Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Ramblings

I miss my Church. I loved going there... I loved the Pastor. She had this amazing way of teaching life lessons, through laughter and sometimes tears. I miss volunteering with the outreach ministries, and I really wanted to join the choir. Those people could sing like nothing I've ever heard. I love all kinds of music and I love to sing! My favorite choir performances were done when they had Gospel Sundays in July/August. You could almost feel yourself pulled back in time. They literally had the a/c off, for full effect, tissues were passed out at the door, the music was loud, and people were clapping. Only on Gospel Sundays. I had never seen anything like it. The women even wore big hats... Loved it! I keep trying to get the wife to take me to Gospel Sunday at the House of Blues... I bet the music is amazing!

I've been researching churches in the area and I just don't know what the answer is here. There are so many things we have to consider. We need to attend a church that accepts us as a family. Attending a church in our tiny town as a family, could really hurt our business. Once people get to know us, they like us, but if they truly believe we're living a morally corrupt life, they won't get near enough to like us. So what to do?

When I first started this blog, I also started a Twitter account. I hadn't been on it in forever. Then I was reading a blog, I'm not sure she wants me to mention her blog, so I won't... but I was reading a blog and she had just started "tweeting" again. I thought, oh wow, I should do that again too! So last night, while procrastinating, I decided to go find "twitters" to follow... I love things like "random facts of the day," healthy news, I love following the people from the Star Telegram, because that was a great paper in it's day... it still is, but oh how journalism has changed. Anyway, I woke up this morning to 27 Twitter emails telling me new people are following me. I'm thinking, who are these people that they would follow me... I'm not posting anything informative, or even humorous. I guess they follow you so you'll follow them?

We watched our Hoarders show with the man who hoarded rats. It was sad, these were his pets. Sadly animals multiply fast, and before you know it, you're featured on A&E Hoarders. Have you guys seen the reality show "The Lady With 700 Cats?" She bought 12 acres of land and set up a cat rescue/adoption service. I don't know how she does this, but wow. I love animals. Luckily I'm allergic to cats. Our one cat, Tom Tom didn't seem to bother me. We miss him, he would have loved this house with all of the big windows and birds to watch.

Okay... I've boringly rambled long enough. I have things to do around here before the dreaded visitor arrives. YES, that's right... I told you in a previous blog that you would see her mentioned again. I can almost hear Jaws suspense music as she draws near. It's going to be fine. She'll behave and not act ugly in her condescending way, and I'll not come back with a blog post the wife feels the need to duel with.

Have a Super Sunday!

The 8 pounder flew down the lane... the 10 pounder was perfect, but I still lost 2 to 1!

I wasn't really planing on blogging tonight, but it looks like we'll be up late. The wife realized we missed a Hoarders show. Lucky for us it's coming on again at 1:00 A.M. There is a touch of sarcasm in that, but not a lot. I don't mind, although I wish she wasn't so set on watching this particular episode. It's about a man who hoards rats. Considering we have had some rat issues in the attic, I don't think this is a good idea. No, I hadn't blogged about this, because it recently occurred. We can now add rats to the list of new house issues. I think the guy cleared and sealed all entry points today, so we should be fine for now. The good thing is, his work is guaranteed. We've met some great people in our efforts to tame our house!

Tonight, the wife and I went for dinner, bowling, and air hockey. Funny we chose these activities without the kids, but it's a great place, and it kept us out of the heat. It was fun and I really needed the laughs! Now the wife is playing poker on her iPad (she plays a LOT), and I'm blogging, but I'm wiped, so I think this is where I'll stop. Tomorrow morning will be a whole new story. I'll have my coffee!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yesterday in a Nutshell

It was absolutely beautiful outside this morning. I bet the temps dropped to at least 80 last night... oh how I love mornings! Don't be surprised when winter hits, and I'm complaining about the cold. I actually love the heat, I just don't enjoy it when it's this extreme.

We went to the old house last night after dinner. It's sad. I felt something living there that I don't feel here. I felt its past... I know that may sound crazy. I felt it when I would sit in the backyard on a warm summer evening and the huge trees would sway in the wind, or the water would ripple with fish looking for food. The unfortunate thing is, I felt something inside too, but it didn't feel as peaceful as outside.  It scared me, and I had bad dreams that ended up waking the wife. She was traveling a lot then with her business, and when she was away, I didn't/couldn't sleep. There were so many unexplained shadows and noises. I tried to make peace with them, and I'm sure I looked like a nut, walking through the house, trying to reason with whatever spirits I felt were there. Three people died in that home, one of them under questionable circumstances. I believe he was angry and I don't blame him. Needless to say, I'm so happy I don't feel that in this house, although there are so many things that continually go wrong here, we wonder if the home itself isn't a tortured soul.

Yesterday I received a call that I think I'm still processing because I'm not stressed or worried over it just yet. About a month ago I had a doctor's appointment. It was to get my yearly exam, mammogram, etc., but I was feeling really bad when I went in. To the point of begging her to check some things out. Well, she sent me for several tests. I wasn't really worried, because I hadn't heard anything from her and I hadn't gotten any results back, and then we found the gas leak which I reasoned out as being the reason for my malaise. I admit I'm the kind of person who will sit back/avoid if I don't hear anything.

I received a call from the diagnostics center telling me I had to come back in for another mammogram, but they couldn't tell me why, so I made my appointment and called my doctor. The medical assistant told me that there was density in both breasts. She couldn't really explain it, but bless her heart, she tried. My last mammogram showed that as well, so I'm assuming the tissue has changed and they want more views. Okay... I was listening, taking it all in.Then I asked about my yearly exam. I told her I didn't get anything back, "So it must be fine, right?" I'm encouraging her to tell me it is. She did as she was encouraged to do and told me it was normal, then there was a but... I literally rolled my eyes... ugh!! Really? Now bear in mind, I went in because I had been feeling like something wasn't right, so her telling me one of the tests found a cyst worries me, even though I know they aren't uncommon. The wife says it all depends on where the cyst is. Knowing it was the most invasive test that found it, doesn't make me feel good about it, and I was dumb enough not to ask location.

I guess the frustrating thing is that they found issues with two different tests on two different parts (well three since it was both breasts) of my body. I never really worried about breast cancer. There's no family history, that I know of. I've felt lumps before, but they've turned out to be other things... Ugh!!!

I'll go in Tuesday for another mammogram, but I'm calling the doctor back Monday to ask where the cyst is and to get a referral for a GYN.... just to be safe.

Okay, now I'm a little worried. Both breasts? 

Lessons learned:

1.Don't sit back and wait for calls or something to come in the mail if you don't feel right. It's your body and you know it better than anyone.

2. Even if it hadn't been a full year since your last mammogram, if your doctor sends you for one, don't wait. I bet at least 18 months went by between mammograms, and if there is anything wrong...  I don't need to finish that sentence.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The best way to sleep!

I love animals, and this is why. This has got to be the sweetest video. I really wish I wasn't allergic to cats. That's all I've got tonight... sweet dreams everyone!

Women and the Water Park

Yesterday was a busy, tiring day. We spent most of it at the water park, and even though we were in cool water a majority of the time, it still didn't keep us from being absolutely drained from the heat. Even the kids (well, the boys anyway) were tired and ready to leave by 4. The girl loves that stuff, but was fine with leaving early as long as I agreed to buy the group pictures they take when you walk through the gates.

Places like the water park and Six Flags make for great people watching and I'm always intrigued by the women. No, this isn't because I'm a lesbian... wow, I don't think I will ever feel comfortable typing or saying I'm the "L" word, but it's true, I am the big "L!"  Again my intrigue doesn't stem from that.

My intrigue stems from the many different body styles we women possess, and what better place than a water park to flaunt what you have? Or in many cases, what you don't have. In my head there are three types of women who flaunt... Those who make you think "Wow, I'd flaunt it too..." Those who you admire for their bravery, and then you have the, "Ew, really?" types.

I saw a woman of at least 70 years of age in a tiny bikini... she was one I admired. I mean, seriously... I'm thinking she has a very happy husband. I'll never forget the day I realized, that no matter how much I worked out, I would still not be able to stop the aging process. I used to work out with a man in his late 60's, and I know for a fact that he was much stronger and in much better shape than I was, but he was still aging and the signs of this were evident in his skin. The same was true for this woman, and I would say I hope I'm still wearing a bikini when I'm her age, if I were actually not already covering my bikini-clad self up with a tank top.

Then there were the pregnant women... Looking at them made me wonder how I ever did that twice!! It didn't seem as uncomfortable as it looks to me now.

We also had big, rough looking, tattooed women, in teeny weeny bikinis, with cigarette packages shoved in the straps of their swim suits, stomachs hanging over their swim bottoms, and scowls on their faces as they traipsed through the wave pool... they scared me and they were the "Ew, really" types. Maybe if they smiled?

Last but not least, there were the ones I didn't look at because I didn't want to get in trouble by the wife. Not that I was looking like that, because I don't. There are moments few and far between which make my mouth drop, but I'm thinking in those types of situations, even if I were straight, my mouth would drop. I think the wife would agree to this statement. I told her the other day that the women she really needs to worry about are the sisters from GeorgeTown Cupcakes, and I can honestly say this has more to do with cupcakes than anything else. I love cupcakes!!!

It's been a relaxing morning. I was able to sleep in and catch up on blogs. Now I need to go get ready to go. The wife is getting her hair done and I also want us to go get our pedi's and mani's done.

OH.... before I leave, I'm posting links to two articles discussing some new books. One is called "Whip Smart." It's a book written by a Dominatrix. About 3 years ago I was reading the top paying jobs list, and do you know Dominatrix was in the top 3 if not number 1? I was enthralled! Sign me up!! Since the movie Catwoman, I've wanted to wear outfits like that and strut around with a whip in my hand. Or maybe it's that I've wanted to feel like I would look as amazing as Halle Berry did? Oh well... here's the link to this first book.

The second book will more than likely be a hard one to read. Very emotional, but worth the tears.
It's about people from all walks of life who have had to deal with difficult, life or death decisions. I teared up reading the article for this one. I do believe this is a book I'll have to save for daytime reading, when I'm really "up" as far as my mood. It's called "Twelve Breaths: Lessons From The End of Life

Have a happy TGIF day :)

Loving the snow cones

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Misc. thoughts in bullets:

*Well, we accepted an offer on the Dallas home. It's hard to be excited about it, due to the loss being taken, but with the treehouse that was built next door, I think the wife felt there were no other options. We both loved that house, but the wife really loved it. This is really hard on her, not only due to the loss, but also because she knows these people are going to totally redo the home she fell in love with. 

* The wife feels there needs to be a "Senior Citizens and Tiaras" show.  I'm sure we can think of a catchy name for it. I was on board until I realized she said we should be in one, not create one. Wait, we aren't old yet! Hmphh!

* Are those Kleenex Hand Towels really an upgrade from the cloth ones? I understand they are healthier, unless you wash your hand towels after each use, but a step up? Not so sure about that.

*Did you know they now have commercials for um... adult toys? Granted it was on the Discovery Health channel, but still. Wow!

*We went looking for cars for the girl today. That was kind of fun. We aren't taking her in to look, because we don't want her to think she has a choice. It would be different if she were appreciative of the fact that she's even getting a car, but the wife has often "joked" with her about getting her certain vehicles, and we've been told one too many times "I'm not driving that... " in that snotty teen tone. ::sigh::

*Tomorrow will be a long, but fun day. We're going to take the kids to Hurricane Harbor, but before we head there, the girl will have drive time at her driving school. I think while we wait, I'm going to take the wife and boy to some of my old hangouts. We're also taking my daughter's friend... the boy I talked about in my previous blog. He's so excited and very cute. He calls us his moms, and when he gets his real mom on the phone he says "Hi birth mom!" This is such an easy way to have a teenage boy. I get the feeling he's way easier than our own boy is going to be! 

*I'd really rather be going to Six Flags but it is WAY too hot (the car was registering 108 today) I absolutely love roller coasters though!!! I have a hard time with huge drops, but love the twisty, turning, upside downy, curves! 

Here is one of my favorites... I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

The Texas Giant

ADD, ADHD, OCD Perhaps?

This is a long one, so if you have ADD or ADHD you probably won't make it through, but if you have OCD you might make it, if you must finish what you start. If your OCD has anything to with bad punctuation or typos, I am pretty sure you'll have to stop reading to maintain your sanity. You must at least skip to the bottom and listen to the song I've posted. :)

My mind is running in a million different directions. I suppose if I were bipolar this would be my manic phase. Luckily, I think it's simply the coffee soaring through my system, as I haven't eaten. I'm thinking screw it.. I'm not going to eat, because apparently all of this dieting and exercising isn't doing me a bit of good. I don't know, maybe I don't need to lose the weight (honestly, it's probably 5 pounds if that, but I'm used to looking a certain way, and "forty-one" is toying with my system and my mind). If I do lose it, my boobs will suffer, and I like them as is. I had a hair analysis done at the health food shop a few weeks ago and I was NOT happy with the result. Basically I am to stay away from ALL foods. I'm not kidding. My "approved foods" list is about one column and my "avoid" list is a whole page. Really?!?! Some make my asthma flare up, some slow my metabolism, some raise this toxin or that toxin, blah-blah-blah. Oh and lets remember that I am gluten intolerant, but wheat-germ (is that even considered food?) was on my approved list. That's when I knew this was a bunch of bull, and they probably send out the same list to everyone. Oh well... I'll try to learn from this.

Anyway, back to where I started...
I'm getting good identifying the moods of bipolar, even though I still don't think our daughter is truly bipolar. I would say she's more sociopathic... not a great alternative, but seriously, nothing bothers this child/pre-adult. She goes through life in lala land, and is only emotionally rattled when something directly involves her not getting what she wants, be it a boy, a shirt, her electronics, which she will never get back (making me a very uncool mother, by the way). I think I'm pretty cool. I mean hell, the wife totally lost it a few days ago after going through the girls computer. Not me though... I sat there watching the wife rant and rave. I didn't even rant at the girl when we picked them up last week for a visit. They're at their dad's for the month which is okay, but he works during the day, and since they can no longer visit my crazy mother, they sit at his house with nothing to do. I miss them, so I like to get them and hang out. If only it wasn't a barrage if "I wants" as soon as they step into the car. Poor little deprived children. Pfffft!

The wife wants to have a dueling blog. She feels the need to defend herself, or make herself heard in my blogs. I was all for it, but she wants to team up with me on mine and I'm not sure I want that. I mean, c'mon, it isn't ALL about her, sheeesh! Plus I went back and read some old blogs and came across some very cheesy posts. I would have been gagging if I were reading that stuff in someone else's blog! If we do decide to go with it, please know now that our bantering is not arguing, and that we enjoy the back and forth. I have to put this out there, because unless you know us well, you would think we were doomed.

Speaking of doomed, last night was tennis night for the wife. As everyone already knows, I suck am not athletically inclined as far as tennis, and cannot participate. So last night, I decided to head to Buffalo Wild Wings. I really wanted a drink, they have internet, and guess what?? This place actually exists in this one horse town! The problem is, I put this on FB... I love FB, but am not currently happy with all the privacy settings because they don't allow me to see everyone's stuff... I mean, how can I fully participate in procrastination if I cannot go look at stranger's stuff and gawk over photos and whatnot?

Anyway, it's on my FB and an ex who lives very close-by sees it. She wants to come have a drink too... No big deal? Or is it? The wife wasn't happy with it and I get it. I mean, this ex wants nothing to do with the wife and has only met her briefly in a kid exchange.

The wife throws out how unhappy I would be if she were to meet with her ex, and she's absolutely right. Been there done that already. I try to remind the wife that I've lived through that with her already and the difference is, I was left home a lot and I know the reasons, which I still can't totally agree with,
(and which I cannot blog) but hell, some things should have changed in that situation right away because of how I felt. :::puke::: In all honesty, I really can't stand this one. She's not a nice person, her mind games with the wife really make me angry, and she's a know-it-all who can't get anything done. This is someone I would love to push from my life circle, but sadly I have no control over that. If I truly thought she was actually concerned with the wife's best interest and not just manipulating and trying to control her, it would be different.  It's a bunch of BS is what it is.

Then let's not forget the other one who simply cannot get over the wife even though it's been years, and I'm talking many years. We finally tried to have her over, because I know this friendship is important to the wife. What happens? The wife ends up, umm, let me phrase this right... "taking care" of her. The woman cried over her job, cried over her debt (2500, really? I wish mine was that low) she cries over everything... I get that she has a depression disorder, but grow up and stop being so needy. Of course the wife fell to the needy, taking care of her, taking her credit cards, crooning... bleh! I told her I would love to see her do that with me... where was my crooning?

I'm really over all of this now, and the wife and I hashed it out a while back. I can't stand the first one I discussed, and I'm sure she'll reappear in my blogs with the next visit she makes. I only bring this up now, because I've dealt with crap. There is no, "What if it was me doing that?" I already know, AND it doesn't apply because I would be home with the wife if she was home. I would never leave her home alone, and go meet with an ex for dinner or anything else for any reason.

So, the ex showed up and I was honest with the wife. She says she isn't bothered by it, but I still wonder when this is going to come out in a rant. Probably after she reads this blog.

It's taken me a while to write this because I've been talking to one of the girl's friends on FB. He's a great kid, and I love him to death, but he likes to ask our advice on relationships and such, which I struggle with. First of all the boy isn't confused, he does like boys. The problem is his mom doesn't really know, and even though he has an older gay brother who has been excommunicated from the family, I worry about the mom blaming us for this boy's choices. He's told me his mom knows about us, so I guess she isn't too worried about our terrible influence.

It's time for me to go now. I've got household things to take care of, an elliptical waiting to be used, and the wife is now awake. I hope everyone's Wednesday is wonderful! That's the kindergarten teacher in me.... It's Wonderful Wednesday kids!! Um, yeah.. I was never a sing-a-long Sally, but I did have some cheesy sayings that the little ones loved. :)

Oh, here's a song I'm leaving you with. It's been in my head since I read "Disco Cheese's" post. I've loved this version since the first time I heard it... and I love Karmin's voice :)

I've got nothing...

I'm SO tired, but wanted to leave this on my way to bed...

It's the little things that count.

The sun shining through the breakfast room as it sets...

Monday, July 25, 2011

What's the skinny???

The version I have isn't nearly as slow... but I LOVE this song. My favorite part is:

"Homesick Josephine, she's been flirting with the law, he's got his hand right up her skirt, all the way to Arkansas..." It's hot! Especially the way she sings it, hitting notes I can only dream about hitting.

Now for my post:

First of all, I want to send a special shout out to Skinny Cow.... Thank you so much for getting me through my cravings these past few nights with little damage to my body, and self-esteem! Next, thank you Skinny Water for giving me yummy water to drink with NO carbs, calories, sugar, sodium, or guilt even! I still think this is a little too good to be true, but right now, I'm not questioning it.


Parent/child relationships, as I saw them, while shopping for clothes I wasn't finding, in this one horse town.

"Dad, how big is that?".... "Dad, how big is that?" ... this was asked four more times, with no raised voice, or change in tone, until dad finally answered. Children are very patient.

"I told you to try that damn thing on!!!" This spoken by a mom to a kid of maybe 6 as he stood in the doorway of a dressing room with nothing on but his undies at Old Navy.

"Look honey!" Mom to teenage daughter as she's holing up a shirt. "I hope you're looking at that for you. I can't see that on me" Say's teen to mom. I'm thinking "Wow, this is hitting a little close to home!"

All of this somehow made me miss the kids while I was out shopping without the "I wants" tagging along behind me.

You know, life is not always hippy hoppy happy, and this freakin' heat is getting to me. So I'm going to talk about the wife and I for a second, because she knows I will...

The wife and I have communication breakdowns at times, that must be addressed. She actually wanted me to blog it. She says she gets it when I put it out there for all to see. Ha!

I'm feeling claustrophobic, if you couldn't tell from my comments about this "one horse town." I need the wife to have the energy, motivation, whatever that is, to do things with me. Dallas is only 20-25 minutes down the road. There are two cars in the garage. There are things to do, right? Let's do something... let's be spontaneous, let's be adventurous, let's live!! I've got this restless energy surging through me with no direction... it's making me feel like I feel when I take prednisone. Uh OH... that's not good. No one wants that!

I'm heading over to the junior college tomorrow... yes, that's right! I'm going to take some sign language (ASL) courses for our business venture. Totally non-credit unless I can put this toward a Masters in something impressive. I've honestly been tossing around the idea of going back to school for a Master in Occupational Therapy. The Master in ABA never happened, and now I'm way too old to finish that out. Of course if I officially went back to school, there would be no business, but I'm not sure the wife is 100% on board right now, and this IS my passion. Ah... life is full of choices, but which ones are right??

I hope everyone has a happy Tuesday...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Remembering these days...

The wife was wondering what we will remember of these days. I was trying to be supportive, not really knowing her mood, by throwing some immediate memories out there. "We'll remember rushing Tallulah to the Animal ER!" "We'll remember our very shy, cautious, teen boy jumping into the lake like a normal teen boy!"

Okay, so we haven't really done anything memorable in a good long while. When would we have had the time. I mean, hell, we should have time because she's retired, I'm am officially unemployed (but marketing our future business), and the children have been visiting their father for 3 weeks now. Or has it been 2? I can't remember. When the kids are home, we are continually running them here, there, and everywhere. Not memorable, but busy.

Before her comment about what we'll remember from these days, I was telling her about a blog I follow "Is There any Mommy Out There" and saying that this is a wonderful way for this mother to remember her small children's lives. She's a great writer, and she's real... not some Mrs Perfect Mommy.

The point is... THIS blog is our book of memories! I blog about our typical, every day, boring lives. She'll say, "Great! I'll remember being an ass!" Now I don't think I've ever said she was an ass. I don't remember... ha!

Speaking of Mrs Perfect Mommy and memories... let's discuss my mother. She was never a perfect mommy, she was never really a mommy at all. I grew up with a mother who suffered from a mental illness made worse by drugs and alcohol. I didn't know why she the way she was when I was growing up, I just knew I didn't want to be like her at ALL. Things haven't changed, and her illness has gotten worse over the years. She refuses to take meds because "There's nothing wrong with me. People want something to be wrong with me!" If I was typing it like her, it would be in all caps, and if I was saying it like her, it would be a high pitched frantic statement with a LOT of curse words mixed in.

I'm a firm believer in "doing what you need to do for you, in order to live happily, and healthily." If there are people in your life who cause you undo stress and unhappiness, basically sucking the life from you, then you need to cleanse them from your life circles, your immediate circles at least. I've done this with my mother... she doesn't know where I live, and she doesn't have my phone number. She does have my email and I've gone back and forth about a book idea. I would call it "Paranoid Schizophrenic E-Mails From My Mother." I've learned not to respond to them in anger... I've learned not to respond to them at all. She does get to visit the children, but I've had to put a stop to that this week, because of some things she said to our daughter. My mother is now projecting her paranoia onto our daughter, favoring her over our son, and it's got to be bad when it makes the girl uncomfortable enough to text me, telling me she doesn't think they need to spend time with their grandmother anymore.

I've thought about writing about growing up with her, but I was told by a good friend that until you can write about it with humor, then you shouldn't write about it. I can honestly say I have a hard time finding the humor, so for now I'll just sit on it and see if anything makes me laugh.

Now for the wife's memory:
I woke up, made coffee, made our high protein breakfast (because right now, we're eating healthy foods), took the dogs out, and spent my time catching up on reading blogs. You spent your time playing poker on your iPad, drinking your coffee, and talking to your mom (because she's not a crazy woman like mine), oh AND we have to remember this... You decided to pull your pajama pants up over your boobs, and said "Look! Do you like my new style? It's a jumper!" Very impressive and quite memorable! :) She wouldn't let me take a picture of that for fear of FB and blog exposure!

Now to make more memories of laundry,  maybe go to a movie. Can we go see a movie today?

Have a great Sunday everyone!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Am I ready?

Have you had many moments lately in which you feel your age or older? I sure have, and Google+ has just given me another lovely "I'm old" moment. I figured I would check it out. I mean, I need all the procrastination tools I can get my hands on, right? So, I go and sign up, see that one other friend of mine has sent me an invite, and woohoo... I'm up and running. 

Here's my take on it thus far:
1. It's boring. Perhaps because I only have one friend, thus no exciting status updates to read. 
2. I don't have the app for it on my phone yet. Is there an app for it?
3. I can't figure out how to get to my blog from my google page anymore. I can't find the settings. 

So, I'm either getting old, or it's ignorance. I really hope it's not ignorance.

Things around here have been typically nuts.

We had a major scare a few nights ago with my baby Tallulah. She was very sick to her stomach, wouldn't drink water, and as a result ended up in the animal ER dehydrated. They kept her overnight, which was very traumatic for me. I know she's just a dog to most people, but she's my little baby. She was able to come home the next day, and seems to be recovering nicely!

Her recovery has been so nice that the barking has resumed. All three dogs are terrible, continuous barkers. It had gotten to the point of making us crazy. So crazy in fact, that I went shopping for a device to make them stop. I found it! What I found was a device that looks like a little birdhouse. It puts out a terrible sound (I assume it's terrible judging from their reactions) only they can hear, anytime they bark. The only downside to it is that they all suffer when one of them barks, but luckily they are all fast learners!

I'm proud to say I have finally gotten my technical writing done for the website. The only thing lacking is the "About Me" section. I am having a very hard time writing that out. I have to make myself sound wonderful, and brilliant, and radiant, blah, blah, blah... I can't write about myself like this. At least the services are written out! The wife will be proud when she adds them on the site tomorrow!

We may be considering a small road trip. Apparently the wife and I have both been feeling a bit restless lately, so we're going to try to squeeze something in. Between my volunteer time at the church, and the time the kids return from their dad's house, there should be a small window. Wish us luck... we love where we live, but with all of the craziness (knock on wood, but I think things are finally settling down), we need a peaceful getaway. I'm thinking a balcony with a beach, waves (lots of them), and a fresh, ocean smelling breeze... morning coffee and a book, afternoon walks, and evening star gazing. Oh wow, I AM getting old!

Okay... off to finish watching my Monk marathon! They just discovered a new bride is actually a "Black Widow!!" Exciting stuff!

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!

Tallulah loves the grass!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I honestly cannot say today has been productive in ANY way. I mean, I did spend a good part of it making sure the wife developed healthy eating habits. Last night that didn't go over as well, but every day is a new day right! She did great all day yesterday, then last night she wanted a sweet snack. I drag out the fruit and yogurt. The wife says, "I want plain yogurt." I kept asking her if she was sure, and ummm, she gagged the whole time! Hahaha... I told her I use the plain yogurt as a mayo substitute, and in smoothies. She plugged away at it anyway... gagging and all!

We also had the drapery/blinds, people out today. The wife tore one side of our huge curtains down a few days ago. She was trying to close them and I guess she tried a little too hard. All I can say is that I'm glad she was the one who did it and I hope they can get them put back up soon. The sun is rough in the afternoons. I suppose I could take advantage and tan in the living room!!!  

How many of you have purchased anti-wrinkle, anti-aging creams? I have purchased many, yet rarely do I use them. My last purchase was called the Wexler System. I haven't used this one at all. I didn't even buy it for the right reason. I was out running errands, and Bath and Body Works was one of my stops. I saw the skin care products near the register while I was checking out, and asked about them. I was simply curious about what they had  because I'm always researching different products for my daughter's acne issues. The woman led me over to the shelves and started telling me all about the anti-aging system (they didn't have acne control products). THEN she said... it works wonders, I've been using it for years. Her saying that led me to look at her closely, even if I wasn't planning on buying it. Looking at her closely could have led her to believe I didn't think the product worked if I didn't buy it. I didn't want to offend her, so I bought it. Seriously... 

I'm feeling quite restless... I want to go find a beach and some mountains. I want to sit and stare at the mountains, and listen to the waves crash over the rocks. I want trees all around me, and I want a cool breeze... not cold... just something pleasant. I want to ride a bicycle up the mountain paths, and I want to visit a farmers market! I think I'll go to sleep and dream of this now... 

I hope everyone has a great day!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ah, craziness be still!

The last day of school... they had gotten my phone and insisted on taking my picture. I also taught them how to take pictures of themselves with the phone.... they have to start early, you know!
It's been a few days since I've blogged and I'm so happy I'm finally back! A lot has happened since my last blog. Um, well, it must be a lot because I can't even remember what my last blog was about!

The wife and I went to Oklahoma this past weekend for a two day workshop. This was in preparation for our new business! We've been doing a lot as far as the new business goes... a little networking, a lot of researching, and a lot of planning. We still need to get that Dallas home sold, but I figure we will be completely prepared by the time we are able to get a space!

One of our networking opportunities caused a bit of a set back as far as our attitudes, but I'm not really sure if that was our perception or our intuition. We were meeting with a woman from a HUGE church in this area. The church has no denomination in its name, so of course my question was "What denomination is this church?" Where I come from, most churches, unless they are non-denominational have some sort of something to clue you in. I wasn't really concerned, but she was wondering if I was looking for a "church home," so I had to ask. I was told this: "Well, we're of the Baptist belief, but we don't like to advertise that we're Baptist." Say whhhhhaaaaaat? Really?!?!?! How on earth can you stand strong in your beliefs yet be ashamed to "advertise" their origins? Then she asked the wife and I if we were sisters. Ugh! We went in as business partners. We were honest... we told her we were best friends and business partners.

This didn't deter me though. I look at this as an excellent networking opportunity, and as a way to give back to the community. My work with this church for their special needs programs will be completely voluntary. SO, I go fill out the forms... ::sigh::  One form listed their Doctrinal Beliefs, and asked me to check whether I agree, disagree, or if I'm unsure about each one. I read each one warily, checking "agree," because if I checked "unsure," they would give me a call to discuss, and if I check "disagree," I don't know if they would call me at all. I did check "disagree" on one belief. It basically stated that they believe the only reason to divorce is if your spouse is a non-believer. Sorry, you can have the most devout spouse and still suffer verbal and physical abuse. I'll never approve of that belief. Just as I'm sure they probably wouldn't approve of the wife and I... it's disappointing, really.

Today was a sad day for me because I packed up my kindergarten classroom. This was a job I wasn't planning on having, loved it, and now it's done. It's time to move on, to grow, to work on our business. SO freakin' scary!! I'll really miss that particular teaching experience. I phrase it this way, because I've had other experiences that I'll never miss... like the year I came home with scuff marks on my pants every day, from a child who consistently kicked and rammed at me like a little bull. I didn't dare wear a dress or skirt for fear of getting scratches along with the bruises. Then there was my last year in special ed... that was the year we had to wear long sleeves, even in the heat. We had a kid whose nails were always way too long and he loved to use them on us. One day he bit me and it went right through my shirt! I had to get a tetanus shot that time. Ahhh, fun times, fun times!!! Anyway... I will miss it!

I could go on and on, but I know I probably lose a lot of people in a long blog, so I'll stop here. I think I'll go watch Storage Wars, then head to bed. I've got the wife and I on a great diet and need to get up early to prepare our meals for the day! Now If only I could get her to exercise with me!! I have to say, I've been feeling so much better these past few days. I guess living with a gas leak for a month takes some time to get over. Tomorrow, I'll catch up on everyone's blogs!!

Have a great day!! Here are some of my favorite memories from this past kindergarten year! :)

Painting their hands to make spiders, also known as arachnids :)

The Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree. They worked hard making all those letters!

Half of 100 day! We halved everything from food to numbers... 

FIne motor skills and healthy foods lesson

Dental Health day... flossing

Ah, preparing for circus day was fun! We had a yucky smells activity, tasting activities, a parade of music and different sounds, guess what's in the bin activities, and more! Yes, we were studying the 5 senses :)

The circus Ring Master collecting dandelions... 

A great way to teach doubles!

The baby duck we saved on the last day of school.... he had to go to the vet!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Not Technical...

That's what it's supposed to be though. I'm talking about what I'm writing. I should be doing technical writing for our new website ...  Right now, my mind is on anything BUT that.

I've got a  restless fever running through me which was made obvious when I woke up this morning craving food and drinks. First of all, I'm usually not hungry in the mornings, although I'm sure this hunger thing has a little to do with being a good girl, taking my vitamins, and exercising. That's the hunger side of it... the other side, not so much. All I've wanted to do these past few days is go sit at the harbor, with a Bloody Mary shrimp and avocado cocktail, and a po-boy sandwich with fries. OR, I've had the strong desire to go hang out at the yacht/marina club restaurant in our neighborhood. Sit at the bar, drink, then walk home, as it's only 5 houses down the road! By the way, I now know why people have golf carts in this neighborhood. I think they believe they aren't drinking and driving because they're in a golf cart rather than a car when heading home from the club.

Here are some pictures I took of the harbor before we moved into our house. I've probably posted them in a past blog :)

This is The Harbor at the end of winter right before we moved into our house. We loved hanging out so close to our new home!
The stores and restaurants surround the boat docks... I love it. A little like living in a seaside town!

The wife and I have been "joking" around about just hanging at the club and drinking the whole month the kids are away. You should know, I rarely drink, and the wife doesn't drink at all.  She isn't able to control herself in an appropriate manner, and hasn't touched it in about 5 years as a result. Yet here we are, discussing this on a daily basis.

I like this picture from the boat because you can see our house!

Behind all those sailboats is the club where you can find the wife and I ;)

Perhaps my desire to wake up, throw a swim suit on, and head down to the harbor for drinks and fattening food, all stems from the need for a vacation? People keep telling us we live in our vacation, so maybe we need to take advantage of it. Maybe being stuck indoors due to the extreme heat is getting to me? Maybe I need to get back to my technical writing now!!

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

All In The Family...

"Didn't need no welfare state.... everybody pulled their weight... girls were girls and men were men..."

I love "All in the Family," even with all of its political incorrect-ness  (yes I realize this isn't a word but lets say it is today... I'm tired). I guess the sound of it in the background takes me back to childhood evenings spent with my grandmother. We would watch All in the Family and she just loved Johnny Carson! "Herrrrre's Johhny!!" I'm not quoting "The Shining."Eww. 

All in the Family is what I'm listening to as I write this blog.

Today was a long day with nothing accomplished. It was incredibly HOT as we drove around "getting to know our city" and looking for spaces for our future business. We were able to see quite a few options today, but until the Dallas home is sold (the tree-house issue), we have no business putting ourselves into a financial bind. I suppose this is where patience is a virtue? We're feeling a bit of a sense of urgency due to the positive response we're getting thus far from the community, but we want to do this right. I will try to maintain patience AND stay positive. Nothing wrong with a little bit of liquid reinforcement, right? 

We celebrated the girl's 17th birthday yesterday with a trip to the orthodontist. Then she wanted to go to Sprinkles Cupcakes and The Olive Garden. We love Sprinkles, but I'm ready for a new "sweet treat" place (not that I really need one). We always have to go to the Olive Garden after orthodontist visits for the chicken g'noche soup.  It's easy for her to eat and she loves it. I love the salad... simple and not too bad? Okay, I know it's bad. 

With the girl's birthday being over, the children have officially been turned over to their father for the month of July. This gives the wife and I a month of dieting and quality time together, but umm, this is how she spent our time during our short lunch stop today...

This is the wife's iPhone set up on the table. She has it positioned just so, in order not to miss a thing on the screen. What is she watching, you may wonder? The dogs... our dogs as they sleep in the utility room while we sit, sweltering in a greasy fast food restaurant, eating fried little balls of fat, and waiting for our next broker appointment. I'm not sure about you, but I think this abnormal obsession will not bode well for potential vacations... she's losing it. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What would you do??

We have a home we're trying desperately to sell in Dallas. While it's in the middle of Dallas, it's in a beautifully hidden neighborhood. There are huge trees older than my deceased grandmother would be right now, a natural spring that runs behind the houses, and stone decking that wraps around the natural spring all the way through to the streets. If you've ever seen the San Antonio River Walk... it's a small version of this with homes rather than stores surrounding it. The home is a 1957 Ranch Style with updates, but no modernization. It is your grand mother's home... cozy and loved, with an amazing backyard view. That is until the neighbors put a huge tree house in next door, taking the view away. We loved the master bedroom/balcony, because from there you had the absolute best view of the back yard. Not anymore... now you have a tree house looking directly into the bedroom.

I have put a document together showing the pre-tree house views and the post tree house views. I want to add the negative feedback were getting from potential buyers to this document and go talk to the ex neighbors myself. I don't want to be confrontational... I just want to show them what I've got and discuss. The thing is, we're going to lose money on this house regardless of what we do.

Here are the options as I see them now:
* Bring a lawsuit (which would cost them a ton of money defending unless they just move or take the tree house down) for monies lost in the sell of the home if we can ever sell it.
*Take whatever money we would pour into a lawsuit and modernize the home so that we can sell it based on indoor features... the problem is that people can get a ton of great stuff in a brand new home for about 200,000 thousand less than this comfy home.
*Sell the home for what a 1957 style ranch house would sell for, losing about 150,000 to 200,000 on it, because the reason for the price was the lot itself with its beautiful view, not the home itself.

What would you do? I mean, the lawsuit may NOT go anywhere, but we're losing money one way or the other...

Here are some before and after pictures:
Our first major snow storm... from the balcony

I loved the sunsets just as much here as I do now!!-balcony

Fall was beautiful-balcony

It was so peaceful... I do miss my trees-blacony

Just sitting outside, listening to the locusts-balcony

We were so excited about adding this patio

The tree stump you see in the corner of the other yard is the tree the tree house is in... it towers the patio

New balcony views


View from the wife's old office nook

View from the patio

So there it is... 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I hope...

"for more love, more joy, and laughter... " No really... I hope everyone made it through the Fourth of July without scorched eyebrows!!

We made it through without any tragedies, thank goodness. If you guys have been reading my blogs as of late, the "no tragedies" phrase is the key here!

Today was crazy busy... I ran around half the morning for the girl. She'll be doing drill team at her new school, and they had pictures this afternoon. This of course had to be scheduled on her first day of drivers ed, which she is taking in her dad's city an hour and thirty minutes away. After my running around, the wife and I had an early lunch/ late breakfast date with a woman here in town about the business we want to start. I think it ended on a positive note, but things have to happen before we can get it up and running...

So, more things have happened here in Poltergeist Hell, but I'm not going to blog about it this evening. I will say this though. The wife said today that she's to the point of wondering, "What next?" Here's my take on it:
Never ask "What next?" I firmly believe that's inviting more into your life. There are so many possibilities of horrible things that can happen... Don't invite it. "What next?" We are lucky we have the ability to overcome...

Now to give you a great big goodbye from one of mine and the girl's favorite reality TV shows: Yes we love junk TV!!
The Toddlers and Tiaras pose... Sparkle, sparkle girl!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Finally... Happy 4th!!

The sail boat races.... Love this!!
I've bought all of the required foods for a "good old-fashioned" family picnic on the boat, with the kids and friends. I'm not sure why I place so much importance on food during the holidays, but I truly feel like it's not an event if we don't have the required fare!

All of this could have to do with my dysfunctional (I've used this word a lot lately) childhood. I have only one memory of my mother taking me to see the fireworks. I was four years old, she was drunk, and we hitchhiked back home. I don't remember how we actually made it to the park to begin with.

I think the closest memory the kids have that can be compared to my own beautiful childhood memory, was from this past Friday. I only had one glass of wine, but that combined with the steroid medication I've just been prescribed, obscured my judgement a bit while I was getting the boat back in the slip. You see, I'm the one who pulls the boat out and parks it. I'm good at it! Just not on this night... but the wife had faith, our friend's husband was very supportive, and well, at least I didn't run it into the dock or other boats... It just took a bit longer.

Now that I'm 4 days into my medicine, I'll avoid the wine tonight, and be happy with the food I've gotten for us! I hope everyone has a wonderful July 4th!!!

✰✰✰✰✰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰ In Honor Of The Fallen Men 
✰✰✰✰✰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰ And Women Who Served Our Country; 
✰✰✰✰✰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰ For those who have served in the past; 
✰✰✰✰✰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰ For those who are serving now;
☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰ And For Those Who Are Still Fighting.
☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰ THANK YOU
☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰ AMERICAN HEROES!! 

The furry babies in their holiday bandanas! The kids are too old to allow me to dress them up anymore, so I've transferred this need to my dogs.

Happy, happy....

...July 4th to all of you, from us!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 3rd!!!

A while weekend of holiday "happy" wishes!

Let me say now, as I've probably said before, the casino is not a nice place. It would be absolutely beautiful if I could be a winner at least once. I mean a big winner. I want to know what it feels like to have that machine light up, and an attendant get called to give me my money. Now most of you could say that this rarely happens, but it happens to the wife quite a bit. Hmphhhh! We had a good time though. It's something to do indoors when the heat is so stifling outside, that you can't breathe.

Tonight we will go out on the lake again for fireworks. The best thing about living in a small town is that you can see the fireworks in the small towns surrounding you, AND you get a different show every night! I love fireworks!

We were lucky to have the in-laws stay over, because guess what?? They smelled gas, just like our friends did a few nights ago... and GUESS what?? The gas leak was confirmed. SO... lets go over this in bullets:

*House was struck by lightening the day we closed on it.
*We had to replace all three a/c units.
*The electrical wiring had to be redone and all outlets had to be replaced.
*When we get a heavy rain, water pours through our huge picture windows in the great room, giving a "beautiful" waterfall effect.
*Two of our chimneys weren't built right and are now collapsing.
*We need a new roof.
*We've had workers in the house for the full four months we've lived here, and have only been without them for one full week.
*Gas leak

I swear this house is cursed. It's going to suck itself  up like the house in Poltergeist. On the bright side, we have a beautiful lake to look at... and the home itself is beautiful.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 2nd!


Still having a rough time breathing, but feeling a bit better today.

Last night we enjoyed fireworks on the lake. Taking pictures weren't happening because there were a lot of waves!! We'll try again on the fourth.

This will be a very short one, because we have errands to run before the mother-in-law arrives. We're heading to Choctaw, Oklahoma to gamble... woohooo. I will have some major problems being in that smoke filled environment for hours on end. Maybe I'll win... it would totally be worth it! :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fridays are My Days?

Only if I rise before anyone else in the house... I can usually squeeze out an hour of time in the morning before everyone else emerges. I suppose you could consider ours a high maintenance family. The kids, though they are teens, seem to need constant entertainment from the wife and I. The wife... (I plead the fifth, but she knows she's high maintenance :p) The dogs aren't your typical dogs... they require tons of attention and control.  Then of course you have the general house-hold duties to attend to. So yes, I have my Friday morning time, then my day starts, ill or not.

Last night was yet another stressed evening... one that had me investigating (I'll talk about this in another blog... I was proud of myself!), worrying, and subsequently having bad dreams. Let me try to sum it up in bullet form.

* The wife and girl left the house to run an errand, but on their way out, saw the group of delinquent boys, and followed them.
*The boys were swinging a baseball bat, and acting suspicious as they drove around on their golf carts (little *&*%s!!).
*The wife reported this to security but was told they couldn't call the police. We want to know why...
*The security guard stopped the wife and told her that another couple was on their way to the gate with the delinquents in tow because they threatened their boys.
*Police were finally called, not sure by who and charges were pressed against one of the boys.
*The other parents showed up crying and to retrieve their monsters, with pompous dad looking on as if his son was the most innocent of all... the ring leader went home.
*The wife is now a witness in this case
*We are so screwed...

So today the wife is headed to the HOA office to log a written complaint about our car, and another one documenting last night's activity. She will ask why on earth security can't call the police. She's going to show the articles of the HOA to the community "leader" and point out that they are not being carried out according to what is written.

*HOA's have way too much power and you don't want to get into a situation with them.
*We will have to keep a detailed log of every communication with these people from now on.
*We will have to make sure we are following every rule so as not to draw attention to ourselves.
*We are so screwed!!

I'm going to be positive about all of this.

Now it's time to get moving on our day! There's grocery shopping to do, b-day presents to buy for the mother-in-law, cameras to order, dogs to bathe, and then on to our dysfunctional family evening spent on the boat... yep!