Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Colorful Friday

Happy post Thanksgiving, everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed time with your family, and delicious foods!!

I have to say, I'm a little disappointed with the lack of Facebook posts about friends' super duper Black Friday deals. I know many of them were planning on shopping today, and while a few years ago, I'd have given anything to go, these past few years I have had NO desire. Don't get me wrong, I love to shop, I just don't like throngs of crazy, self-absorbed people surrounding me, fighting over things that are few and far between on this particular day. All products currently sold out today, will be replenished on Monday. Maybe not at the same price, but my fluctuating like and dislike of other humans does not need any negative reinforcement. Oh, and I'm not calling my friends self-absorbed, I think it's something that overtakes people when they're in that type of situation. Competition or something... whew... craziness!

Honestly, I think I'm really starting to show my age. Yesterday, the family was so excited about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade... but not me. It was too much loud, obnoxious music, that didn't inspire any type of Christmas spirit at all. I mean, why couldn't it be like this? I really think my past life was lived in this time period. Take no notice of the last float... "politically incorrect" didn't exist back then, right???


The unseasonably warm weather didn't help with my lack of holiday spirit, either. I did take a walk with my Cammy though, and took pictures of the pretty Fall trees. It's nothing like pictures I've seen of Maine, but still something to be appreciated. Especially when we have no trees around our house.

I love trees. When we lived in Dallas, we had the most spectacular back yard, full of trees. The bedroom was like a huge treehouse, with windows, and a balcony all the way around. I loved going out there to sit, and it was especially beautiful in the Fall, when the leaves were falling. It was like a colorful snow! Most would say we have a spectacular back yard now, and we do, but I miss my trees.

SO, I think I'll post some pictures of yesterday's tree walk, and I was going to try to download some pics from Dallas too, but Google is trying to make me purchase storage!?!?!?! When on earth did this happen? Ridiculous... I may have to blog from Facebook. I love posting pictures, but not for a monthly fee.

Anyway, we plan on spending our day relaxing, and Christmas decorating. The wife apparently got started last night... I was in bed at 10. I KNOW... way too early!

What do you guys do the day after Thanksgiving?

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Rob-bear said...

Stuck my snout out int eh cold, 'cause I couldn't sleep.

The tree pictures are wonderful; they make me feel so "at home."