Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Million and One

I have a million and one things to do, so of course, I came to my second greatest source for procrastination... My blog! My first greatest source is Facebook. (This was last night by the way... now it's 9 am and now I really must get my stuff done!)

I guess you could say things have picked up around here. With Spring coming early(even before the gopher declared it), I've spent every opportunity I've had outdoors, which is why this blog has been continued today. Not because I was outdoors last night, but because my allergies are kicking my butt! I drugged myself heavily before I started writing this post last night, and then couldn't finish. Although, the heavy drugging did nothing for my itchy, watery, eyes, my sneezing, or my sniffles, making it not really worth it, because now I'll have to push my workout back to this evening. Oh, this is because my body feels so sluggish. I was sluggish yesterday too, which is probably why a 3 miler took me an hour to do.

I have to say, I am SO happy I'm back to running. It just feels good, and when I'm really into a good stretch, I'm not thinking about anything except the sound of my feet hitting the pavement, and the cars whooshing by me. I've been leaving the neighborhood and running on the main roads... the terrain is bumpier due to all of the major construction, and I like that. Trail running is what I would be doing if I had people to run with. Right now, I run behind, and around the tractors. Not kidding here. The guys look at me like I'm nuts. LOL

Things have been up and down as far as that building we found. We have a meeting with the city today to discuss the zoning. I really need to get with the wife and so we can discuss exactly what I'm supposed to say that will sway these city managers to allow us to conduct business there. It's a wonderful building, so I hope we can make it work. So frustrating. I felt bad for the wife when she was telling me this new bit of information. She was way more frustrated than I was. I guess I had braced myself for it ahead of time, due to past disappointments with this whole procedure of space hunting.

I then have an appointment for my little Cam boy... he's been attacking Callie, our little white dog, out of the blue. We're not sure when he'll do it, or why. He also chews everything in sight. I'm not sure I ever posted the picture of the wall after he had gotten to it. Yes, the wall. The other night, he walked into the living room with something hard in his mouth. I went looking for where he might have gotten it, and it was grout from the wall tiles around our bedroom fireplace. I bought him a "thinking" toy yesterday. He played with it ALL day, and carried a part of it around with him no matter where he went. It came to bed with us too!  Wish me luck... the vet doesn't take my complaints about this behavior seriously, but it is serious. The wife wants to get rid of him... that's how bad it is. I love that little dog and can't imagine getting rid of him.

Pictures of Cam's destruction:

The chewed hole in the wall. This wall is original decorating... they did some technique with straw, and it looks awesome... NOT with the hole though.

The missing grout. No idea how he managed to get it out. He tries it with our bathroom and kitchen floors as well.

This is his thinking toy. It has three holes in it. It came with a lady bug, which is the part he carries around. He's supposed to try to get the bug out, which he did. I then stuffed it with some of his other toys, but yesterday his focus was the lady bug. 
He loves it

He loves it... he was running by in this one which is why it's blurry

This was before bed last night. Finally passed out.

Okay... I need to go. The wife and I need to have a meeting of the minds before we have a meeting with the city. Ugh, and what to wear?!?!? I don't want to get "dressed up" for this. My allergies are kicking my butt, and I just want to be in comfy clothes.

Wish us luck!

Later on, I'll post some beautiful sunsets!! :)

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