Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Dysfunction That Surrounds Us

I've tried to write a blog post several times these past few days, but have come up short as far as how to express my thoughts. Hard to believe I know, because I usually have no problem expressing myself.

I have too many things running through my head, and I can't write it all because I just don't have time. My writing moments happen in short bursts. Some of which, I can throw my thoughts out  in rapid  speed, passionate rants. With others, I can't seem to sort through what I need to write quickly enough, to have it make interesting sense.

So, here I am trying to decide which topics I would like to address first, as we've had some interesting family moments these past few days. I don't have time to sit down and break them up into several posts at one time, as I did last week. Not today... today is the day of dysfunction. The day my mother, step-dad, ex-husband, his woman-friend (when we hit a certain age, we should not be called girlfriends), and her daughter, along with our own two children, will gather for a "holiday" dinner prepared by me, in our home. Doesn't this sound fun?

The reason we do it this way, is because we always gather with the wife's family for Christmas, and the dysfunction I come from would not blend well with the dysfunction the wife comes from. I have to say, her childhood, though scary at times (because her dad was an alcoholic), had a bit more normalcy to it than mine. Her mom made it normal for both the wife and her sister.

The girl said that we are the only normal family unit, as compared to our extended family. Meaning, my family is messed up (with my paranoid schizophrenic mother and alcoholic, in-denial step-dad), and the girl and her brother's dad's family is messed up. I think that's saying a lot. Us! The lesbian couple with two children, is the only home that functions happily, and normally, according to most standards. Do we have some inappropriate conversations at times? Yes, but we're communicating. Do we have issues within our unit? Sure we do, but nothing other families haven't dealt with. Things like a teenage daughter we must keep a tight reign on, and a teenage son with Aspergers. Being raised in a lesbian household didn't give the boy Aspergers. No, that came from his dad.

I better wrap this up, as I've had to walk away several times, and it's now getting late. I have to go grocery shopping for the wonderful curried roast I'm making tonight, and then off to buy a few gifts for the ex-hubby's wf, her daughter, and the others.

I'm sure with my mother's mental illness, I'll have interesting stories to blog tomorrow!! Until then, I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday afternoon and evening!

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Rob-bear said...

Sadly, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is when all the crazy people seem to come out. It's also the time when the suicide rate climbs significantly. Is there a connection between those two? I dunno; all I know is the research.

Hope the four of you have your own joyful Christmas.