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Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beware... that is all

Okay, so I meant to post on Monday, then I really meant to post yesterday, but things distracted me, or I got busy. Lately, the whole busy excuse is hard to believe. Perhaps I'm busy being distracted. I mean, I know the holidays are fast approaching, but the shopping this year is easy. I won't say what I'm shopping for as far as the kids (in case they secretly read my blog, thus reading things they may not want to read), and the wife, who will, on occasion read my blog. She once read it religiously, but now has other distractions like an online jigsaw puzzle site (yes, we are only in our early forties), and of course Sims.

Back to the post title: Beware...

Hey, I'm in a mood, and it's all going to spill into this post like hot lava. I know this was supposed to be about the Christmas Tree and such, but I'm cranky right now. I can include it, which would make this an extra long read, or I can save it for later... note: saving it would probably take the topic into 2012, at the rate I've been going.

Why I'm cranky:

I'm cranky because I have a 17 year old whose condescending attitude toward everything I say is really starting to p*ss me off. I'm cranky because I'm trying to teach her something. Something such as "just because someone is speaking about equal rights and the word "gay" comes up, this does not make someone gay." Many people care about the equal rights of every citizen. Or, just because a woman has short hair and is overweight, and is speaking about equal rights with the word "gay" in it, it does not make her gay. There was a video my step-sister posted on FB, of herself and a few others, speaking at a city council meeting about their Occupy Movement. I won't even get started on that, but the first woman to speak, was just as I described, and the reason she was talking about the equal rights of all, is because they were listing their reasons for occupying. Along with her "gay features" and "gay beliefs," she also had a floral print yellow/white top on, and a pink barrette in her hair. If we're really going to stereo-type, lets think about this for a moment. I don't know one big, butch dyke, that's going to dress like that. The wife will at times interject before I can get my point across, which totally makes the lesson I'm trying to get across look stupid, which in turn validates the girls condescending attitude. We live in "small-mind town central", and I'm trying to give the girl things to think about, even if she thinks I have no idea what I'm talking about. At least the thought gets planted in her head. Hopefully.

I've never been the type of parent who agrees with the act of putting your child in a shirt that says "I have two mommies/daddies." I wouldn't push my agenda on a young child who is too young to comprehend, but I have always been a part of those trying to make a change. I once stood on the street corner in Gay-town to promote an article that comes out every year in the Dallas morning news. It featured/features upstanding gay/lesbian people in our community. The reason the article was/is published, is to show people, that like everyone else, we cannot be stereo-typed into negative ideas of what we (the gays) are, and how we live our lives. I no longer volunteer in that capacity, and I'm no longer a member of the HRC. This doesn't mean activism doesn't still burn in my soul, and I don't want the children carrying these stereo-types through-out their lives. Especially when we (their mothers) don't fit the stereo-type. I want the children aware. I don't want them "hiding" us because of the people in this upper-crust redneck community. I want them to be proud of who they are, and who their parents are. I don't expect them to go out and push an agenda they aren't comfortable with, but I also expect to be able to speak to them seriously about certain things, without negative interjection. I mean let's face it... we're freakin' gay. 

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TiltedHalo said...

I relate to the trying to make a point and inevitably someone interjects and makes my point moot..