Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Decisions, and then some...

I've got so much to do, so little time to do it, and I don't have what I need to get it done now. So, I'm taking a breather, and I'm going to blog.

First of all, I noticed my last post had some grammatical errors. I apologize... well, let me go ahead and apologize for every post, because I know they all have grammatical, and punctuation errors. Especially the punctuation! I love my "..." so much! They represent my pausing for a breath when I talk. ;) Am I even using the word "grammatical" right? I do sound better when I talk, although I've noticed lately that I've developed a major southern twang. It took about 34 years to lose any British accent I had, and to develop this new "sound."

I'm not really sure what we're doing about this building. I think we're going to go ahead and purchase it. You see, we really like the guy who's selling it to us. After our meeting today, the wife asked me if I thought this guy was being genuine, or if he was blowing smoke. I watched and analyzed everything he said during the meeting. I'm not one to trust someone I hardly know, but he knows his stuff. Much of what he's told us so far we absolutely can verify, so I really think he's being genuine about his successes, and the possibility of a future joint business venture with him. So now I'm stressed, because I've worked hard this past week on changing my thinking, so I wouldn't be upset about not doing the gym, and I'm stressing about the money! We just scheduled a huge vacation for the summer... we figure if we do the gym, this will be it for awhile. Not to mention the girl is graduating, so it may be our last full family trip. Plus we have two different events happening very soon. Events that are going to cost us way more than we had originally thought. Oh, and a car for the girl!! Yes, I am screaming inside. BUT... all of these things that are costing so much right now, will not come up again. The boys will need a car in a few years, and we'll have his graduation, and other vacations... other than that, SIGH. It's all once in a lifetime crap. Right?

Ugh, I cannot type right now... I have spaghetti fingers or something. I think it's because I was actually able to sleep in this morning. I took the dogs out at 7, but went right back to bed, and Cammy Cam let me sleep! Well, the wife got up with him again at 8, but all those sweet babies came right back to bed with me after they went out a second time. They love me :)

I suppose I'd better get started on my day... I have tons of stuff to do around here. The wife's sister will be here Friday morning, our anniversary is tomorrow, and my second 21st birthday is Friday! I want to go get spray tanned today, but I'm not sure... I've never done it before. What do you guys think about all of that. All of our friends around here do it. Some have had liposuction, and all kinds of other things. I just want to tan my white skin. I figure it will make the flab look better. I'll for sure start personal training next week... this week has been hectic crazy. The good thing about not starting it yet, is that I now have a recommended trainer. I've been told she's down to earth, and not all beboppity. (My made up word)

Have a great day!


Kelli Hale said...

Psssssh... Blogs are supposed to be filled with spelling and grammatical errors. At least that's what I keep telling myself. lol. :)

Rob-bear said...

Well, have you ever got a lot of interesting stuff ahead of you.

Blessings and Bear hugs through all of that.