Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Fridays are My Days?

Only if I rise before anyone else in the house... I can usually squeeze out an hour of time in the morning before everyone else emerges. I suppose you could consider ours a high maintenance family. The kids, though they are teens, seem to need constant entertainment from the wife and I. The wife... (I plead the fifth, but she knows she's high maintenance :p) The dogs aren't your typical dogs... they require tons of attention and control.  Then of course you have the general house-hold duties to attend to. So yes, I have my Friday morning time, then my day starts, ill or not.

Last night was yet another stressed evening... one that had me investigating (I'll talk about this in another blog... I was proud of myself!), worrying, and subsequently having bad dreams. Let me try to sum it up in bullet form.

* The wife and girl left the house to run an errand, but on their way out, saw the group of delinquent boys, and followed them.
*The boys were swinging a baseball bat, and acting suspicious as they drove around on their golf carts (little *&*%s!!).
*The wife reported this to security but was told they couldn't call the police. We want to know why...
*The security guard stopped the wife and told her that another couple was on their way to the gate with the delinquents in tow because they threatened their boys.
*Police were finally called, not sure by who and charges were pressed against one of the boys.
*The other parents showed up crying and to retrieve their monsters, with pompous dad looking on as if his son was the most innocent of all... the ring leader went home.
*The wife is now a witness in this case
*We are so screwed...

So today the wife is headed to the HOA office to log a written complaint about our car, and another one documenting last night's activity. She will ask why on earth security can't call the police. She's going to show the articles of the HOA to the community "leader" and point out that they are not being carried out according to what is written.

*HOA's have way too much power and you don't want to get into a situation with them.
*We will have to keep a detailed log of every communication with these people from now on.
*We will have to make sure we are following every rule so as not to draw attention to ourselves.
*We are so screwed!!

I'm going to be positive about all of this.

Now it's time to get moving on our day! There's grocery shopping to do, b-day presents to buy for the mother-in-law, cameras to order, dogs to bathe, and then on to our dysfunctional family evening spent on the boat... yep!

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