Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Things I've Learned

I've learned not to be so engrossed in my iPad reading while in search of a restroom. We were dropping the wife's sister off at the Burbank airport in Cali on our way to Las Vegas. I remembered a bill I had to pay and was attempting to take care of it on the iPad. Being the multitask person I think I am, I was looking for a restroom at the same time. Aha... I spotted it, headed that way, and walked in. I looked up just in time to see a man peeing in a urinal. After many apologies, I left the men's restroom and found the women's directly across the way.

I've learned to hang the "Do not Disturb" sign on the hotel room door even though the maid has already been in. I left the children at the pool and went back to the room to shower before dinner. I had the TV on in the bedroom and music playing in the dressing area. I had just finished applying lotion when I heard a "Hellooooo" from the front room. I ran to close the bathroom door as the maid was entering the bedroom... After many apologies from her, I assured her all was okay and that I would close the bathroom door so she could leave the chocolates. I can honestly say I probably would have been more horrified had the children been the ones walking in on me. I was very upset that as soon as the kids did came back to the room, they had the chocolates eaten before I emerged from the bedroom. I'm just saying, I felt I deserved those chocolates after my unplanned exhibitionism.

I've learned that roller coasters are a great stress reliever for me. I actually knew this already, but really felt the relief this time around. Las Vegas was making me manic and the wife's irritable mood wasn't helping. When she left for her conference, I took the kids to Circus Circus and the Venetian. We rode rides, ate junk food in the food court, and bought a bag of cotton candy that was gone by the time we headed back to our hotel. That was the first night since our arrival that I actually felt normal again. I know it was the roller coasters... And the cotton candy. Oh, I can't forget room service... I really enjoyed dipping my french fries into the little bottle of ketchup. It wasn't appropriate, but felt so good!!

I've learned there are actually honest people out there. My son left his iTouch at Circus Circus. After getting on to him for taking it to begin with, I started calling around. When I reached the Circus Circus operator and explained my dilemma, she grunted discouragingly. I agreed with her, but told her it was worth a shot. She put me through to Lost and Found and I again went through my story. Low and behold, the woman asked me for a description because one had been turned in! It was ours and the boy was happy. I know how he felt... I would hate to lose my iPad... I love it!!

I've learned you can't reason with a puppy as far as the benefits of using a puppy pad as compared to the bedroom carpet. Me: Look, this is your pad... You go potty here, you get a cookie. Tallulah: jumps around at my feet looking for said cookie. Me: You need to potty first. (I put her on the pad). Tallulah: lays down on puppy pad after sniffing around. Me: ::::sigh:::: I walk out of restroom. Tallulah: comes running after me with the puppy pad in mouth. Yep... Can't wait to get all of her shots so that maybe she'll potty outdoors.

I've learned that you don't tell a dog groomer you've never had before to "cut them short." Poor Callie and Calvin are scary right now and won't have photo ops any time soon!

That's it for now. Tonight we have softball practice... Oh joy of joys! Then tomorrow, back to routine... I'm ready for routine.

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