Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Forever Young...

All day today, people have been saying May the 4th be with you! I love it, it's cute, and it's a phrase that can only work with my Birthday!

Today (tomorrow now that it's after 1am), I turned 21x2... and I'm happy about it. I will never have a problem getting older, because it's the natural progression of things, and well, it's better than NOT getting older. Not to mention the fact that people have flattered me relentlessly with their comments on my appearance lately. I'm not talking about people I know. They love me and tell me what they think I need to hear. I'm talking about strangers!! Thursday, I  went down to the tennis courts to watch the wife play. The coach from the other team was sitting there, and we were talking about teens. She asked me if I had my 17 year old when I was a teen myself, because I looked way too young to have a teen! Yes, I loved her for that. Today I went in to the gym to set up my personal training schedule. I told the guy I needed three days a week, and a meal suggestion schedule to keep me on track. He said it shouldn't be difficult to reach my goals within the month because "you're already in pretty good shape." Yes, I loved him for that. What I didn't say was "Well, you haven't seen me naked!!" I wouldn't have meant it that way, but he might not have known that. I reeled it in.

I think this is about all I've got tonight. I'm worn out. It's late, and these dogs haven't let me sleep these past two nights. The wife's sister is here, and she brought her little dog, which has mine totally worked up. This means, mine will dash out of here first thing in the morning barking. This also means they'll be extra sensitive to sounds, and will bark at everything all night.

I will try to come back tomorrow... I hope you all have a great Saturday!!


Rob-bear said...

Great that you get compliments! They obviously help to make your day! Nothing like some positive reinforcement .

Blessings and Bear hugs.

middle child said...

Happy Birthday a day late. And as for the dogs....Perhaps a little something in their dog food at night to "help" them sleep long enough for you guys to rest!?

Susan Mystery said...

Big Star Wars fan here!! Actually had someone ask me what the big deal was. They said Star Wars was hard to follow. Happy Birthday!!