Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Survival of the Unfit

Christmas is over, and I'm SO freakin' ready for healthy food. This typed as I shove a piece of home-made fudge in my mouth. Hey, we need to get this stuff out of the house. I would hate to throw it away. I've already gotten rid of way too much food today. The fudge had to be saved.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing holiday.We did, up to, and after a certain point, but the wife and I didn't sleep at all. No joking here.

We did make the decision this year not to do the big meal next year. I'm all for it. There is absolutely  no reason to consume a 3000 calorie, or more, meal in one sitting, and then keep it around the next few days. Horrible... not to mention the hours it takes to prepare everything. This year, we didn't have corn starch (remember I got rid of everything bad for us a few months ago) which was "needed" for the gravy the wife's mom makes (of course she didn't add it to the list, because we "had it last year."). Nothing else would do. SO, the wife and I headed out to find corn starch on Christmas day (I was in the middle of preparing 4 separate dishes, but the wife had consumed a few drinks, so I had to drive). After 3 grocery store drive-by's (they were closed), and three stops, we found it. Seriously, I'm not saying anything more about this. I'm just happy that next year will be different, and I'm hoping much healthier. I really was having issues as I shopped for everything on the Christmas dinner list. Nothing green, or organic, or low-fat, or low sodium in any of it. I still have about 7 full blocks of cream cheese in my fridge, and hate that it will go old because we won't use it. Food pantries don't want cold items either. Hmmm...

 Aside from our meal issues, what makes me the most happy this holiday season is that all of the foster kids from the angel-gift program were helped!! There were 670 of them, and they all received what they asked for. :) Well, that's not the only thing that makes me the most happy. The fact that the wife and I managed to carve out a midnight date under the Christmas tree, just us, made me very happy!! She was quite romantic, and she was proud of herself for that, as was I! I also love having the wife's family over... it all seems so fun and festive... mimosas with breakfast, a patio fire, the twinkling lights, the traditions, even the dogs. Next year, Cam will be neutered. Poor little guy! He was a terror though.

My next blog will cover the topics I meant to to cover about two posts ago!! I hope everyone has a great evening!!

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Aeria said...

We had a very small and low key dinner this year (and Christmas) and I loved it! We had a really yummy beet/orange/avocado salad. There wasn't any leftovers.

Your Christmas sounded lovely :) I hope you have a fabulous New Year!