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Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Tree, Holiday Tree, Tree of Paradise

Glock anyone?

Seriously, I don't know why people think I can't have a gun. I really want one. I want to shoot things. NOT living things... I want to shoot a glass and watch it burst. I want to shoot skeet, I want to shoot targets. I think I would enjoy it, and I think it would be a great frustration reliever.

A few weeks ago, the wife came up to me while I was staring at the Christmas tree, thinking about the fact that I wanted a gun. I think she said something to the effect that I was looking so sweet, and I looked at her, held both of her hands in mine, smiled sweetly, and said "Let's get a glock!" She looked at me, smiled sweetly, and said "Ummm, nooo. No, no, no hon-ey."

Hey, I tried right?

Speaking of Christmas trees, I'm curious as to how many of my large number of followers ;-), celebrate Christmas. How many are Jewish, agnostic, atheist, buddhist, muslim, simply spiritual, wicca (which by the way is NOT recognized by spell check... this calls for a lawsuit!) etc, etc...

The reason I ask, is because I'm having a problem, and that problem is this. In our house, we have a Christmas tree. When I was a little kid, the mall had Christmas trees, stores had Christmas sales, schools had Christmas parties. Now things have changed. I understand some of it, some of it I just don't get.

I'm happy that we are evolving enough that we respect the beliefs, and religions, of others enough to call the school parties, holiday parties. That way, ALL children can participate without compromising their family's beliefs. Unless of course they are Jehovah Witness. I never knew how to give those children things without compromising beliefs, but that's another story... one I won't post because it is what it is.

I'm not happy that children cannot say Merry Christmas at school without getting into trouble. That makes this one simple phrase, said with the sincerity of a child (or adult even), a "bad" thing. I'm not happy that a Christmas tree in the White House is being called a Holiday tree, unless of course the President and his wife are not Christian. Then I would at least understand, because isn't this the era of respecting all religions? Why then, does that leave Christianity in the cold when Christmas, our biggest holiday of the year, rolls around? Don't get me wrong... I understand the atrocities of the crimes committed, and judgements passed by "believers," but I am defending my religion... for once.

If I call my decorative tree a Christmas tree, it's not to be rude to others, it's because that's what it is, and what it has been since the early 1800's when the Christmas tree was first made part of our holiday celebration. It was placed next the the christmas cribs (nativity scenes), by British Royalty. The symbolization and tradition soon spread throughout the Christian community. The idea came from a tradition celebrated in the middle ages in Germany. On December 24th, the Germans erected a tree with fruits on it, to symbolize Adam and Eve. The tree was called, The Tree of Paradise. This is where the "old" tradition of waiting until December 24th to put a tree up, and decorate it comes from. Of course, in this house, we don't follow this tradition, because I love my Christmas tree with its twinkling lights, and want to have it up as long as possible!

The wife and I, along with a few of our friends, posted something from Ben Stein (a Jewish man). What he had to say about the Holiday tree vs the Christmas tree was very interesting. He spoke about God (because as he said, most of us, no matter our religion believe in a higher being). He discussed how there is an absence of that higher being in our lives, and that with every "stipulation" we place on each other, we are pushing God, or that higher being out of our lives. This, my friends, is why we live in a fallen world (according to Ben Stein, but c'mon, no matter your beliefs, you have to admit, you can feel it too at times).

 ***Side note: The wife and I never post things about religion on FB, because we just aren't all that religious. This doesn't mean we don't have beliefs. This posting was different though. It was very open-minded. At least if you weren't atheist, or agnostic. I can see where they would scoff. The friends of mine who hold those opinions, though, didn't say a thing. The comments that followed on my wife's post, however, had me all "riled" up, but she wouldn't let me say anything. Seriously, people? Why don't you fully read what was posted before you go off in your own post, or in our comments. It's not about God, it's not about the Christmas/Holiday tree, it's about respect... for everyone, Christians and Christmas included.

Just know, before I close this out, that I respect the beliefs of my fellow humans. I respect science, I respect nature, I respect doubts, I respect the deeply religious as long as they are sincere with it. This post isn't about blasting anyones beliefs, it's about being able to express my own, without being blasted.

Happy Benign Eat a Lot, Present Day, and if you don't do that, and December 24th and 25th, are nothing to you, then I wish you Happy Benign Days :) 

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Anonymous said...

Well... first of all, YES. Big, resounding YES on the gun. I've been shooting competitively for about 12 years and have participated in trap & skeet, sporting clays and handgun competitions. It's a blast. Yep, pun intented.

There's nothing quite as Zen as reeling your target out to the end of a shooting lane, squaring up, focusing your energy, breath and muscle control to quietly drill the center out of the thing.

Then there's the joy of the outdoor range and using an extended mag on a Sig P229 and keeping a soda can aloft, in the air, for 16 rounds.

Do it. Because you can.

Oh, and to answer your other question? Buddhist. See, guns and belief systems are not mutually exclusive. No thing is actually "bad" or wrong in and of itself- it's the motivation, the actuation involved.

I do set up a little tree every year, because my daughter is quasi-Pagan and loves, loves, loves her shiny things. We celebrate the Solstice, and the darkness that is Now, the Light that will return much, much later. Here, we have about 3.5 hours of daylight at this point (sunrise at 10:50 AM and sunset at 2:41 PM, today) in the season. Soft twinkling lights on a tree are a welcome gift.

Sincerity, authenticity, strength of purpose- above all else.

No matter what anyone believes (or disbelieves) there is enough room for all, so long as we affirm each other, our belief system, put it into practice for the good of all and LIVE with tolerance.

My daughter and I attend a Unitarian Universalist fellowship, occasionally, and enjoy the companionship and likeminded approach of folks from every walk of life, every possible shade in the spectrum.

I tend to avoid discussions on religion unless I'm face to face with someone who can hold an intelligent conversation and we have time to explore, learn and grow within that dialogue. I have no need to be 'right' about what I believe, it is simply something that's part of me- like my eyes or my fingers. It just is.

I'm glad you expressed your beliefs and think that the world would be a better place if more folks had your perspective on things.