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Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Inappropriate and they love it...

It's not that my family has suddenly developed this sudden obsession with all things inappropriate, no, they've been this way as long as I can remember.. it's that lately, my memory has been better, which has allowed me the ability to document it for the whole world to see.

Let me start with a store... I'm not sure where most of you live, but it's a chain store you may have heard of. Dick's Sporting Goods... I started this trend of inappropriate behavior as far as this store, when I took the kids shopping before July 4th. There was a Dicks Sporting Goods in the center we went to, and I said "Oh, I love Dicks!" Big mistake... The children died laughing with my son saying "That's what she said." He was quoting the ever so popular phrase coined on the television show "The Office."

The other night, the boy wanted to go to this particular sporting good store. ALL the way there, he kept saying "We're going to Dicks..." "Do you like Dicks?" "Yep, Dicks." If any of you knew me well, you would know that my response to this stuff is to ignore. When I've had enough, I ignore, but I finally said to him "Do you just really like that word, or what?" He stopped then. Maybe he didn't realize he was repeating himself?

Anyway... we have a neighbor down the road whose name is Richard. I didn't know this. The reason I didn't know is because the wife calls him Dick. Apparently he doesn't go by this, though it is short for his name. Last week, I was outside trying to drag trash to the curb. I had a bit of a run-in with the garage door... okay, I had a huge, concussion causing run-in with the door. That's what it felt like anyway... that's my story and I'm sticking to it... hmphhh! This incident had me saying a few choice words at the door, right as Richard/Dick was driving by. I'm sure he heard me... but who knows. He stopped and wished me a Merry Christmas (how rude of him, right? See my last post), and I called out, "Merry Christmas, Dick!" Okay, I didn't call out what I thought was his name, because at the time, I couldn't remember.Thank God, or I would have called that nice old man "Dick." Thank you wife, you so would have been in trouble.

I will be happy when the obsession with this word passes, although, I'm pretty sure it will continue on as long as there are Dick Sporting Goods in the world. They need to be banned for their inappropriate name alone. Whose with me on starting a petition? ;)

Just kidding on the whole petition thing, but it brings to mind a blog I recently started following. I found the blog through FB, on Babble.com. Basically, Babble is a bunch of Mom Bloggers, and I love it, because of the pictures of babies, puppies, and other overly cute things that show up on my newsfeed. Monday night they posted the Top 100 Mom Blog list, which is where I found this particular blog I've started following. That was my distraction yesterday, and the reason why I didn't get to posting on my own blog. I like her thoughts on parenting and such, but what held my attention were the 200 some-odd comments on her posts. People are crazy with their opinions on parenting, and I found myself reading every single one of the comments. Her blog is called Free Range Kids. Her parenting style isn't fanatic. Actually it fights against the fanatics in todays' world, so that her kids can enjoy their childhood with the independence and freedom experienced back in the day. People are either strongly with her or strongly against her. I like it! She's right... today's parents strive to protect their children and the warnings, safety policies, recalls, things that they do, are seemingly fanatical. Like not throwing candy canes at Parades because it could hurt someone (from her blog). I am just so happy that my kids are to the point of being almost grown, so that I don't have to deal with these super judgmental parents of kids' friends, etc, etc, etc.

One of the other moms featured on Babble was funny when recounting her parenting story. She said she was lying on the kitchen floor at 5 am while her super picky eater, an 8 month old, crawled around on the floor picking up cheerios and eating them. This was her way, she said of getting him to eat, while also getting rest. She said that upon telling other moms this story, she would get strange looks, and of course the ever judgmental statement. I love it... parenting survival!

Anyway... with this, I'm out... we're going to a Wine and Art thing tonight (we get to try to paint while drinking), and I have one more blog to post, along with pictures, then I must go get ready!!

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