Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Still Kicking!!

Hi all, if there is anyone left...

It's been forever! I've been so crazy busy. I think the last time you heard from me, I was trying to get my daughter out of the house and into the real world, our home had flooded, we had just rescued three kittens, and we had just bought a building for our business!

We have been nuts around here!!

SO here are the quick updates:

Daughter: She is now currently enrolled in art school and living in a dorm. She hates it, but doesn't want to come home because there are rules. We ended up letting her drive the car so she could get a job. She is probably smoking pot, and thinking it's cool. I don't know. She does want to come home a lot, and today she will be going with me to help me rescue two puppies. They're adorable, and the only dogs I can help are small breed puppies, because of Cam's psycho behavior. Remember my crazy, but adorable Morkie....

Home: The repairs after the flood were finally totally wrapped up a couple of weeks ago. We had to stay in a hotel, and all of the critters needed boarding. It was great because I slept like a baby. I should have taken one of those pillows... and paid for it of course. I just cannot find pillows that are comfortable, whether I'm shopping an expensive department store, or a Target.

Kittens: We are no longer kitten rescuers, we are kitten adopters. Yes, of course we ended up keeping them! I'm SO allergic though. So for the wife, who loves them so much, I am going today to get allergy tested so I can start my allergy shots. That should help a lot. In the meantime, I've been on prednisone, which is why I've been up for the past two hours, and it's only 7 am. I have to admit, though it makes me absolutely miserable (the prednisone), it sure does keep me going like the Energizer bunny!

Building: We bought it, we've loaded and taken things over, but we're currently waiting on a contractor to give us some quotes for some things we need done in it. Then we will need to purchase equipment, Then we should be able to open. We're looking at probably February. I mean, now we need to get past the holidays. Before we had to get past our own home repairs. We have been running a mobile unit... I got my car wrapped and everything. I love it, because friends will message, or call saying they saw me on the road today. The good thing about a small town, I guess! If you live in our town, and you own a business, your car is probably wrapped! We have quite a few clients, and the wife and I love them. The wife is amazing with these kiddos, so I'm hoping this will serve as her new motivation (aside from money).

Well, the sun is shining now, I have a puppy crate to put together, and I want to hit the grocery store before the crazy people get there!

I really need to get back here more often, and will work that out! I hope everyone has a terrific day!

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Rob-bear said...

Glad to know that pieces are fitting together for you!

I'm heading in to hibernate. See you in the spring, when I hope you'll have wonderful stories to tell.

Blessings and Bear hugs til then.