Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Woes

Okay, this one will be short. No matter beliefs, no matter the season, there are children out there who go without. If nothing else, Christmas is a great season, simply because it is the one time, people are actively out there trying to do things for each other, for children. I know there are food kitchens, and such, that try to fulfill needs all year long, and I know there are year long needs, but at Christmas, awareness is magnified, and people step up to the plate to help as best they can.

We "adopted" two children to buy gifts for this year. I went out and bought those kids everything I thought they would love, because kids deal with so much, and they deserve a break from the horrors in life. They deserve happiness.

Yesterday, I took the gifts in and was hoping to come in and see a blank wall, where the many names tags once hung. I didn't. There were still many kids' names, with wants and needs hanging on the wall, and that upset me. I considered taking two more, but I didn't, which also upset me. I know myself well, I would take more, buy more gifts, take them for drop off, and there would still be more children who need help. I hate it. I know what a hard life means at Christmas. It means misery, fighting. These particular kids are either in foster care, or a foster facility, so in my head, I hope they are being treated right, and our gifts are simply added help. I want to do more, but I don't know how.

I'm thinking about getting involved with our local food kitchen, and also becoming a child advocate. I'm waiting until after Christmas though, because amazingly enough, shelters and food kitchens have an over abundance of volunteers over the holidays. That's a good thing!

Now for some pictures of pretty, shiny things...

One tree... love the colors :)

Our backyard... so peaceful

We added these lights before our party :)

Fireplace 1

Look, it's Santa!

Yummy candies! I eat them while I cook. haha

My wine is ready for the wine and art function tonight! 

No caption needed...haha

Santa and his Chai tea

I love my shiny decorations

The Nativity

Our whimsical tree
My Callie May, Christmas baby 1

Tallulah, Christmas baby 2

Camden, Christmas baby 3

Do you ever take the time to look up? :)

Looking up again... 
Looking UP into the tree :)

I would post pictures of the sky, but it's gray today and our good camera is broken... cell phones just don't capture the layers of clouds like a good camera can!

I hope everyone has a very good night!!

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Velvet_Heaven said...

I love that you have donated to help those in need! :)
Unfortunately, I've heard that the number of those in need has gone up.
My donations and such start in October and run through February. I also try to keep it up through out the year making small donations where I can to the local food bank and love volunteering there when I can.

I love you pics of "shiny things" :) VERY gorgeous!!