Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Night

"Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday night's alright.. alright, alright..."  Quoting a song of course! If I put too many Saturday's in there, I apologize.

I just wanted to pop in for a short blog. We've been pretty busy this weekend, but tonight has been nice and calm. The busy times always start on Thursday with my drive to Fort Worth to drop the kids with their dad. This weekend was their dad's weekend, which would normally mean I wouldn't be driving back to Fort Worth until Sunday evening. This time though, I drove to Fort Worth again Friday morning to pick the boy up for a school function later that evening. A function I was forcing him to attend... for his own good. I'm trying desperately  to break him of this shyness that will surely hurt him in the future. It's not your normal shy behavior.

Anyway... drove to Fort Worth twice in two days, attended a visitation and funeral those same two days, dropped the boy at a friends so she could take him to the dance... this would prevent a scene in front of the school if I were the one having to take him, went gambling until 4 am Friday night, ran errands and cleaned today... whew!!

SO, to quote the song, "Saturday night's alright!!" We've been watching recordings of Extreme Couponing and Storage Wars, and we are seriously considering breaking out the cookie dough and baking ourselves some cookies! Loving tonight!!!

Now back to spending some quality time with the wife... love that even more!!

I hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing, fun, fulfilling weekend!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A picture blog...

The snake we found in our house on Easter Sunday

The 22 flats of flowers the wife and I planted in perfect OCD form

Sitting outside, enjoying the evening

The reflection of the sunset on the opposite wall

So peaceful

I woke up a few mornings ago to downtown Dallas looking as if it were on fire during the sunrise

We think the sky looked like this due to the Texas wildfires.

The sun looked amazing on this night

Thank goodness for the puppy... we were able to catch this red moon at 3 am... wow!

More smokey sunsets

A few lightening storm pictures

Wow... I'm still in awe 

Reminds me of a water color

Our little friend... not sure where his mate is, but we have two of them living in our backyard!

Meet Camden, Cam for short!

Little Big Ears....

Adorable but stubborn!

Making a come back...

Or I should say, making the time to come back!

Happy late Easter, if you celebrate it, and if not, then happy Monday, or Tuesday, or whatever day you read this. :)

Wow, I can't believe it's been a month since I've blogged. I actually thought it had been longer. Things around here are totally nuts (at least in my opinion).

We've had workers in our house since the first week we moved in. It started with a/c, heat, and electrical work, due to a lightening strike the day we closed on the house. They have steadily continued to find other repairs that need to be made due to previous home-owner neglect or builder laziness. It's exhausting... AND it's almost 8pm and they're still here working. Luckily, the wife knew one of the guys personally, so we totally trust leaving them here while we live our lives. They've become part of our lives... I have no idea how the house will feel without them.

Between the guys, getting the boy and I back into tennis, and the longer drive to work and back, I've found myself way too tired to write. Or totally without creativity... which is kind of how I feel now, but I'm pushing myself. I need to get back to this. It's always been important to me, and it's such great therapy when I feel I can write freely.

As far as my self-created bubble... it's still there, but occasionally something will burst it. Apparently the end of the world is coming way sooner than any of us suspected. It begins May 21st. So if people in your life suddenly vanish and you're still around, don't panic... for them anyway! The actual end will then occur October 21st... or something like that. There are billboards all over the place stating this. The man behind this is making a killing. It's terrible what people will believe.

As you know, we lost our Tom cat, and I think we lost Calvin right after my last blog... perhaps right before. It's been very emotional and the wife has been taking it pretty hard. The loss of the boys, combined with the loss she at times feels over the sell of her company, has been a strain, but I think she is finally settling in. She's been fishing (and is right now!), playing tennis with some other ladies in the community tennis club (I'm not good enough to play with them just yet), and has of course been busy with the guys working on the house.

We bought her an early Mother's day gift... well, she got both of her gifts early, but the main one was a puppy. A cute little guy, who keeps us quite busy. We made a deal with the puppy... no golf cart if we get him. I thought that was fair... he's adorable. She also got her new grill early because she wanted to use it on Easter Sunday.

We've had three major storms since we've moved in... they are VERY scary here on the lake. I've made the bathroom my storm shelter. We found a snake in our house Easter Sunday... I woke to he wife telling me to come here and to leave the dogs in the bedroom. She tells me "You aren't going to like this, but there's a snake in the house and it's big..." Ugh... we have no idea what it was, but it was very angry with us for being shoveled out of the house. We had to kill it... we just couldn't take a chance with our little dogs. I really hope we don't find that again... yuck!

The woman who drives by scowling at us hasn't made an appearance in about a week. We accidentally found out where she lived while we were on a walk. The kids saw her drive by us and took off running to follow her... It was pretty funny... "That's her, there she is, lets go see where she goes!" If I had a golf cart I would drive by and scowl at her, but as it is, I just don't have the time. We have no idea why she hates us so, and she's no prize.

We seem to have found a group of people in the tennis club, who seem to be nice. I"m hoping for more get-togethers with them as the weather levels out. I've started calling a lot of the women in this small town, Holly Rockwalls... I'll explain this in blogs to come. Living in this country town is going to give me tons of writing material!

I'm going to post a second blog with pictures only... kind of an introduction to the neighborhood, our puppy, and some of our views. After I do that, I'm going to catch up on everyone's blogs!!