Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just a thing!

A few days ago I blogged about my worries over my little puppy, Tallulah. The x-rays looked normal but the vet is sending them to a radiologist just to be safe. Her trachea is a bit narrowed which could be the cause of her cough.

With that being done, we began our frantic mission of getting ready to be away for 8 days. I just thought it was 7. Though the actual trip to Cali was planned, it was only to be a 3 day event. The wife's cousin is getting married in Pismo.

We were going back and forth as to whether we would go ahead and go to Las Vegas afterward. The wife has a conference to attend there this coming Wednesday, so we thought we'd just drive up from Cali. This was all still somewhat manageable until we decided to go ahead and take the kids as well. We figured we'd make it our summer vacation, hitting the Grand Canyon and Hoover Damn. I literally had two days to pack the kids, first for their weekend with their dad, and then for the week ahead in Las Vegas and Arizona... Then I had to prepare the dog sitter, etc,etc.

I was feeling quite frantic but was able to get everything done and am now sitting in the plane watching the clouds go by beneath me. You would think this would all be well and fine, but no... I'm stressing!

Here's the problem...
I have made it a point to get up every morning and go bike riding. After my ride, I do some floor exercises. I've felt myself slimming down and have been excited. The wife is also doing great with her Nutrisystem diet by losing 14 pounds this first week! So, why am I stressing? No exercise today... I ate bread, cheese, and a freaking' chocolate chip cookie. I ordered a power bagel, but the peanut butter wasn't low fat or low sodium. I've been sitting here trying to figure out how much exercise I'll need to do to counteract my bad food choices and wondering when the hotel gym closes. Maybe a run on the beach would be good, but the wife doesn't run and neither does her sister. They'll think I'm nuts worrying about this stuff, but seriously, I have flab in places that I didn't know were capable of such things! If I could walk around naked, you would hardly notice. Clothing just seems to squeeze you in places it shouldn't....

Perhaps I'll visit a nudist colony!! Ha!!

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Anita said...

I'm impressed that you managed everything and everybody for the trip in a small amount of time without totally stressing out!
I'll be headed out for vacation soon too. And exercise is an issue. When you have to merge your time with everybody else's, well...
But, let's just keep in mind that we won't gain ten pounds in a week.
We will enjoy dining, but we won't pig out.
And we'll get right back to our routine as soon as we get home!
Hope Tallulah is okay.

Perfectly Imperfect Life said...

I hope you enjoy your vacation! The kids will be flying in to meet us in about an hour. They are so excited about the independence they've just been given! I'm worried crazy about Tallulah... This is a long time to be away. As far as the eating, I've discovered that it hasn't been terribly difficult to eat right since the wife is on Nutrisystem. She's eating her food before we head out making it hard to hit fine restaurants because I can't eat like that in front of her! I'm a little pouty about that... I'm totally craving good, fattening food!!! You'll need to eat delicious food for me on your trip!!! :)