Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, April 22, 2012


Happy Sunday peeps!

You know... I have to say I'm so disappointed in myself for not keeping up with my Facebook page for this blog. That's all I have to say a about that. ;p That was just in my head.

So, it's Sunday, and I'm curious as to how many of you go to church. I know some of you well enough to know your beliefs, but not all of you.

Lately, three different people (well, 2, and then I met a woman yesterday during that walk who was doing the same thing) have been pushing us to attend church with them. It's strange really, because neither the wife nor I, have ever had this type of situation pop up before. Not like this, where it's all at the same time. I'm sure from past blogs you all know I do believe in the existence of God, and sometimes I'll blog about what I feel has been a divine intervention. That being said, some things about the followers in general, really bother me. Take for instance the people who post pictures of someone being baptized... the comments are always... "Amen!" Or, "That child has been saved!" I don't know... that to me is overkill. It's like when you're just entering a new relationship and the other person is all over you with flowers, and  love poems, and, and... it's just bleh! Too much. It kind of pushes me away from it, because while I do believe, and I do pray (oh believe me, do I ever pray, sometimes even in the traditional, on my knees way), I don't do... that? I don't know... it's hard to explain.

Anyway, I'm thinking even though little things push me away from the followers, we should probably find a church. I told the wife yesterday, that maybe God wants us somewhere, since so many people are pushing us to go. The problem is those panic attacks. They started many years ago, in church. SO I stopped going because back then, that was really the only place I would get them. I sure did love my church though. Everyone was so down to earth, and the pastor was witty and humorous. I loved her sermons, because they were stories told to help us find our way through this crazy world today. If we lived closer, I would try to go again.

Today though, will be spent doing other things...
I need to work out. I wanted to go to the Home and Garden show, but the wife invited people over, so I guess I can't do that. I was going to volunteer with a dog rescue group. I mean, I could go ahead and do that. I don't know... all I know for sure is that I need a workout. Yesterday, we went to the horse races. It was fun... my friend's band was playing there, before Mr. Ted Nugent took the stage. I don't even know if I'm spelling his name right. We left before he made his appearance, but not before I consumed junk food. Not a lot, but enough to make me mad at myself. Before that I participated in a small walk event to raise money for our local pregnancy center. That was fun, but my friend ended up having to work the event, so I walked with people I had just met. They were slow walkers! It took an hour for 2 miles. Had I been alone, I would have finished way before that because running would have been involved. Oh well... they were nice, and I came home and worked out afterward!! A little obsessive I suppose, but I'm starting to feel a difference, and even see a tiny difference, so I'm way motivated, even though my allergy meds are bringing me down.

Okay... time for me to get going. People will soon be arriving, and I need to choose between Home and Garden or the boat with the wife and the friends. 


Anita said...

As you know, I'm one of the church-goers. I'm so happy that you don't hold that against me! LOL

I'm content now in saying that I don't wear it on my sleeves or try to stuff it down anyone else's throat.

It's for me and my family. And it's still workin' for me.

Keep your eyes and ears open for a church that will work for you - only if you want to.

On another note, horse races, charity, and volunteering? You're doing some fun stuff!

Happy Sunday :)

Rob-bear said...

Bear makes it to church most Sunday mornings. But instead of sitting in the back corner on the side, I'm now standing up, front and centre. Yes; strange things do happen in church! Still haven't figured that one out, entirely.

Hope your day got off to a great start — and your week too.

Blessings and Bear hugs (from pastor Bear)!

P.S.: How many churches have you attended where a Bear was leading worship?

Laura Day said...

I know exactly what you mean about the overkill and the followers. I believe in God as well, I guess I just really haven't look into finding a good church for my family, partly because around here it's just sooooo ....much a "status" or maybe social status is more of the word I'm looking for. Anyway it just seems like some people around where I live go to church for the wrong reasons... like it's to be seen rather than to worship and learn about God..... but really who am I to judge them. Anyway hopefully that makes sense. Anywayyyy I understood where you were coming from... :)

Kelli Hale said...

I do attend church, and while I would encourage anyone to do the same I don't really consider church attendance to be a vital part of "the Faith" collectively.

I believe that your personal relationship to God is most important. I like that saying: "Being in a garage every day doesn't make you a car. Just like being in a church every day doesn't make you a Believer."

I think if you are feeling drawn to start finding a church that you should go for it, but in the end it's really between you and God not between you and a church congregation. :)