Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Interesting Way

It's been a while since I've blogged. The holidays, the kids, the animals, the wife, the job, and the writing have kept me away... but I have a few things I want to say, so here goes.

First off...
I really hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed good food and good times with family and friends!

I recently read a blog post over at Beyond the Diapers and Spills that discussed different religious beliefs. This isn't what led to my blog post, yet I couldn't help but think back on her blog after a discussion the wife and I had.

We were talking about the horrible things we've been reading about in the news. People do such terrible things to eachother, to children. I feel punishment for these monsters is way too lenient... that they deserve to suffer just as much if not more than their victims. The wife agreed and took it a step further by saying they should suffer in death as well. She believes we should all be armed with the knowledge that our afterlife will be a living nightmare if we victimize others. That knowledge would then make us think twice before acting. After having this discussion with someone else, the wife discovered Hindus believe bad people come back as turtles. They are held captive forever in shells, unable to move quickly, and forced to live for over one hundred years in such a manner, with lots of time to think about their past life... a human soul in a turtle body.

The moment passed, but a few days later the wife and I were looking in on Florence ( I never did blog that we changed the turtle's name to Florence from Four), when the wife said "Florence, what kind of horrible thing did you do to land you in such a place?" My reply was that I would really like to think that my classroom pet, and out new holiday companion, is an innocent. I will tell you though, that as I look in on Florence, her eyes do look wise... they do watch us... Florence, what DID you do as a human?

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Anita said...

I'm glad my post prompted such an interesting conversation between you and your wife.
And actually, your story of the turtle and the belief of the Hindus makes me wonder where that belief came from.
My 5th grade daughter went to a new school this year, and her history class discussed different beliefs all over the world, including Christianity and evolution.
I must admit that the way the Christian story was presented (it was respectful), i.e. Adam and Eve, I can see why people have a hard time with it.

Thanks for mentioning the post. Maybe more people will read it. Even if no comment is left, it may pull certain thoughts off the back burner of our brains to be pondered a little more.

Now I wonder who that turtle was, too. :)