Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Bottom Level?

The wife and I spend a lot of time upstairs... especially when the children are away. Her office is upstairs, along with our adjoining bedroom, and  it's just easier with the dogs who can't manage the hardwood floor stairs by themselves. They are quite slippery at times!

The upper level of our house is our "treehouse." The view is absolutely beautiful and we have everything we need minus a kitchen! So why go down when we're having a lazy afternoon? Or night? Or entire day even? Weekend... ?

Today I made a stop before I picked up our morning coffee, which for me has turned into a morning green tee. I'm trying to be healthy, and to be honest, coffee goes right through me in all kinds of bad ways. After getting home, I took the wife her coffee and told her I'd be up in a bit. I wanted to make us something to eat, and put fresh flowers out. I make a point of having flowers waiting for her when she returns from a trip, and when she doesn't travel, I get them every Saturday. I had a thought though... My gosh, we'll never see these flowers because we never come down! I do make sure she has flowers at her desk as well, but I love the ones we have in the kitchen and living rooms too!

With this in mind my wife received an email...

Here are our flowers for the week!

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