm addicted to having a screen in front of my face most of the time. Tonight was good though! We went to dinner (grilled shrimp, yummy!), and then bowling. There was a waiting list to bowl, so we played video games and mini golf too! Tomorrow we will have a real date! Sushi night, and then, gambling!! Are you reading this wifey... YOU promised both!! I love both. If only I could win something when I gamble. The thing about going tomorrow night is this... what if I win? Will it mean I'm going to have a lucky new year, or will it mean this year has been lucky? That's a dilemma.

As you saw from my last blog, this past year was full of good things and changes. I don't deal well with change, even good change, but I adjust quickly enough. I'm very thankful for all of it, and I'm working hard on ridding myself of the bubble I've put myself in, but...

Lately, I've been having mini panic attacks. I don't know why. They started after the extended family left for home. It's pretty bad at night. I guess that's why I'm here, writing it away. I've been trying to watch silly sitcoms... anything to help them pass quickly. I need more good books. I've told the wife I need xanax, but she tells me I don't need it. It's not like I would take it all the time.

There was a time in my life when I was prescribed a medication for depression... OH my, it made me crazy! I was bouncing off the walls happy. This really wasn't a problem for me, but my co-workers were a little put off by all of my chipper-ness (not a word I know).  I guess they were put off by my personality anyway... I'm what you call "bubbly." They were what the wife called "Hobby Lobby Mommies." We didn't mesh... but I still stopped taking that medicine, lest they think I was on something illegal. I can't remember what it was called now... hmmm. I bet I wouldn't have had a problem staying thin on that stuff!!

Speaking of...
I just want to give thanks right now, for my body...

It may not be the healthiest
It may not be in the best shape
It may not do what what I need it to do at times
It may hurt a LOT

BUT, it maintains a normal body weight (this typed as the wife plops two Reeses Christmas Trees next to me... literally!!). I've been terrified of the scale because of how we've been eating these past three weeks, but today... midday even, I decided to check my weight. I was so excited afterward, I did a little happy dance!! It was much better than I originally thought.

Tomorrow the wife has a doctor's appointment. She wants to see if he'll prescribe her the same weight loss pills, he prescribed a friend of ours. I'm not sure how this will pan out as far as her MS, but I support her decision to do this before I would support her decision to have a weight loss surgery. I know that would cause too much stress on her body, and it scares me to think her MS could spiral.

I think I've written myself tired... now to talk the wife into a silly sitcom!!

I hope everyone has a great night!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A New year is Coming!

Here I am with a lot on my mind, but with nothing to say. Let's give it a try, shall we?

The new year is upon us. If we believe in prophecies and such, we had better make it a good one, because we don't have much time left, and what we do have is flying! That's if you believe in prophecies. Even if you don't, time is still flying, and our time here is precarious at best. That's why we have to make it great... we have to make it count! Right? Right!

The question is, how do we do this? The beginning of a new year brings out the thought producing, critical, self-analyzing, self-serving side of all of us. We focus on how to make ourselves better, on how to make our lives better. We make resolutions, create goals, and for the first part of the year, we stick to them! After that, life happens, we get tired, the results aren't as mind-blowing as we had anticipated, so we give up, or we tell ourselves things like "I'll get back to that when..."

I've been doing quite a bit of reflecting, not because I'm feeling especially "deep," but because, as we all know, Facebook changed their format with the whole timeline thing. I went through every "event" since my induction to this particular social networking site. It was actually ingenious of them to put the change in place at the end of the year, causing some to look back on all of it. Let me tell you, some people need to seriously look back. What a bunch of freakin' drama queens, happy, then sad, "in a relationship," then out... pregnant, then oh my hell, pregnant again, when they had no business having the first sweet baby. Freakin' nuts! Oops, sorry, I digress. That will be my only rant.

Back to my own nuttiness:

Last year, I was as back and forth, as a bipolar would be. One day, I was happy, the next I was a mess. The wife was traveling, and I didn't handle it well. To be honest (or "tbh" as the kids say on FB), I hated it. When she was gone, I was an emotional disaster. When she was home, I was spectacular. Unless she was planning on going again. I didn't like her business partner, and I didn't like being alone. It's all here in my blog... way more so than on Facebook. That's my neutral zone... this is where I rant, cry, laugh, and hide.

Last year, we lost two beloved pets, and gained three more.

Tom Tom had kidney cancer... it was so unexpected. We love him and we had to actually move before I stopped looking for him.

Calvin was 15 years old. He was the wife's best friend, and his loss was hard, but expected. 
Sweet Pea is the wife's new bird. She's always wanted a bird, and he loves her like her Calvin did.

This is Cam's first baby picture with us. I bought him for the wife because she was threatening to sleep with Calvin's cremation box. She just wanted her baby... Cam ended up not being quite as snuggly, he's nuts as a matter of fact, and he's gotten quite attached to me.

Florence was my kindergarten class pet that the new teacher didn't want... no one wanted her. Poor Florence. She is absolutely the easiest pet we have! 

Last year, I had the best teaching job I've ever had... kindergarten, with a curriculum I designed myself. Freedom in the workplace, especially when you're teaching, is a wonderful thing! My little ones and I learned so much!

Circus day animals

Collecting dandelions

A nature walk

They wanted to take my picture

Learning about reptiles

Doubles math

Last year, I quit said job, to stay home with the wife, and hopefully to start our new business. One we could do together... one that was my dream "business."

Last year, the wife sold her half of her company to the business partner (who practically stole it from her upon induction into the business the wife started), and now gets to say she retired at the age of 43. Her MS symptoms slowed considerably with the reduction of stress (stress from the travel, stress from the business partner, and stress from me because I hated the travel, and the partner).

Last year, we bought our beautiful new home, sold our beautiful old home (even with the treehouse from Hell obscuring the view. Luckily, people with young children bought the home), and moved to a small town.

The view of a beautiful night sky from our bedroom balcony of our old home. This view was taken by the treehouse, but luckily we had already moved out.

I loved the fall leaves!

The natural spring that ran behind our house. The kids would get out there and paddle boat up and down  it. 

A fall picture of our old home. 

Our first view of what was going to be our patio

Enjoying our patio

Mine and the wife's OCD flowers that died in the extreme heat with not a drop of rain all summer

The sunsets are my favorite

Last year, I reconnected with old friends, and made some wonderful new friends.

Last year, we did some fun things! (pictures in no particular order, because I'm having problems with downloading them!)

Smores by the water at our old house

The Rangers vs the New York Yankees

Wifey and kids

We went to the water park!

We attended many high school football games! 6 man football!!

We went to Washington DC and loved it!

I love this picture of the Old Post Office in DC

We've finally come to understand the boy

We had snow!!

Valentine's Day with friends

I saw a sun rise reflecting off of downtown... beautiful in person!

We planted

and planted

We saw some amazing sunsets!

We learned to sail a BIG sail boat

The girl's turn  now

Fishing victories with friends

We watched storms roll in

We witnessed the Mavericks victory!!!

Loved going to the games!


The girl got braces and took it well... ummm, maybe not since she's hiding. Her brother took it well!

We toured Cowboy Stadium

The girl and I

We bought a boat!

We've gained outdoor critters

We watched many sail boat races

More amazing storms

More beautiful sunsets

I love this sail boat...

More sail boat races

A sunset and a sail boat

We ate many cupcakes

We bowled!

Look at this strike!! Not a bowling strike!

We saw some moonsets!

I have so many beautiful sunset pictures... all different from the one before!

The wife took this... we had so many this year!

More of DC

We played

We saw fireworks!

We went through here on our first and only business trip 

We witnessed the sad state of the Mississippi beaches during our first and only business trip

We saw him often

We made a trip to the ER

MORE cupcakes

We saw Roosevelt's dog... kind of

Roosevelt's memorial

We went on a cruise

More snow

More lightening

We rescued a sick baby duckling

More Baseball!

I love Ranger Stadium...

And more baseball

Another feathered friend

The wife takes some amazing pictures :)

Cowboys Stadium

Last night's view

Another view of last nights after sunset

Last year, the kids changed SO much. I would have to say for the better, because the boy has a few friends who come over, and the girl is loving her new school and making good grades. The boy has grown taller than all of us, which the girl is very happy about!

She would hate this picture, what with no make-up!

He looked SO little!

They're crazy!

Senior night a month ago

Christmas dinner about 2 weeks ago

About a month ago!

Last year, my only resolution was to focus on my writing.

Last year, I had all kinds of ideas of things I wanted to do. A new blog site, the creation of a video featuring LGBT families, so many things.

Last year, I created a bubble for myself because I couldn't handle reading about the horrible things happening in the world.

Last year, I decided I couldn't change anything.

Last year, I started hiding who I am, more so than usual, because I wanted acceptance from people I didn't even know.

Last year, I became ignorant to politics.

Last year, I gave up my membership to an organization I believed in.

Last year, I knowingly, but unintentionally, supported businesses who hate "who" I am. Chick-fil-a for instance.

Last year, I took stances, I never thought my bleeding-heart, liberal side, would take, and I realized there was another side to myself... one that makes sense, but was disturbing none-the-less.

No resolutions to make MY life better. Overall, my life is wonderful, and as I've stated before, I am so thankful.

I will focus on others.

I will volunteer as a child advocate.

I will volunteer with our local food pantry.

I will try to write a little every day, because this is, and has been my "dream" and I believe it is something I have control over. I'll try...

I will give up the idea of the business we've discussed, and put money into, because in my heart of hearts, I know it isn't going to happen. I will let it go, so it doesn't interfere with my life, and our happiness.

I will be me, and not hide who I am. I will not hide who we are as a family. The wife and I deserve so much more than that... I won't demand acceptance for us, but I won't live as if we don't deserve it either.

AND Oh MY GEEEEEE, I will get this little dog fixed, because he is making me NUTS!! Seriously!!

Thanks for sticking with me through this long post! Now I have got to get to the cleaning, I've been procrastinating over for days!!