Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy, Safe Holiday!!

I'm not sure how long I have, but I wanted to at least wish everyone a very happy, and safe holiday.

Our holiday officially started the day the relatives arrived. This was yesterday... wow. Yesterday? I am totally wiped out, as we've been quite busy.

It all started with us deciding to draw names this year. Some people apparently didn't adhere to the name drawing, which messed up the mojo, if you will. The wife received a call from her dad on Thursday, YES Thursday, saying he thinks his wife (the wife's mom) bought him a gift and he didn't buy her a damn thing. So, the wife called her mom and verified that she did indeed buy him some things. Hmmm...

They decided we would take her shopping to pick out the gift we were going to buy for her, that was to be from him. Make sense? Of course it does, if you're around us for any length of time.

We shop, going from store to store.. she talks about how much she wants a laptop, but we can't do that because we didn't draw her name. She looks at clothes, "I don't wear that color," "I don't like this..." We finally found something after being out and about for four hours. Later that night, she was getting the coffee pot ready for the morning, and says "I really need a good coffee pot." Really?!?! Anyway... he knows nothing of this plan. As far as he's concerned, she has no idea he didn't buy her a gift.

When the wife's sister arrived, we helped her unload the car... when she started pulling gifts out of the huge plastic tubs we carried in, I thought the wife was going to lose it. She freaks because her sister did NOT adhere to the names drawn, and she was the one who stressed that the wife needed to be sure to stick to it. I told the wife to let it go and let her sister be the big gift giver this year. It's okay... it really is.

Next we must discuss my little dog Camden. He's a hot mess right now. He's not fixed and has been absolutely nuts since we brought home the bird. The bird is forgotten now that we have relative's dogs in the house. All that damn dog does is bark. He barks at the other dogs, he barks at the noises the morning people make when they rise at 5 am, he barks, and barks... I've used the squirt bottle, old wrapping paper tubes, yelling, talking nice... and I'm nuts with the chaos. The wife's sister has two dogs, we have three, and the wife's parents have one. It's a barking holiday for sure. I've been drinking since early yesterday and I'm quite sure I'll be an alcoholic by the time the holidays are over.

Today we took the wife's brother-in-law and her sister to the bar in the neighborhood, using the excuse that he hadn't yet seen it. We had several drinks before we returned home to watch the Cowboys lose (I'm just going to phrase it that way from now on), and eat tamales.

Tomorrow, we have several more family members arriving, and I plan on having spiked coffee, then mimosas, and then wine.... it will be the happiest Christmas I'll never remember. Just kidding about the remembering. I'll remember...

Even with all of the chaos, I am so very thankful for my wife. I lover her so much and I'm not exactly sure the direction my life would have taken had I not found her. I remember always wishing for that special love... you know, the kind where you can look across a chaotic room, catch each other's eye, and say I love you without ever having to say a thing. Someone earlier wished me a Merry Christmas, and said "I hope you get everything you want." I already have everything I want and need!

I hope you all have peace and joy this season, and every season!!


Sandra said...

Happy holidays! I know what you mean about not knowing when you'll be back. I was sure I'd be off the radar till the new year, but as luck would have it and too much caffeine, it's 1:24am on Dec.25th, and I'm wide awake! Gah! I'm going to hate my kids tomorrow at 7am!

Aeria said...

Sounds crazy but it's what memories are made of!

That is so very wonderful about your wife- You are so blessed!

Merry Christmas! :)