Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, April 9, 2012

A Return To Something... not sure what!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We celebrated Easter with an egg hunt for the dogs. 
Ah fellow bloggers and peeps who take the time to read me... thank you!! I want to especially thank you for the support when I've blogged about having down times. Last week was long, and I literally did not sleep. I've gotten to the point of dreading bedtime, because I struggle so much to find my sleepy place.

Here's a picture I took at 6 am Friday morning. I finally just got up after being wide awake since 3 am.

Beautiful Moonset... It turned so many pretty colors, but it was hard to capture in the dark.

There's a lot going on, and one of you pegged it. We have had SO many changes this past year, add those to hormonal changes (I'm talking menopause), and you've got a not so pretty situation. Change for me, good or bad, is hard to tackle. I don't adjust well.

So here is last week in bullet updates:

*The day after I blogged, we had a horrible stream of storms sweep through here with a large number of tornados scattered all around us. It was scary, to say the least. We pulled up the radar pictures after they officially announced the strength and number of the tornados, and the results were: Several EF-0's in a circle, with us in the center, and an EF-3 that literally made a U around us. We were in the pantry watching the live feeds via laptop, and our camera feeds from our home cameras, so we could see the goings on outdoors. Wish I could download the hail videos... amazing!! I probably can, I'm just challenged right now. Another amazing thing is that, thankfully, we had not one fatality They're predicting heavy storms again tomorrow. I'm fine with the rain, because I'm hoping this will alleviate drought conditions this summer. The lake is higher than it has ever been, but this past summer it was the lowest it had ever been. I am not, however, fine with tornados.

*We withdrew our offer on the building we found. The inspection found water under it. Not such an unusual thing with a pier and beam building, but the huge crack jutting from the wall, told us this water has probably been an issue for quite some time. I was going to have a foundation specialist look at the home today, but we decided the risk was too high. Upon making this decision, frustrations drove us to a website for a city near us, and guess what?!?!? We found a building. The owner said he took it off the market and was surprised to get a call, but since he did, he decided to go with it. He is building an indoor kids facility down the road, and needs the money to get that building ready. He's leasing the side of that building to yet another indoor facility... batting cages, and he took us in to see it. It was absolutely awesome, and the best thing is that we will be able to do business with both of these facilities! So, please, please cross your fingers, pray, do whatever it is you do, to bring good upon others... for us and the families we'll serve. My community give-back is going to be a 24 hour hotline for parents and caregivers. At times people need immediate support when their kid is losing it, or when they're losing it... this is what we will be, support. The wife doesn't quite agree with how I want to do it, but we'll figure something out. It's important to have. Too many kids are dying at the hands of their parents, and I honestly feel that in some of these situations, had non-judgemental support been available at the drop of a hat, it could possibly have changed the outcome. Anyway, we still need to go through the city, and the bank. I'm nervous, but still trying to plan for the positive!! It was meant to be... right?

*The wife and I seem to be at a crossroads lately. Disconnected is how we put it. I guess it happens when you've been together for a time, get comfortable, and forget that what you have, still needs nurturing. I guess this has been a large part of why I've been struggling. We are both very excited about the building though, and yesterday was quite peaceful and relaxing. SO, we'll call it a phase in our relationship, and hopefully nurture it back to wonderful health. It's not on it's deathbed by any means, and it's not critical, but it's has a small virus right now, that we're taking meds for. I really think the gym will help. It will give us both something to do!

*I've been really good about working out every day, and I've noticed it helps with my down moods. Plus I'm seeing a small difference in my mid-section, which is quite motivating!!

Speaking of, I need to get moving. I have to take kids here and there, clean up from yesterday's fun, and work out!

Last night's perfect sunset... 


Rob-bear said...

An appropriate decision (about the building with water) and an important new find. Both sound good.

Hope you get a decent sleep at some point.

See you in June?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everyone is OK from the bad weather. Yikes! That sounds really terrible.

Kelli Hale said...

Whoo! Glad to hear you missed the brunt of the crazy storms, and that you found a building for your gym. :)