Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, April 30, 2012

Just another manic Monday...

I didn't dream about spiders last night, or snakes for that matter...

No I dreamed about floods. This really isn't that unusual for me though. I used to dream about floods and the end of the world all the time as a kid, and the dreams usually had the same setting, along with the same type of problems.

Usually I'm watching the waters rise around this huge, round building, with windowed walls all the way around it. The waves are out of control high. I've got my phone (of course as a kid, the cell phone portion of the dream was not involved... probably made the dream way less stressed too!), and I'm trying like crazy to get in touch with someone, but I can't dial the number, or the phone cuts off, or the call doesn't go through. 

Last night's dream was different though. This time it's set right here at home. The rising waters, and crazy waves are coming from the very lake we live on. This made it even more scary, because if the lake looked like this, then what must it have been like everywhere else in the world. The waves were SO high, and every time they rushed up, we stopped running around, and stared in awe and fear. I had the dogs, and I was yelling something to the kids, I think... it wasn't really clear. I tried to make a call, but ended up getting some woman on the phone I didn't know. I talked to her about something... ran upstairs, saw more waves, then tried to call out again. I got the same woman on the phone again. I started crying, begging her to please, please put me through to someone I knew. Then I asked her for my mother... just put me through to her please. Then I woke up to Cam scratching my head with his paws. Ah, my little alarm clock. 

So, being the analytical thinker I am, I mulled over this dream for a long time outside while the dogs did their thing. The mother portion, I get. I've talked to several people lately who have "reconnected" with their mother after periods of not talking, and the wife was gone yesterday helping her parents clean out their belongings so they can move here in about a month. These things make me think about my own mother, and wonder at the type of person I must be because no matter how hard I try, I cannot bring myself to even want to be around her. I don't feel angry with her (Well, sometimes I do, when her craziness spurs her to send hateful emails telling me I need to stop talking to some freakin' person she has created in her head), I just don't feel anything at all. In my head, and my heart... that's worse than anger. I'm indifferent... 

As far as the lake and the waves portion of the dream... 
Last Sunday, the wife had invited people to come over for an outing on the boat. We pushed the time back so I could go to the Home and Garden show first. The water was fairly smooth when we took the boat out. These people like to go into this cove area when we're out on the lake, so off we went, and there we sat for hours on end. Finally the wife realized I was absolutely miserable with allergies, and said we should head back. I was driving the boat. It was pretty rough sailing at this point, so I maintained a steady speed and tacked back and forth through the waves, staying as close to the shore as I could because the waves weren't as bad there. 

Everything was fine until we came around one of the bends, and were completely overtaken with waves. The wife's friend started screaming (note to people in a stressful situation... don't start screaming, and then continue to scream when someone is trying to maintain control of a moving vehicle/boat). I slowed the boat down when we were once again taken by another huge wave. I couldn't see a thing, but when my vision cleared, I saw another boat in front of us trying like crazy to get to the boat ramp. I couldn't get the boat to move forward at that slower speed because the waves were so strong, and we were quickly being pushed to the shore. I yelled at the husband of our friend to come take the wheel because I couldn't control the boat. I might have been fine had the other boat not been out of control in front of us. I then put my life jacket on... Looking around at those waves, I knew, that even as a strong swimmer, I wouldn't have been able to stay above water in that. 

OH, the wife decides to tell me later that evening... "I'm can barely swim at all..." How could you only just now be telling me this??? This is something I needed to know when we took our first cruise, and we went on the Sting Ray excursion on this little boat in the ocean!! Crazy woman. 

So yeah, I now know why good swimmers drown in this lake, and why it has now been incorporated into my "end of world" dreams. ::sigh:: I could actually handle the big round building with the windows all around, because it's been in my dreams long enough for me to know that I would for sure avoid anything resembling it in real life. I don't like my own lake being in these dreams! It's nuts! 

Okay... time for me to go. We have an appointment today with the guy we've been discussing the building purchase with. We pulled out of the purchase, but he is building a huge indoor sport facility, and the wife put the idea out there, that perhaps we could purchase a space in his building for our business. On the other side of his building, there is an indoor batting cage facility, so it would all be so perfect... if we could work it out. 

Time to roll... Have a great day everyone! 

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Rob-bear said...

Strange — life and dreams. I don't have recurring dreams of any kind. Probably just as well.

Hope your plans work to make you happy.

blessings and Bear hugs.