Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vacation Journal

Cruise: Set Sail

*Anything in bold is what I've added tonight. 

I made it through the double flights and hotel stay, but felt terrible (remember I was sick when we left home). Flying was horrible, I guess because already being sick exacerbated my asthma. I haven't had an asthma attack like that in a very long while, and being on a plane with a child of about 6 years of age, kicking my seat, and screaming behind me because his brother got the window seat, wasn't helping matters.  The wife was quite nurturing toward me, which was a little surprising, but nice. The screaming continued for about 30 minutes of flight time... and all of the minutes before we actually took off. 

We had to stay in a hotel in Miami, which I've decided is okay as a pitstop before the big fun, but it's an odd place to me. We didn't get to drive by the Starz Dance Studio (Dance Moms), which was only a little disappointing, but not too much so, because I was exhausted!

I freaked out that night, because I was continually checking my cameras at home, and had not seen any signs at all of the pet care company employee who was supposed to be staying at our house with our babies. We had already been gone 12 hours at that point, and my babies weren't being cared for. If you want to talk about freaking out... I was pretty much losing it. Lucky for me, I can still manage to keep my head, and lucky for me, I have wonderful friends, and lucky for me, the mother-in-law just moved in down the street. Needless to say, my babies are going to be okay (It turned out the sitter did actually show up, but she was horrible and didn't follow through with the pet business agreement. The babies were locked up a majority of the time... my babies will be boarded from now on, and we'll have friends stay at the house to make sure it's taken care of)

Enough of all of that though,  we are now on the boat! I think the kids were pretty excited, though they didn't jump up and down, or oohhh and ahh, as a small child would... Or even as I do each and every time we vacation. Hell, who am I kidding, every day things make me oohhh and ahh! I don't understand why they're the way they are. Maybe because they're used to wonderful things, and I'm still so amazed at the wonderful things that have come into my life. I'm amazed at the fact that I'm able to do these things... Amazed and thankful. 

Setting sail in Miami is a much more pleasant experience than setting sail in Galveston. It does have a beautiful backdrop, and if I ever win the lottery, a nice vacation condo on Fisher Island would suit me just fine (I've decided a vacation condo in the British Virgin Islands would be the absolute best!!)

As soon as we got on the boat, they said "Welcome, lunch is ready on the Lido deck!" Those words were like music to my ears!! We literally hadn't eaten in two days, what with flying, hotel cuisine, and then having to be up early to board the ship... Remember, I don't like putting anything in my stomach until I know I'm not having to do anything. I weighed myself at the hotel... I lost 6 pounds!!! Anyway, we ate, I had one drink, we set sail, and took some pictures, we unpacked, the wife and I gambled, and we were in bed by 10. I know, right!?!??

Oh, and the wife cannot say I'm addicted to working out. I saw a woman running stairs with her iTouch, before we even set sail. Even if I wasn't sick, I wouldn't be doing that. 

Cruise: Day 1
I actually slept!! I felt rested. Perhaps it was the quality of sleep. I'm sure that's it. Our next big purchase will be a mattress... A sleep number, because I need very firm and the wife needs semi-firm. The furry babies don't really care, so that's good. ;)

It's so funny to see people doing things you hope they don't do on a regular basis. Right after I woke up, I ran a brush through my hair and headed out to find coffee and food. We usually do room service for breakfast, but I guess we forgot. I wanted to see if the kids had gotten up yet anyway, so it worked out! On the Lido deck, people were swimming, eating, cloud bathing (it was sprinkling). I saw men getting ice cream for breakfast, and people drinking beer (puke)... keep in mind, it was early in the morning. Seeing all of those little kids running around the pool made me happy mine are teens and old enough to do this craziness on their own, if they wanted. As far as the ice cream for breakfast... well, it's gotta be healthier than a doughnut, right? It has calcium, after all. 

I'm still feeling BAD. After getting coffee and breakfast for the wife and I, I took a VERY hot jet tub bath, and then a HOT shower. Ugh, I just want to feel better. My throat aches. It isn't scratchy... It aches up and down my neck, I can't breathe, and I'm actually religiously taking my asthma meds. One whole side of my face and head hurts... I am trying so hard to feel well... Mind over matter right? I'm also trying not to take so much Advil. 

Even though I haven't felt well, I've enjoyed today. I played Putt Putt with the boy on the top of the boat, and TV Trivia with the wife and kids. The wife, girl, and boy, played chess while I watched, then the boy played another guy in chess, and won. The kids played three games of pool, I broke the balls, but it was such a bad break each time that I decided to watch... Hey, it was just as entertaining. 

The wife is now feeling sick... Meaning I was misdiagnosed, which after the plane trip I had pretty much figured out I had pharyngitis which is viral, rather than a sinus infection. Hell I probably had both. I told her that she would feel a little better if she wouldn't drink, of course she's a stubborn ass. I think the most disagreements we've had involve her drinking. ::sigh:: 

So... It's bedtime now... Overall a great day!! 

Cruise: Day 2
Ahhhh, what can I say?!? I love being on the boat. Today was the first sunny day of the trip, so each and every sun deck was packed. It was fine though, because the last thing I need is a sunburn before our shore excursions.

Today we played a lot of games, saw two shows, watched the sunset, and I spent a LOT of time relaxing. I went to the sauna, and the steam room with the girl, with the hopes of getting rid of the last remnants of my respiratory illness. I'm pretty sure the sauna and steam room at my gym don't have views like these! My stomach (of course) is up in arms. I hate it... 

Other than my stomach issues, today was very nice!! Tomorrow we'll be in Saint Thomas. I can't wait! C'mon stomach, and well, let's just be honest, c'mon bowels... Please, please, please allow me the ability to be a normal person. The ability to have fun, and not worry about feeling nauseated or the urgent need for a restroom, and there not being one!! 

Cruise: Day 3

Today we explored a small portion of St Thomas. I loved it! The wife wasn't feeling well this morning, so the kids and I headed to some of the shops. Nice stuff, but tax/duty free means nothing when they're charging so much more money. I think the best deals as far as tax/duty free items, are found in liquor, cigarettes, and diamonds. If you're looking to get a good deal on Fendi or other such things... Stick with Niemans, and Nordstroms. 

At 11 we went back to the boat to meet up with the wife (she was coughing like crazy, and her last ditch effort to knock it, was a shot of whiskey... it worked. Good for her, but not for my argument against drinking... :) ), then off we went on our shore excursion. I loved it!! No stress because there was shade, a snack bar/drink bar, music, dancing,  and woohoo for the restrooms!! The boat was a glass bottom boat that took us over the coral reefs, and on a small tour of the bay between Castle Island and St Thomas. Then it dropped us at Honeymoon Bay beach where we were able to enjoy the sun, the beautiful, clear blue waters, and the birds... The birds sounded wonderfully tropical!! 

Then we headed back, and watched the ship sail from the top deck.I don't have much to tell of tonight's evening. I developed an awful headache, and decided to enjoy our awesome room for the night. The family decided to join me later, and we all watched Extreme Makeover, Weight Loss? I think that's what it's called anyway. 

Cruise: Day 4

Today we went on our beach escape in Antigua!! The beach is beautiful, the water amazing, the sand is SO soft, the people have interesting stories, and are proud, but the majority of Antigua is in disrepair. The poverty here is obvious... It amazes me how an all inclusive resort suddenly pops up on the horizon of an obviously destitute neighborhood that the taxi drivers take us through as if we're in race cars on a track... a very crowded, narrow track! It reminds me of Jamaica, though the poverty isn't as drastic here as it is there. When the wife and I went to Jamaica I was surprised to see shanty- type buildings all along our route to the beach. 

Since our excursion started at 9am and ended at 1, we did a little souvenir shopping, then headed back to the ship early. Right now I'm sitting on our balcony while the wife takes a nap. A huge party boat just came by, with island music playing, and everyone dancing. That's how our boat was yesterday. I love it!! The feel of the tropics, the sounds, the accents of the people,  the smells as we rode through the streets at breakneck speeds... It's beautiful and wonderful. 

Oh, knock on wood... I have finally had a full day (thus far) of feeling healthy!! 

Cruise: Day 5

Tortola... What can I say. I loved Tortola... It is so beautiful, the waters so blue, the air so clean, the landscape absolutely perfect. We took a ferry across the Sir Francis Drake Channel, from Tortola to Virgin Gorda, and I knew right from the start of that ferry ride, that I wouldn't want to leave these islands. Upon our arrival in Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda, we boarded a bus that took us through town to the baths... I loved it!! The huge boulders on the beaches, the caves, the crystal clear waters... I want to go back on our own, just so we'll have all the time we want to enjoy the landscapes, and explore the surrounding islands. Words just can't express the beauty here... My pictures can't even express the true beauty...

My pictures this whole trip aren't as impressive as they could be... I've either been moving, dealing with a foggy lens, or just feeling too sick to take the perfect picture, but I'll post some of my favorites in another blog post about this huge, beautiful, fragile world! (I was depending on some of the girl's pictures, but sadly, her camera was taken at the Miami airport. I hate the dishonesty that exists in some people.) 

Cruise: Day 6

Well, today was relaxing. We slept in, had coffee ( I decided to go ahead and indulge in coffee with half and half today since it was a "stay on the ship" day), gambled. I played roulette a lot today. I loved getting to know the people who worked the table, and I enjoyed the interactions with the other people playing. I feel like I should have done more with the kids... But tomorrow is Atlantis, and I'll be spending good quality time with them there. Oh, and let's not forget the many days before today. 

I'm feeling home sick now. I miss my furry babies. I miss my home. I don't miss the soaring temperatures though, and I don't miss my bed. We are getting a new mattress ASAP. I want one as firm as the one I've been sleeping on, on this ship. Oh, and I want a comforter that is the exact weight of the one on the ship bed. The ones I have at home are either too heavy, or not heavy enough. I know... It's kind of like "The Three Bears." 

Right now I'm waiting for room service to deliver our sandwiches... Umm, it's 12:30am. The wife woke up when I came in (she came to the room at 9-too much drinking), and announced she was hungry. Of course I had to order something for me too... PB&J... Something I really don't have at home. 

Cruise: Day 7

I'm writing this while sitting on our balcony, overlooking the Bahamas... It's beautiful. The water is so blue, and the sand so white. While Tortola and Virgin Gorda were slow and peaceful, Nassau, Bahamas is alive with music, the sounds of boats, strong ocean waves, and the locals. The glimpse of Atlantis from the boat had me up, and ready to get started. 

As we left the boat, it started raining, which I was so excited about... It was a nice rain, cooling, and light. Not like the rain at home which is way too dangerous to be out in... Between the hail, and lightning, it's not really an ideal situation for a romp outdoors. 

 Atlantis is so cool! We saw sharks, sting rays, and all kinds of other sea life. We rode a water trike, and saw, and frolicked in some huge waves. You would all be so proud of me... I did not have one inkling of a desire to put money into even their prettiest of slot machines, in what they claim is the largest casino in the Carribean. 

After Atlantis we hit the local market where the girl found Cuban and Bahamian coffees to bring home, and I soaked up the surroundings, with all of the different smells and sounds. 

We've set sail now... Our last night on the ship. I'll spend it taking pictures of the actual ship, since I haven't done that yet. It's so pretty,  and this has been an awesome trip. I feel so fortunate... So lucky, to be leaving the beauty of the Carribean, and returning to our own beautiful view. I told the wife earlier, that though our water isn't blue (and I won't get in it), and though we don't have the foothills with beautiful rock cliffs, nothing can beat the sunsets we see every night (well, almost every night) in our own back yard. I mean, it may be true that wild fires and pollution are what make our sunsets so colorful, and different, but they're beautiful!! 

We were able to get off of the ship at 7:30 in the morning and spent a good 6 hours in the airport. We didn't have the motivation to explore Miami... we were simply ready to get home. No kids screaming and kicking me on the plane this time, and I was feeling better too. I've spent this week "recovering" from vacation, and I'm a little disappointed in my lack of motivation as far as getting back to the gym, and back to healthy eating. "I don't wanna!!" Monday, things will once again go back to normal... working out, eating healthy, cooking, blah blah blah... I told the wife I've got plenty of date nights lined up for us too. I think she wasn't excited. Ha! 

The boy left today for his dad's. He'll be gone for a month, and I'll miss having him home. I know he'll miss playing tennis every day and hanging out with his friends. The girl didn't go because she will start work Sunday, and school Thursday. She will be going to an art school, and if she does well, we'll move her into a dorm next quarter. 

I guess that's it folks! It's late and I'm wiped out... the wife wants her Starbucks in the morning, so I suppose I should get some sleep so I can deliver her coffee to her! 

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Anita said...

Nice vacation journal! I was with you all the way. :)

I'm amazed that you can have physical issues, but still manage to have a good time and maintain a good attitude; even when "someone" is drinking a bit much. :)

I've yet to take a cruise; "someone" in my house is not thrilled with the idea; but I'm on the case.

So what do you do for an encore? :)

And lastly, you're right... there's no place like home. As wonderful as it is to travel, getting back home is good. I guess that's why we need to get away; to appreciate home more when we return.