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Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What would you do??

We have a home we're trying desperately to sell in Dallas. While it's in the middle of Dallas, it's in a beautifully hidden neighborhood. There are huge trees older than my deceased grandmother would be right now, a natural spring that runs behind the houses, and stone decking that wraps around the natural spring all the way through to the streets. If you've ever seen the San Antonio River Walk... it's a small version of this with homes rather than stores surrounding it. The home is a 1957 Ranch Style with updates, but no modernization. It is your grand mother's home... cozy and loved, with an amazing backyard view. That is until the neighbors put a huge tree house in next door, taking the view away. We loved the master bedroom/balcony, because from there you had the absolute best view of the back yard. Not anymore... now you have a tree house looking directly into the bedroom.

I have put a document together showing the pre-tree house views and the post tree house views. I want to add the negative feedback were getting from potential buyers to this document and go talk to the ex neighbors myself. I don't want to be confrontational... I just want to show them what I've got and discuss. The thing is, we're going to lose money on this house regardless of what we do.

Here are the options as I see them now:
* Bring a lawsuit (which would cost them a ton of money defending unless they just move or take the tree house down) for monies lost in the sell of the home if we can ever sell it.
*Take whatever money we would pour into a lawsuit and modernize the home so that we can sell it based on indoor features... the problem is that people can get a ton of great stuff in a brand new home for about 200,000 thousand less than this comfy home.
*Sell the home for what a 1957 style ranch house would sell for, losing about 150,000 to 200,000 on it, because the reason for the price was the lot itself with its beautiful view, not the home itself.

What would you do? I mean, the lawsuit may NOT go anywhere, but we're losing money one way or the other...

Here are some before and after pictures:
Our first major snow storm... from the balcony

I loved the sunsets just as much here as I do now!!-balcony

Fall was beautiful-balcony

It was so peaceful... I do miss my trees-blacony

Just sitting outside, listening to the locusts-balcony

We were so excited about adding this patio

The tree stump you see in the corner of the other yard is the tree the tree house is in... it towers the patio

New balcony views


View from the wife's old office nook

View from the patio

So there it is... 


Redbone210 said...

That tree house is atrocious! Sorry...but it's true.

I seem to remember you mentioned having a HOA for your community - isn't there something in the rules or bylaws against something like this?

BTW...I'm Redbone and I just started lurking on your page. But now I've introduced myself so I'm not a crazy lurking stalker, I'm officially a visitor.

Sunny Dee said...

If Hubby had a job in Dallas, we would buy your house! And "accidentally" set fire to the tree house. lol Just joking, but it sounds like a beautiful home! Perfect in all of it's 1957 glory. Sadly, we're stuck up here in Indiana. :( Good luck! Hopefully some one comes along soon.

As for helping with your gym project, just keep me informed. I'm glad to help! :)

The Bipolar Diva said...

aren't there any covenants that prohibit blocking views, or code violations for having that tree house there? You might want to check it out. They just might be on your side. You make Dallas sound like a place I'd actually like to live in again, I'm a native girl....Arlington. I'd check with the city, that's an awfully big structure not to have had to have a permit issued.

anymommy said...

Ugh, that really is awful. I'm sorry. I have to say though, we've had some nasty neighbor battles over similar issues and I'm not sure it's worth the stress. That kind of confrontation permeates your entire life.

Velvet_Heaven said...

Wow, that "tree house" is horrible. I'm wondering with the way the structure looks, if it needed to have permits to be built and if those responsible had them. If not, they could just be reported and it would have to be torn down.
Either way, I hope this situation can be resolved!
Good luck...and keep us posted,please! :)

Those photos looked like you had such a heavenly view!

myinnerchick.com said...

O000h, that is such a bitch.
Sometimes it's worth fighting for your rights...
and in this case...You Are Right. xx

Just Two Chicks said...

I will be sure to keep everyone posted. I really appreciate the feedback, as I thought I may have been overreacting due to my prednisone medicated state.

My document with the views and complaints looks absolutely professional, with no typos. I can't say that for this particular posting though, so I'll apologize instead!

Anita said...

Good comments. I wish I could add some advice.

You are NOT overreacting; but I hope this doesn't take too much peace away from your life. Hope it can be resolved soon.

By the way, do the tree house owners know what they have done and its effect? Did they know it when they were building it?