Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh, Yes I Did...

This will be short today since I have to leave soon to get the boy from his dad's house.

Yesterday was full of nothing but me stress eating, and then making a short shopping trip for plastic bins that will serve as garage storage. We had a ton of card board boxes in the garage, from about a month ago, when the wife's mom and dad moved to town. They "gave" us things that they no longer wanted. This means, we now have more things to store. The flood destroyed the boxes, but luckily (I guess) the contents of the boxes were saved.

Since we're about to be hit extremely hard financially when we close on the building, and then again when we get the repairs done to our home from the flood, I've been looking for ways to save money. This means my search for plastic storage bins, took me a bit out of the way... to Walmart. Yes, I did it. I went to Walmart. Don't get me wrong... I'm not a snob, I just don't like Walmart. They're like a cult (you would know if you'd ever had to visit their corporate offices), and they treat their employees horribly.

Plus, I've got some psychological issues with Walmart... thats right, that's what I said! You see, I know what it is to struggle financially. I know what it's like to walk into a store with a calculator in hand, just to make sure I don't go over a certain amount, causing me to bounce a check. I know the stress of  having to buy "back to school" school supplies for two kids, and then not have enough money to buy food. Walmart was the only store I went to for years, and years... because I had no choice. Well, now I DO have a choice, and I've steadfastly refused to walk through those doors... until yesterday.

I went in for plastic storage bins, like I said, but I decided since I was there already, to fully peruse the store, and its contents. I was searching for certain things... organic fruits and veggies, hummus, low sodium deli counter lunch meats, and then the things the kids eat (which I know they always have). Guess what?? They had all of these things. So, I made the decision yesterday, that I would do most of my grocery shopping there. We need to save money... we will be running a business and a household.

The wife was thrilled with my decision. Since her parents have moved to town, her mom has been talking non-stop about how much more money we spend at the grocery store, as compared to what we would spend at Walmart. My refusal to shop there was only stronger, because I'm stubborn like that. I really appreciate the wife not trying to "make" me shop there. She let me make the decision on my own, which was the smartest, easiest thing she could do!

So there you go... and now I need to go! 

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