Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Productivity at its best!

Well, I have to say that I was very productive today despite the lack of sleep. As soon as I woke this morning, I got started on the things I needed to do. I finished a few minutes ago and am now finally able to sit and rest.

I am totally dreading the dentist tomorrow. Bleh! At least I'll get it done early and have the rest of the day. I hope it rains like it did today, because I love being at home when it rains. I want to listen to the rain fall through the trees. I want to watch it from the balcony. I want to open all of the blinds in the bedroom, crawl into bed, close my eyes, and drift to sleep in my treehouse.

So the wife and I have come to the conclusion that two women going through menopause and pms'ing at the same time is just not conducive to peaceful problem solving as far as disagreements. Now don't get me wrong, we haven't been arguing... we've just both been going silent and then nothing is resolved at all!!! :::sigh::: She's a bit further into the whole menopause thing that I am, but I do get a few hot flashes now and then. I don't like them....So, I suppose we'll need to keep that in mind for the next ummmmm, 20 years of our lives. Seriously, exactly how long does menopause last anyway? Hmphhh!!!!


bluebonbon said...

aha! I kinda always wondered about the whole chick thing...what happens during PMS? It's utter hell when only one person in the house pms's. I couldn't imagine when two do it...around the same time. That's love for you!

Just Two Chicks said...

Seriously it's not just the PMS thing that creates stress. I'm sure you would agree that women are very emotional creatures. We act on our emotions, plan our lives on emotions, while most men are quite matter of fact, right? No, I'm really asking :) Anyway, imagine all of this emotion! You get two emotional creatures together and bang! There are many good times, but when those emotions clash... watch out. As soon as that's all figured out, it's smooooth sailing... at least until you hit menopause ;)