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Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ADD, ADHD, OCD Perhaps?

This is a long one, so if you have ADD or ADHD you probably won't make it through, but if you have OCD you might make it, if you must finish what you start. If your OCD has anything to with bad punctuation or typos, I am pretty sure you'll have to stop reading to maintain your sanity. You must at least skip to the bottom and listen to the song I've posted. :)

My mind is running in a million different directions. I suppose if I were bipolar this would be my manic phase. Luckily, I think it's simply the coffee soaring through my system, as I haven't eaten. I'm thinking screw it.. I'm not going to eat, because apparently all of this dieting and exercising isn't doing me a bit of good. I don't know, maybe I don't need to lose the weight (honestly, it's probably 5 pounds if that, but I'm used to looking a certain way, and "forty-one" is toying with my system and my mind). If I do lose it, my boobs will suffer, and I like them as is. I had a hair analysis done at the health food shop a few weeks ago and I was NOT happy with the result. Basically I am to stay away from ALL foods. I'm not kidding. My "approved foods" list is about one column and my "avoid" list is a whole page. Really?!?! Some make my asthma flare up, some slow my metabolism, some raise this toxin or that toxin, blah-blah-blah. Oh and lets remember that I am gluten intolerant, but wheat-germ (is that even considered food?) was on my approved list. That's when I knew this was a bunch of bull, and they probably send out the same list to everyone. Oh well... I'll try to learn from this.

Anyway, back to where I started...
I'm getting good identifying the moods of bipolar, even though I still don't think our daughter is truly bipolar. I would say she's more sociopathic... not a great alternative, but seriously, nothing bothers this child/pre-adult. She goes through life in lala land, and is only emotionally rattled when something directly involves her not getting what she wants, be it a boy, a shirt, her electronics, which she will never get back (making me a very uncool mother, by the way). I think I'm pretty cool. I mean hell, the wife totally lost it a few days ago after going through the girls computer. Not me though... I sat there watching the wife rant and rave. I didn't even rant at the girl when we picked them up last week for a visit. They're at their dad's for the month which is okay, but he works during the day, and since they can no longer visit my crazy mother, they sit at his house with nothing to do. I miss them, so I like to get them and hang out. If only it wasn't a barrage if "I wants" as soon as they step into the car. Poor little deprived children. Pfffft!

The wife wants to have a dueling blog. She feels the need to defend herself, or make herself heard in my blogs. I was all for it, but she wants to team up with me on mine and I'm not sure I want that. I mean, c'mon, it isn't ALL about her, sheeesh! Plus I went back and read some old blogs and came across some very cheesy posts. I would have been gagging if I were reading that stuff in someone else's blog! If we do decide to go with it, please know now that our bantering is not arguing, and that we enjoy the back and forth. I have to put this out there, because unless you know us well, you would think we were doomed.

Speaking of doomed, last night was tennis night for the wife. As everyone already knows, I suck am not athletically inclined as far as tennis, and cannot participate. So last night, I decided to head to Buffalo Wild Wings. I really wanted a drink, they have internet, and guess what?? This place actually exists in this one horse town! The problem is, I put this on FB... I love FB, but am not currently happy with all the privacy settings because they don't allow me to see everyone's stuff... I mean, how can I fully participate in procrastination if I cannot go look at stranger's stuff and gawk over photos and whatnot?

Anyway, it's on my FB and an ex who lives very close-by sees it. She wants to come have a drink too... No big deal? Or is it? The wife wasn't happy with it and I get it. I mean, this ex wants nothing to do with the wife and has only met her briefly in a kid exchange.

The wife throws out how unhappy I would be if she were to meet with her ex, and she's absolutely right. Been there done that already. I try to remind the wife that I've lived through that with her already and the difference is, I was left home a lot and I know the reasons, which I still can't totally agree with,
(and which I cannot blog) but hell, some things should have changed in that situation right away because of how I felt. :::puke::: In all honesty, I really can't stand this one. She's not a nice person, her mind games with the wife really make me angry, and she's a know-it-all who can't get anything done. This is someone I would love to push from my life circle, but sadly I have no control over that. If I truly thought she was actually concerned with the wife's best interest and not just manipulating and trying to control her, it would be different.  It's a bunch of BS is what it is.

Then let's not forget the other one who simply cannot get over the wife even though it's been years, and I'm talking many years. We finally tried to have her over, because I know this friendship is important to the wife. What happens? The wife ends up, umm, let me phrase this right... "taking care" of her. The woman cried over her job, cried over her debt (2500, really? I wish mine was that low) she cries over everything... I get that she has a depression disorder, but grow up and stop being so needy. Of course the wife fell to the needy, taking care of her, taking her credit cards, crooning... bleh! I told her I would love to see her do that with me... where was my crooning?

I'm really over all of this now, and the wife and I hashed it out a while back. I can't stand the first one I discussed, and I'm sure she'll reappear in my blogs with the next visit she makes. I only bring this up now, because I've dealt with crap. There is no, "What if it was me doing that?" I already know, AND it doesn't apply because I would be home with the wife if she was home. I would never leave her home alone, and go meet with an ex for dinner or anything else for any reason.

So, the ex showed up and I was honest with the wife. She says she isn't bothered by it, but I still wonder when this is going to come out in a rant. Probably after she reads this blog.

It's taken me a while to write this because I've been talking to one of the girl's friends on FB. He's a great kid, and I love him to death, but he likes to ask our advice on relationships and such, which I struggle with. First of all the boy isn't confused, he does like boys. The problem is his mom doesn't really know, and even though he has an older gay brother who has been excommunicated from the family, I worry about the mom blaming us for this boy's choices. He's told me his mom knows about us, so I guess she isn't too worried about our terrible influence.

It's time for me to go now. I've got household things to take care of, an elliptical waiting to be used, and the wife is now awake. I hope everyone's Wednesday is wonderful! That's the kindergarten teacher in me.... It's Wonderful Wednesday kids!! Um, yeah.. I was never a sing-a-long Sally, but I did have some cheesy sayings that the little ones loved. :)

Oh, here's a song I'm leaving you with. It's been in my head since I read "Disco Cheese's" post. I've loved this version since the first time I heard it... and I love Karmin's voice :)


Sunny Dee said...

Dueling blogs! I love the idea! Hubby and I too "bicker" back and forth quite a lot. I think that's a sign of a strong healthy relationship when you can have lively discussions and still walk away with no ones feelings hurt. At least in my opinion anyway.

I think it would be fun to blog with a partner. Hubby reads all of my post and leaves his comments on my FB blog page lol. He doesn't want to venture into the blogging realm quite yet. I'm working on it! :)

He did like your comment about homeschooling and moving into your Dallas house. Now if we could just find him a job! :)

Aeria said...

Ok, not sure how I even ended up here but I enjoyed reading this and looking over your blog. :)
I could relate to some parts of it being a mom and others I found fascinating because I can't relate but I can sympathize. Hope that makes sense.
Anyway, it was nice to stumble on your blog! Best wishes with the wife and kids :)


The Bipolar Diva said...

yea! I'm not the only mom that takes away electronics! I love you more all the time!
I LOVED reading this. I felt as if I was there having coffee with you!