Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Misc. thoughts in bullets:

*Well, we accepted an offer on the Dallas home. It's hard to be excited about it, due to the loss being taken, but with the treehouse that was built next door, I think the wife felt there were no other options. We both loved that house, but the wife really loved it. This is really hard on her, not only due to the loss, but also because she knows these people are going to totally redo the home she fell in love with. 

* The wife feels there needs to be a "Senior Citizens and Tiaras" show.  I'm sure we can think of a catchy name for it. I was on board until I realized she said we should be in one, not create one. Wait, we aren't old yet! Hmphh!

* Are those Kleenex Hand Towels really an upgrade from the cloth ones? I understand they are healthier, unless you wash your hand towels after each use, but a step up? Not so sure about that.

*Did you know they now have commercials for um... adult toys? Granted it was on the Discovery Health channel, but still. Wow!

*We went looking for cars for the girl today. That was kind of fun. We aren't taking her in to look, because we don't want her to think she has a choice. It would be different if she were appreciative of the fact that she's even getting a car, but the wife has often "joked" with her about getting her certain vehicles, and we've been told one too many times "I'm not driving that... " in that snotty teen tone. ::sigh::

*Tomorrow will be a long, but fun day. We're going to take the kids to Hurricane Harbor, but before we head there, the girl will have drive time at her driving school. I think while we wait, I'm going to take the wife and boy to some of my old hangouts. We're also taking my daughter's friend... the boy I talked about in my previous blog. He's so excited and very cute. He calls us his moms, and when he gets his real mom on the phone he says "Hi birth mom!" This is such an easy way to have a teenage boy. I get the feeling he's way easier than our own boy is going to be! 

*I'd really rather be going to Six Flags but it is WAY too hot (the car was registering 108 today) I absolutely love roller coasters though!!! I have a hard time with huge drops, but love the twisty, turning, upside downy, curves! 

Here is one of my favorites... I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

The Texas Giant


The Bipolar Diva said...

Ok, I got distracted at Six Flags! god, I practically grew up there. We had season passes every year. I can't believe my parents just dropped us off several days a week for the entire summer. But now? The heat would do me in.
That's so bittersweet about the offer on the house. I'm happy and I'm sorry. I know it has to be hard.

Rob-bear said...

Glad to hear you're out of Dallas, but not so pleased to hear of poor price. Location, location, location — next to a tree house. Sigh. However, it's sold.
Oh, and some places consider your "senior" when you're 50. I kid you not.
Hope the car hunting goes well. Hope girl at least says something positive when she gets it. Fortunately, she's getting the driving training.
I trust you will not flag in your pursuit of fun tomorrow.
Bear quits here.