Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Remembering these days...

The wife was wondering what we will remember of these days. I was trying to be supportive, not really knowing her mood, by throwing some immediate memories out there. "We'll remember rushing Tallulah to the Animal ER!" "We'll remember our very shy, cautious, teen boy jumping into the lake like a normal teen boy!"

Okay, so we haven't really done anything memorable in a good long while. When would we have had the time. I mean, hell, we should have time because she's retired, I'm am officially unemployed (but marketing our future business), and the children have been visiting their father for 3 weeks now. Or has it been 2? I can't remember. When the kids are home, we are continually running them here, there, and everywhere. Not memorable, but busy.

Before her comment about what we'll remember from these days, I was telling her about a blog I follow "Is There any Mommy Out There" and saying that this is a wonderful way for this mother to remember her small children's lives. She's a great writer, and she's real... not some Mrs Perfect Mommy.

The point is... THIS blog is our book of memories! I blog about our typical, every day, boring lives. She'll say, "Great! I'll remember being an ass!" Now I don't think I've ever said she was an ass. I don't remember... ha!

Speaking of Mrs Perfect Mommy and memories... let's discuss my mother. She was never a perfect mommy, she was never really a mommy at all. I grew up with a mother who suffered from a mental illness made worse by drugs and alcohol. I didn't know why she the way she was when I was growing up, I just knew I didn't want to be like her at ALL. Things haven't changed, and her illness has gotten worse over the years. She refuses to take meds because "There's nothing wrong with me. People want something to be wrong with me!" If I was typing it like her, it would be in all caps, and if I was saying it like her, it would be a high pitched frantic statement with a LOT of curse words mixed in.

I'm a firm believer in "doing what you need to do for you, in order to live happily, and healthily." If there are people in your life who cause you undo stress and unhappiness, basically sucking the life from you, then you need to cleanse them from your life circles, your immediate circles at least. I've done this with my mother... she doesn't know where I live, and she doesn't have my phone number. She does have my email and I've gone back and forth about a book idea. I would call it "Paranoid Schizophrenic E-Mails From My Mother." I've learned not to respond to them in anger... I've learned not to respond to them at all. She does get to visit the children, but I've had to put a stop to that this week, because of some things she said to our daughter. My mother is now projecting her paranoia onto our daughter, favoring her over our son, and it's got to be bad when it makes the girl uncomfortable enough to text me, telling me she doesn't think they need to spend time with their grandmother anymore.

I've thought about writing about growing up with her, but I was told by a good friend that until you can write about it with humor, then you shouldn't write about it. I can honestly say I have a hard time finding the humor, so for now I'll just sit on it and see if anything makes me laugh.

Now for the wife's memory:
I woke up, made coffee, made our high protein breakfast (because right now, we're eating healthy foods), took the dogs out, and spent my time catching up on reading blogs. You spent your time playing poker on your iPad, drinking your coffee, and talking to your mom (because she's not a crazy woman like mine), oh AND we have to remember this... You decided to pull your pajama pants up over your boobs, and said "Look! Do you like my new style? It's a jumper!" Very impressive and quite memorable! :) She wouldn't let me take a picture of that for fear of FB and blog exposure!

Now to make more memories of laundry,  maybe go to a movie. Can we go see a movie today?

Have a great Sunday everyone!!


Velvet_Heaven said...

I really love this entry! It hit me, just hit me when I read: "doing what you need to do for you, in order to live happily, and healthily."
Truer words have never been spoken...er...blogged!

Sandra said...

It's as good a reason as any to have a blog. My husband suspects I have one so I can chronicle the moments he is an ass...he's partly right. :)