Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's a Cloudy Day

I wish... Oh my, how I wish for some clouds right now, and the rain that comes with them, even though around here, there is no such thing as a nice rain. Oh no, we get hail, tornadoes... the whole 9 yards! I'm going to count us very lucky, as we've only just now hit our heatwave. The map showing our heatwave status, makes it look quite unbearable, as our state is scalding red in color. Let's just say, we don't get out a lot right now.

So, because I'm longing for a cloudy day, and because Carmi's photo theme this week is "Cloudy," I thought I'd revisit some of my favorite cloudy days... oh, and some of my scary ones too!! Some of these pictures are completely unedited, and some I've edited simply to bring out the colors I saw in real time.

I just loved the somewhat ominous look of this, and no matter how many pictures I took, I couldn't quite capture the many details of the clouds that day!

This is on the lake where we live. It's hard to take pictures on the boat, but I was finally able to capture how awesome it all looked that day!

I loved how the cloud accented the Lincoln Monument as a plane flew over.

A beautiful end to the sunset on this night. 

I have a ton of sunset pictures, because I feel we have the best ones right here at home! My favorite sunsets are the ones with the clouds. 

Another cloudy sunset...

The sun trying to peek through after a storm. 

What was left of the clouds after a light rain on the British Virgin Isle, Virgin Gorda

A road trip to somewhere... I love my road trips, and don't get nearly enough these days. 

I loved this... it looked like a painting to me

This was taken a few weeks ago. There was a sailboat in the distance that I couldn't quite get  because I was trying to get the clouds in the picture. They played such a huge part of the coloring on this night!

I loved how pretty the clouds were this night... somewhat ominous, but not, because the darkness of them was merely an illusion put on by the setting sun. 

Another painting... I took several pictures like this over a period of a week, last summer. I think the coloring, and odd appearance of the clouds, was due to the wild fires that were burning uncontrollably not too far away.  It sure did make for some amazing sunsets though! This is 1 out of 100 from that week!

This one was a little scary with the way it snaked across the sky...  scary but amazing too

This was a bad storm day... that cloud above was thick and angry. Amazing how the setting sun can make it all better at the end of the day, though. 

Another storm rolling in... crazy lightning was coming from this one...
That same night... the clouds were certainly aglow!!

Clouds full of lightning, not yet striking down.

Okay... that's all I've got time for, for now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lessons, Lessons, and MORE lessons! Pffft!

It's been awhile since I've posted anything, and SO many things have happened in the world. Good things, like the Olympics, and bad things, unspeakable things, like Aurora... I've got a few rough drafts in which I discuss Aurora, and my loss of faith in humanity (as if this shocks you guys). I'm still maneuvering my way to living fearlessly, but fearlessness is a little difficult when I really don't feel comfortable walking into a movie theater. Don't get me wrong... it's not JUST because of the shooting in Aurora, but because of my fear of this happening before it actually happened. Make sense?

This isn't about Aurora, or the olympics, or anything else we have no control over. Thank goodness for small gifts, right? No, this is about something I've actually talked about before... it's about coming to terms with our past. It's about owning our mistakes, learning from them, and not making them again. It's about fear of everything. WOW, right? Oh, just to let you know, I say "Right!?!?" a lot. I only just realized how much I say it.

We are always learning. Even if it's a situation from  the past, we are at times, given the opportunity to learn from it, yet again, and the lesson will be entirely different. Me being who I am, jump on opportunities such as this, taking full advantage of the lesson I'm to learn. That's called OCD folks... no worries, I'm not trying to fool myself, or your guys into thinking it's anything deeper, making me sound as if I'm a super wonderful human. I'm not, but stick with me through this long story anyway, please?

I've blogged in the past about my guilt over how I've handled my past relationships. Yes, that's plural... I was married, then I had a few g/f's after that. I never had b/f's before I married... does that make me seemingly more innocent?

Regardless, I had to learn a lot of lessons as I went from relationship to relationship. I had no idea how to handle myself in any of them. I wasn't taught by example, or in any other way, how to treat my fellow human beings... unless I wanted to hit them, or yell at them, I had no idea what to do. I knew I didn't want to hurt them. I knew I wanted people to love me... and these are the things I carried with me into my adulthood. I didn't want to hurt anyone, and I wanted to be loved.

I reached a point in my life in which I realized I had to hurt someone in order to make myself happy. I didn't want to. I mean, I tried to disengage from that relationship before it had even gotten as far as it had. A few times, I tried... lets just say I didn't know how to handle crying, and my thought process back then was "I have someone who loves me more than anyone ever has... maybe it's me... maybe there's something wrong with me that keeps me from "feeling" in love." SO I stuck that relationship out for a long time thinking I was totally incapable. It wasn't bad... we worked separate shifts, I was busy, she was busy... but, I was NOT happy. I started going out, drinking, flirting, because yes, I was restless as Hell.  I'm not talking about just restlessness... I'm talking about not wanting to be a part of life anymore. I was done... with everything.  Now, I know I've blogged about being restless in the recent past, but this was a different kind of restless. I needed something, and it wasn't greener grass... it wasn't something easier. I say this because here is what I had already learned at this point in my life: Grass is grass... it needs to be maintained. It needs to be weeded, watered, fertilized, and the holes dug by the the wild animals need to be filled in, and allowed to grow over with new grass. This is life my friends... whether you're in a  relationship or not.

This relationship started with so many weeds and holes, there was no possible way to weed it, and I had no desire. That's because it wasn't right from the beginning. It wasn't... not when I was dating two people, unable to decide what to do, trying repeatedly to break up with both, but eventually being with the one who moved closer (in my head the decision was made for me with that move), because I couldn't "hurt" anyone, and because I felt like I wouldn't find anyone who would love me like that.

Oh boy, I had a LOT of built up resentment by the time I had finally had enough. Resentment over the fact that I tried a long time ago to end things. Resentment over the fact that I was losing people from my life because I was finally doing what was best for me. Finally! I wasn't bad-mouthing to other people, or even defending myself. I was done with that. I was done with the drama I felt we were all way too old to be engaging in. I was done with the fact that something between two people became something between so many others. I wasn't falling for the guilt trips anymore. I wasn't going to be "bullied" into staying in the house, or cried into not dating others. So I started dating again, and I was living in the same house with my ex. Not the smartest thing in the world... I mean, it only made me look more horrible to those who already didn't "get it."

I had a home lined up, I was on a dating site, I had stopped going out and drinking, I was figuring out the things I needed to do, and I was at that time, cleaning out my friend closet even more... losing some because I was done drinking... seriously? They had to go too.

I met the wife on the single site. The only one I "winked" at after a boring Friday night at home. After that first date I was excited. She was cute... she made me laugh... she was easy to be around... she was smart... and I loved her brown eyes because they sparkled. She brought me a potted plant and Reeses peanut butter cups. I loved her from the beginning. I knew it was love, because I had never, ever felt like that. Everrrrrrr! ***Please make note, I do love my children. I'm talking about loving another human adult person, and being willing to give more of myself in order to make that person happy, kind of love.****

It wasn't easy... I hated her traveling... she was gone so much of the time. I struggled with it, BUT not with her, and I don't struggle with her now. I may get frustrated when she over drinks, but I love her more today than I ever have. I would do anything for her... I love taking care of her, being here for her. She still makes me laugh, she's still easy to be around.

So, what does all of this have to do with learning a lesson from my past?  Well, a LOT. First of all,  I've already learned many lessons. Lessons I think have made me well-rounded, and open minded. I've often wondered too, if the ex feels she's learned anything, and if she has ever come to the realization that she too, was at fault... if someone tries to break-up with you, LET them. Do not hold on and "fight," for something that you feel, but the other person doesn't. You cannot love someone into loving you. Good lesson for both of us, for anyone...

Needless to say, these past few weeks, I've discovered how small the world is. I mean, I've known how small it is, but wow. I've come across people who are good friends with the ex. The ex who I still talk to, and have somewhat of a "friendship" with. The ex who actually invited me two years ago to come and do things with this "meet-up" group that she was hanging with because "I would like them," she said. I DO like the ones I ran into recently, and because I like them I have once again been analyzing my past. I know she needed these people in her life. I know she more than likely painted a very ugly picture of me, and of the wife (one of the reasons why I didn't look into this group)... even though the wife was not the first one out of the chute, so to speak. I get it... I do, but it's been a good few years now. Years in which I've talked about the guilt, the worry, and the bad karma I felt I deserved for so long. I no longer want to feel the need to defend, but because I still want people to like me, and I still crave acceptance from everyone I come across, I end up "defending." I know, I know... some things are just hard to shake. I've prayed so hard over the years. I've tried to make it as right as I could. I've sent letters of apology, given money, but I have not given one more inch of myself.

Through this recent analyzation this is what I've discovered:

"the guilt, the worry, and the bad karma I felt I deserved for so long"

Why? Why do I feel like I don't deserve this? I DO deserve this. I had a horrible childhood. I had a horrible marriage. I had to learn from mistakes. I had to learn how to make myself happy, and I had to learn how to look out for my own heart for once. It's unfortunate that things happened the way they did, but isn't there a slight chance that things were meant to play out this way? I look at the ex, and she has a wonderful woman who takes care of her, and tries to make her life easier.

She deserves her happiness, and I deserve mine. I did not just happen into this life I'm living right now. I had to suffer a LOT to get here, and I'm happy... I'm finally happy.  I deserve to be happy, and I work to maintain it every day. That freakin' grass will not have weeds, because I am armed to the max with Round-up... it may harm the grass, and leave a few spots, but by God, that weed will NOT survive, and the grass will come back. Yep!

I love her so much... This woman has shown a LOT of faith in me, and I will not let her down!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My transportation to Fearlessness

**I started writing this at about 5:30. I'm not sure how clear it will be, but I wanted to pull a thematic photographic moment (transportation 203 on Carmi's blog) into my thought process this morning. My goal was not to be "cheesy,"  but to offer a different view, not only on the thematic, but on conquering fear, and the things that we feel hold us back. I'm slowly working my way through a book that I hope will help shed some light on what I need to do to reach that "fearless" level in my life. Now I do believe I'll post this without editing... exhaustion, or me trying to be fearless in the face of typos, bad punctuation, and grammar? A little of both... 

Last night's attempt at sleep was a useless endeavor. I would doze off, then either jolt awake with bad dreams (I think I kicked one of my dogs at one point), or wake up roasting hot. At 5 one of the dogs needed to go out, so I took them all out. I was hoping this morning would be like the others... I take them out, they get their cookies, then we all head back to bed. Well, that wasn't the case. My smallest one, Tallulah, here she is....

was restless. I decided to just go ahead and get up. We have doggie issues. If one of them is up and roaming, it puts Cam, here he is...

in some type of guard dog, predatory mode. He will attack. ::sigh::  Then the wife gets pissy (she never remembers the next day... must be nice), and then I really cannot sleep.

So here I am... I wanted to talk for a minute about a book I've been reading. No, it's not "Fifty Shades of Grey." It's so funny to sit in an airport, or Starbucks and watch women read this book. You can tell when they're at a good part because their facial expressions get really goofy.

Anyway, this book is by Arianna Huffington... you know, from the Huffington Post. It's called "On Becoming Fearless, in Love, Work, and Life." As most of you know, I'll have moments in which anxiety consumes me. Often this isn't due to an actual panic attack, but my preparation and worry over having one. My anxiety stems from a number of sources, from too much thought and not enough action as far as my life, to things that should actually fill me with fear (like snakes... I'm thinking back to the bad dream that had me kicking a dog off of the bed).

I started reading this book on our cruise (in the midst of my neurotic stress over making it through the excursions without a panic attack). It was perfect timing, because here's the deal... I'm not worried about sinking ships, robberies while on the trails, or anything else like that. My worry is, as Huffington puts it, quite narcissistic. It's focused inward, and I can change that. So what if I have a panic attack... I'll get past it, and move on, and more than likely, no one would notice because it's not like I fall to the ground, and go fetal. I mean, sure I would like to at times, but it isn't panic that drives that particular train.

As we left the ship the next morning, I kept repeating to myself... "No fear, no fear, no fear." Then I saw this...

I took it as a sign... I mean, seriously!!! The family wondered why on earth I was so excited about this sail boat.

Panic attacks are not the only thing that hold me back. I hold myself back... I think about things too much, I cling to the acceptance and support of others in my life (meaning the wife). If I don't have that, I stop trying.

There are so many things I want to do, so many open doors, if only I felt I could walk through them. Sure, some of them are easier than others, but the more difficult ones, are only difficult because they require support... or do they.

I mean, once these things are lowered, they're a bitch to get back up. Literally and figuratively.

So, I peddle around in circles (literally in this picture), with my life jacket on, even though, I really don't need it. I can swim... so why don't I???

If I don't at least try to swim then....

I'll sink without ever knowing if I could have made it...

It's time for me to stop using others as an excuse as to why I'm not doing what I want and need to do. I'm in such a fortunate position right now in that I can do anything I want to do. I can take this opportunity to go back to school for my MPA, to volunteer with all of the organizations I once volunteered for, to get out and be as politically active as I once was, to be that passionate about the rights of others, and to revisit my religious beliefs and upbringing, or I can stand by and let life happen. The thing is, I owe my good fortune to the wife, and I truly need her support. Otherwise, my fortunate situation isn't really mine to be had, is it?

On another note... I've declared my car the best in the world due to it's innovative features. I don't ever eat things like corn dogs, but the other day, I caved to my cravings, and ordered one. I also ordered a grape cream slush, and this is what I discovered about my car...

It has a corn dog holder! Now some of you may beg to differ, but for me, at this moment, it was the perfect corn dog holder. 

Monday, July 9, 2012


***'Nuf said***

Haha, just kidding. Seriously though, I am totally sure it was like this when we were young too, but have you ever noticed how many of today's songs focus on the negative aspects of relationships? I'm not talking about the "Oh we made it through the rough spots," kind of songs... I'm talking about  the "Baby, I hit you, and that's how I know I love you..." You know? The message to me is, if we don't fight, and if things aren't explosive, then it must not be deep and meaningful.

I don't like this message, it's not accurate, and it's not a way I want my children to live their lives. I want my son to treat a woman right, and I want him treated right. The same for my daughter. Having a volatile relationship does not mean you have something deep. Those strong emotions... the ones that make you cry so hard your head hurts, are not an indication of strong feelings of love.

The wife and I have never had a volatile relationship. We have disagreements... as you've read. We've had about two major arguments, one of them a few nights ago. This last argument was a combination of our frustration over the girl's drama, and my frustration over the wife's drinking. She popped one more beer, and I lost it. TOTALLY.  I can tell you now, I don't like it when I reach my limit. I don't like that feeling.

So, I don't get why some people think these awful feelings make your relationship more meaningful...

There will be rough times that you'll have to weed through, and hopefully your relationship will be stronger for it. Rough times are being out of work, trying to feed your family, and keep a roof over their heads. A rough time is dealing with a serious illness or accident, and trying not to place blame, or dealing with the guilt, even if it's misplaced. A rough time is growing apart, and trying to find yourselves again. A rough time is watching the one you love lose themselves in drugs, or mental illness.

If you have to create a rough time in order to have a strong feeling, then maybe... just maybe it isn't right to begin with. Why isn't anyone teaching our kids this? Why is it, when you try to teach them this, by example, and through discussion, they don't listen, and they think you're just about the most ignorant person alive? The girl is 18 now, and we just don't think she will ever learn. We talk and talk, and she continues to make bad choices. The wife says there are no consequences... I'm not sure what type of consequence we could create, that would actually teach her anything.

We're pretty much ready for her to experience life on her own... move her into a dorm, let her make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. The problem is, she hasn't learned from her mistakes yet, so it worries me. Ahhh... I am really hoping art school, a job, and dorm life will help get her to the level of maturity she will need in order to make it on her own. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Isn't it amazing

There are so many places... so many spaces we've yet to explore

We are but specks on the surface of this huge, wonderful place called earth

We need guidance while we explore... or else we'd be lost, swallowed up by the endlessness of it all

Yet as small as we are...
The world is fragile in our hands. We must take care...

But we're SO small!!
Just specks... on the face of this beautiful earth!

Vacation Journal

Cruise: Set Sail

*Anything in bold is what I've added tonight. 

I made it through the double flights and hotel stay, but felt terrible (remember I was sick when we left home). Flying was horrible, I guess because already being sick exacerbated my asthma. I haven't had an asthma attack like that in a very long while, and being on a plane with a child of about 6 years of age, kicking my seat, and screaming behind me because his brother got the window seat, wasn't helping matters.  The wife was quite nurturing toward me, which was a little surprising, but nice. The screaming continued for about 30 minutes of flight time... and all of the minutes before we actually took off. 

We had to stay in a hotel in Miami, which I've decided is okay as a pitstop before the big fun, but it's an odd place to me. We didn't get to drive by the Starz Dance Studio (Dance Moms), which was only a little disappointing, but not too much so, because I was exhausted!

I freaked out that night, because I was continually checking my cameras at home, and had not seen any signs at all of the pet care company employee who was supposed to be staying at our house with our babies. We had already been gone 12 hours at that point, and my babies weren't being cared for. If you want to talk about freaking out... I was pretty much losing it. Lucky for me, I can still manage to keep my head, and lucky for me, I have wonderful friends, and lucky for me, the mother-in-law just moved in down the street. Needless to say, my babies are going to be okay (It turned out the sitter did actually show up, but she was horrible and didn't follow through with the pet business agreement. The babies were locked up a majority of the time... my babies will be boarded from now on, and we'll have friends stay at the house to make sure it's taken care of)

Enough of all of that though,  we are now on the boat! I think the kids were pretty excited, though they didn't jump up and down, or oohhh and ahh, as a small child would... Or even as I do each and every time we vacation. Hell, who am I kidding, every day things make me oohhh and ahh! I don't understand why they're the way they are. Maybe because they're used to wonderful things, and I'm still so amazed at the wonderful things that have come into my life. I'm amazed at the fact that I'm able to do these things... Amazed and thankful. 

Setting sail in Miami is a much more pleasant experience than setting sail in Galveston. It does have a beautiful backdrop, and if I ever win the lottery, a nice vacation condo on Fisher Island would suit me just fine (I've decided a vacation condo in the British Virgin Islands would be the absolute best!!)

As soon as we got on the boat, they said "Welcome, lunch is ready on the Lido deck!" Those words were like music to my ears!! We literally hadn't eaten in two days, what with flying, hotel cuisine, and then having to be up early to board the ship... Remember, I don't like putting anything in my stomach until I know I'm not having to do anything. I weighed myself at the hotel... I lost 6 pounds!!! Anyway, we ate, I had one drink, we set sail, and took some pictures, we unpacked, the wife and I gambled, and we were in bed by 10. I know, right!?!??

Oh, and the wife cannot say I'm addicted to working out. I saw a woman running stairs with her iTouch, before we even set sail. Even if I wasn't sick, I wouldn't be doing that. 

Cruise: Day 1
I actually slept!! I felt rested. Perhaps it was the quality of sleep. I'm sure that's it. Our next big purchase will be a mattress... A sleep number, because I need very firm and the wife needs semi-firm. The furry babies don't really care, so that's good. ;)

It's so funny to see people doing things you hope they don't do on a regular basis. Right after I woke up, I ran a brush through my hair and headed out to find coffee and food. We usually do room service for breakfast, but I guess we forgot. I wanted to see if the kids had gotten up yet anyway, so it worked out! On the Lido deck, people were swimming, eating, cloud bathing (it was sprinkling). I saw men getting ice cream for breakfast, and people drinking beer (puke)... keep in mind, it was early in the morning. Seeing all of those little kids running around the pool made me happy mine are teens and old enough to do this craziness on their own, if they wanted. As far as the ice cream for breakfast... well, it's gotta be healthier than a doughnut, right? It has calcium, after all. 

I'm still feeling BAD. After getting coffee and breakfast for the wife and I, I took a VERY hot jet tub bath, and then a HOT shower. Ugh, I just want to feel better. My throat aches. It isn't scratchy... It aches up and down my neck, I can't breathe, and I'm actually religiously taking my asthma meds. One whole side of my face and head hurts... I am trying so hard to feel well... Mind over matter right? I'm also trying not to take so much Advil. 

Even though I haven't felt well, I've enjoyed today. I played Putt Putt with the boy on the top of the boat, and TV Trivia with the wife and kids. The wife, girl, and boy, played chess while I watched, then the boy played another guy in chess, and won. The kids played three games of pool, I broke the balls, but it was such a bad break each time that I decided to watch... Hey, it was just as entertaining. 

The wife is now feeling sick... Meaning I was misdiagnosed, which after the plane trip I had pretty much figured out I had pharyngitis which is viral, rather than a sinus infection. Hell I probably had both. I told her that she would feel a little better if she wouldn't drink, of course she's a stubborn ass. I think the most disagreements we've had involve her drinking. ::sigh:: 

So... It's bedtime now... Overall a great day!! 

Cruise: Day 2
Ahhhh, what can I say?!? I love being on the boat. Today was the first sunny day of the trip, so each and every sun deck was packed. It was fine though, because the last thing I need is a sunburn before our shore excursions.

Today we played a lot of games, saw two shows, watched the sunset, and I spent a LOT of time relaxing. I went to the sauna, and the steam room with the girl, with the hopes of getting rid of the last remnants of my respiratory illness. I'm pretty sure the sauna and steam room at my gym don't have views like these! My stomach (of course) is up in arms. I hate it... 

Other than my stomach issues, today was very nice!! Tomorrow we'll be in Saint Thomas. I can't wait! C'mon stomach, and well, let's just be honest, c'mon bowels... Please, please, please allow me the ability to be a normal person. The ability to have fun, and not worry about feeling nauseated or the urgent need for a restroom, and there not being one!! 

Cruise: Day 3

Today we explored a small portion of St Thomas. I loved it! The wife wasn't feeling well this morning, so the kids and I headed to some of the shops. Nice stuff, but tax/duty free means nothing when they're charging so much more money. I think the best deals as far as tax/duty free items, are found in liquor, cigarettes, and diamonds. If you're looking to get a good deal on Fendi or other such things... Stick with Niemans, and Nordstroms. 

At 11 we went back to the boat to meet up with the wife (she was coughing like crazy, and her last ditch effort to knock it, was a shot of whiskey... it worked. Good for her, but not for my argument against drinking... :) ), then off we went on our shore excursion. I loved it!! No stress because there was shade, a snack bar/drink bar, music, dancing,  and woohoo for the restrooms!! The boat was a glass bottom boat that took us over the coral reefs, and on a small tour of the bay between Castle Island and St Thomas. Then it dropped us at Honeymoon Bay beach where we were able to enjoy the sun, the beautiful, clear blue waters, and the birds... The birds sounded wonderfully tropical!! 

Then we headed back, and watched the ship sail from the top deck.I don't have much to tell of tonight's evening. I developed an awful headache, and decided to enjoy our awesome room for the night. The family decided to join me later, and we all watched Extreme Makeover, Weight Loss? I think that's what it's called anyway. 

Cruise: Day 4

Today we went on our beach escape in Antigua!! The beach is beautiful, the water amazing, the sand is SO soft, the people have interesting stories, and are proud, but the majority of Antigua is in disrepair. The poverty here is obvious... It amazes me how an all inclusive resort suddenly pops up on the horizon of an obviously destitute neighborhood that the taxi drivers take us through as if we're in race cars on a track... a very crowded, narrow track! It reminds me of Jamaica, though the poverty isn't as drastic here as it is there. When the wife and I went to Jamaica I was surprised to see shanty- type buildings all along our route to the beach. 

Since our excursion started at 9am and ended at 1, we did a little souvenir shopping, then headed back to the ship early. Right now I'm sitting on our balcony while the wife takes a nap. A huge party boat just came by, with island music playing, and everyone dancing. That's how our boat was yesterday. I love it!! The feel of the tropics, the sounds, the accents of the people,  the smells as we rode through the streets at breakneck speeds... It's beautiful and wonderful. 

Oh, knock on wood... I have finally had a full day (thus far) of feeling healthy!! 

Cruise: Day 5

Tortola... What can I say. I loved Tortola... It is so beautiful, the waters so blue, the air so clean, the landscape absolutely perfect. We took a ferry across the Sir Francis Drake Channel, from Tortola to Virgin Gorda, and I knew right from the start of that ferry ride, that I wouldn't want to leave these islands. Upon our arrival in Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda, we boarded a bus that took us through town to the baths... I loved it!! The huge boulders on the beaches, the caves, the crystal clear waters... I want to go back on our own, just so we'll have all the time we want to enjoy the landscapes, and explore the surrounding islands. Words just can't express the beauty here... My pictures can't even express the true beauty...

My pictures this whole trip aren't as impressive as they could be... I've either been moving, dealing with a foggy lens, or just feeling too sick to take the perfect picture, but I'll post some of my favorites in another blog post about this huge, beautiful, fragile world! (I was depending on some of the girl's pictures, but sadly, her camera was taken at the Miami airport. I hate the dishonesty that exists in some people.) 

Cruise: Day 6

Well, today was relaxing. We slept in, had coffee ( I decided to go ahead and indulge in coffee with half and half today since it was a "stay on the ship" day), gambled. I played roulette a lot today. I loved getting to know the people who worked the table, and I enjoyed the interactions with the other people playing. I feel like I should have done more with the kids... But tomorrow is Atlantis, and I'll be spending good quality time with them there. Oh, and let's not forget the many days before today. 

I'm feeling home sick now. I miss my furry babies. I miss my home. I don't miss the soaring temperatures though, and I don't miss my bed. We are getting a new mattress ASAP. I want one as firm as the one I've been sleeping on, on this ship. Oh, and I want a comforter that is the exact weight of the one on the ship bed. The ones I have at home are either too heavy, or not heavy enough. I know... It's kind of like "The Three Bears." 

Right now I'm waiting for room service to deliver our sandwiches... Umm, it's 12:30am. The wife woke up when I came in (she came to the room at 9-too much drinking), and announced she was hungry. Of course I had to order something for me too... PB&J... Something I really don't have at home. 

Cruise: Day 7

I'm writing this while sitting on our balcony, overlooking the Bahamas... It's beautiful. The water is so blue, and the sand so white. While Tortola and Virgin Gorda were slow and peaceful, Nassau, Bahamas is alive with music, the sounds of boats, strong ocean waves, and the locals. The glimpse of Atlantis from the boat had me up, and ready to get started. 

As we left the boat, it started raining, which I was so excited about... It was a nice rain, cooling, and light. Not like the rain at home which is way too dangerous to be out in... Between the hail, and lightning, it's not really an ideal situation for a romp outdoors. 

 Atlantis is so cool! We saw sharks, sting rays, and all kinds of other sea life. We rode a water trike, and saw, and frolicked in some huge waves. You would all be so proud of me... I did not have one inkling of a desire to put money into even their prettiest of slot machines, in what they claim is the largest casino in the Carribean. 

After Atlantis we hit the local market where the girl found Cuban and Bahamian coffees to bring home, and I soaked up the surroundings, with all of the different smells and sounds. 

We've set sail now... Our last night on the ship. I'll spend it taking pictures of the actual ship, since I haven't done that yet. It's so pretty,  and this has been an awesome trip. I feel so fortunate... So lucky, to be leaving the beauty of the Carribean, and returning to our own beautiful view. I told the wife earlier, that though our water isn't blue (and I won't get in it), and though we don't have the foothills with beautiful rock cliffs, nothing can beat the sunsets we see every night (well, almost every night) in our own back yard. I mean, it may be true that wild fires and pollution are what make our sunsets so colorful, and different, but they're beautiful!! 

We were able to get off of the ship at 7:30 in the morning and spent a good 6 hours in the airport. We didn't have the motivation to explore Miami... we were simply ready to get home. No kids screaming and kicking me on the plane this time, and I was feeling better too. I've spent this week "recovering" from vacation, and I'm a little disappointed in my lack of motivation as far as getting back to the gym, and back to healthy eating. "I don't wanna!!" Monday, things will once again go back to normal... working out, eating healthy, cooking, blah blah blah... I told the wife I've got plenty of date nights lined up for us too. I think she wasn't excited. Ha! 

The boy left today for his dad's. He'll be gone for a month, and I'll miss having him home. I know he'll miss playing tennis every day and hanging out with his friends. The girl didn't go because she will start work Sunday, and school Thursday. She will be going to an art school, and if she does well, we'll move her into a dorm next quarter. 

I guess that's it folks! It's late and I'm wiped out... the wife wants her Starbucks in the morning, so I suppose I should get some sleep so I can deliver her coffee to her! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012


This is going to be short...

I have a total of 34 people who might possibly read my posts at times. So you can imagine my surprise when I pulled up my blog list, and saw that my last post had been at least viewed if not read, a total of 69 times... I've looked it over several times to figure out what on earth was so different about this particular post. It is my most viewed post in the history of my blog. Weird... I'll have to go look up the locations of my views.

We're back from vacation! I didn't get a chance to read anyone's posts because I was sick before we left, and I've been crazy busy since we've been back. I'm hoping things will slow down considerably in the next few weeks... I will write posts, and read them as well!!

Thank you to those who read :)