Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, June 30, 2011


I want to go back to this amazing place!!

I've been trying to keep my blogs either very bland or positive... I mean, who wants to read a bunch of negative stuff ALL the time, right? Well, I would just like to have the freedom to vent in this particular post.

This is how my head is right now:

"So and so is coming over, which means we need to know if the other so and so is coming over, we may do such and such, but if we do that I need to buy this, and then so and so may come on Saturday, but if they do I need to know if we're doing such and such." Okay... THAT alone makes me want to scream/cry!Why does it matter if so and so is doing what and if such and such will be done when so and so comes on Saturday and then... OH MY Gee, what did I just say?

So, as you can see, I'm a little wound up/stressed and I don't feel well. It started a few days ago after a blow up over another stressed situation. Then yesterday, this bad, bad feeling increased after our discovery that my car had been vandalized. I was so very upset. Picture a non-confrontational person such as myself barreling into the HOA office ranting..."I don't care whose daddy sits on the HOA board.... we aren't Muffy and Buffy sitting at the country club allowing ourselves to be victimized... We didn't buy that money-pit of an expensive home only to endure spoiled little delinquents... AND last but NOT least... I grew up in the slums of England, these kids don't have anything on me, I'm not afraid of them!!!" Oh yes... I was a littttttle unhappy. So, we filed a police report and we're buying cameras... we will catch these little %*&#s, or at least be proactive in the protection of our hard earned property! Hmphhhh!!

Anyway... after my rant, I had to get to a doctor's appointment, which I was thankful I had, because even though I was scheduled for a simple physical, I was not feeling well at all. The diagnosis... Costochondritis. This is basically an inflammation of the cartilage that connects the rib to the breastbone. The doctor prescribed Prednisone.. this will not be a good thing for the family when the effects of this drug set in. It makes me feel like climbing the walls, but it's either that or this terrible pain. I'll climb the walls... 

I warned the wife that I've already been up to my ears in stress, and highly wound up. This means that any melt down I happen to have, may or may not be due to what she calls the "steroid storm." The wife too has been stressed, and her MS symptoms have come back full steam. Together, we make quite a pair... 

Okay... let me get this straight:

Tomorrow night, so and so is coming over and then another so and so is coming and we're going to watch fireworks, either on the boat or from the backyard, but that all depends on how I feel, because there is no air outside which is not conducive to painful breathing, plus we may have to buy an extra life jacket, which I guess we could do on the way to the grocery store, because we need to feed all the so and so's and not have them drown, then we're going to say goodbye to them , and Saturday so and so is coming over, we'll have to park a car in front of the HOA office in order for so and so to park their car in our garage, in order to avoid vandalism, then we're going to store the guest dog in the guest room, and warn the children not to let the guest dog out, not that they would since they don't take care of their own dogs, then we can go with so and so to the casino, and on Sunday we will say goodbye to so and so and... and what? 

This too shall pass, right????

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Rob-bear said...

Costo is a real nuisance, isn't it. You're the only other person I know is bothered by it.
I've had problems with Costo for about 35 years, but it wasn't actually diagnosed until a few years ago. Everyone, including me, thought there was something wrong with my heart, but the tests didn't reveal anything. Now I know why.
The medications I have been taking are Toradol and Arthrotec. They're both NSAIDS, like Aspirin, meaning anti-inflammatory. I was taking the Toradol three times a day, then Dr. switched me to Arthrotec twice a day. I guess they're both about equally effective. Depends how your body responds to them. Good luck!