Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Women and the Water Park

Yesterday was a busy, tiring day. We spent most of it at the water park, and even though we were in cool water a majority of the time, it still didn't keep us from being absolutely drained from the heat. Even the kids (well, the boys anyway) were tired and ready to leave by 4. The girl loves that stuff, but was fine with leaving early as long as I agreed to buy the group pictures they take when you walk through the gates.

Places like the water park and Six Flags make for great people watching and I'm always intrigued by the women. No, this isn't because I'm a lesbian... wow, I don't think I will ever feel comfortable typing or saying I'm the "L" word, but it's true, I am the big "L!"  Again my intrigue doesn't stem from that.

My intrigue stems from the many different body styles we women possess, and what better place than a water park to flaunt what you have? Or in many cases, what you don't have. In my head there are three types of women who flaunt... Those who make you think "Wow, I'd flaunt it too..." Those who you admire for their bravery, and then you have the, "Ew, really?" types.

I saw a woman of at least 70 years of age in a tiny bikini... she was one I admired. I mean, seriously... I'm thinking she has a very happy husband. I'll never forget the day I realized, that no matter how much I worked out, I would still not be able to stop the aging process. I used to work out with a man in his late 60's, and I know for a fact that he was much stronger and in much better shape than I was, but he was still aging and the signs of this were evident in his skin. The same was true for this woman, and I would say I hope I'm still wearing a bikini when I'm her age, if I were actually not already covering my bikini-clad self up with a tank top.

Then there were the pregnant women... Looking at them made me wonder how I ever did that twice!! It didn't seem as uncomfortable as it looks to me now.

We also had big, rough looking, tattooed women, in teeny weeny bikinis, with cigarette packages shoved in the straps of their swim suits, stomachs hanging over their swim bottoms, and scowls on their faces as they traipsed through the wave pool... they scared me and they were the "Ew, really" types. Maybe if they smiled?

Last but not least, there were the ones I didn't look at because I didn't want to get in trouble by the wife. Not that I was looking like that, because I don't. There are moments few and far between which make my mouth drop, but I'm thinking in those types of situations, even if I were straight, my mouth would drop. I think the wife would agree to this statement. I told her the other day that the women she really needs to worry about are the sisters from GeorgeTown Cupcakes, and I can honestly say this has more to do with cupcakes than anything else. I love cupcakes!!!

It's been a relaxing morning. I was able to sleep in and catch up on blogs. Now I need to go get ready to go. The wife is getting her hair done and I also want us to go get our pedi's and mani's done.

OH.... before I leave, I'm posting links to two articles discussing some new books. One is called "Whip Smart." It's a book written by a Dominatrix. About 3 years ago I was reading the top paying jobs list, and do you know Dominatrix was in the top 3 if not number 1? I was enthralled! Sign me up!! Since the movie Catwoman, I've wanted to wear outfits like that and strut around with a whip in my hand. Or maybe it's that I've wanted to feel like I would look as amazing as Halle Berry did? Oh well... here's the link to this first book.

The second book will more than likely be a hard one to read. Very emotional, but worth the tears.
It's about people from all walks of life who have had to deal with difficult, life or death decisions. I teared up reading the article for this one. I do believe this is a book I'll have to save for daytime reading, when I'm really "up" as far as my mood. It's called "Twelve Breaths: Lessons From The End of Life

Have a happy TGIF day :)

Loving the snow cones


The Bipolar Diva said...

I did pregnant in the Texas heat twice and I'm SO glad that will NEVER happen again!

I think I could go for Catwoman. Yeah, I know I could.

Rob-bear said...

Glad you had a good time being wet. In the heat.
Interesting analysis of body types. Yeah, our bodies come in a lot of different shapes.
Those two books — "surprising." Can't say I'd want to play with the first author; I would like to discuss things with the second.
I hope you have a great weekend.