Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, February 26, 2010

The challenge... can someone have a lifesaver available please?

This particular blog will be broken up into different topics because I’m feeling a bit scattered today. Too much Starbucks and not enough activity!

The first topic was my morning reality check…

When people ask me what I do, I say “I’m a housewife.” What I want to say to them is “I’m a writer.” I want to write. I love writing… when I can pour my heart into it without worrying about the reactions of others, what I write is actually very good.

On that note I’ll roll into the second topic… I write about life with my partner/wife and our kids… I still go back and forth on what to call her. I know that may seem silly to some, but this is all new to me. With my exes I was never “out,” so they were “friends.” Now, I’m pretty much “out” but still have some adjusting to do as far as saying “My wife,” or “My partner.” I’m always amazed at the ease I see in people when they’re talking about their same-sex partners. I’ll eventually adjust to this, but you’ll see this topic in another blog soon!

Back to writing… my wife! My poor wife feels as though she was blasted in my last blog. She said she read it FIVE times and that she looks like an ass. She was so cute pacing through the bedroom kicking at my workout ball in a little mini fit as I laughed out loud at her. “Why can’t you talk about why I love our lifestyle?” “I love being able to take you on trips,” “I love our house with a river walk in our own backyard!” “I work from home to have more time with you.” “I guess I’m just a man!” This is a small example of her tirade.

I tried to be fair in that blog. I stated that I feel as if I’m overreacting at times. I gave her the fact that her after-hour emails and texts don’t take up a ton of time. The thing is… I still feel the way I feel. While I’m working on these feelings, she needs to understand what quality time means to me. She said she was going to start her own blog called “The Other Side of the Fence-The “Husbands” Perspective.” I told her that would be just wonderful, “One more thing to take time away from us.” I thought this would send her into a fetal position (this is yet another blog) but it didn’t. I’m so proud of her! This, by the way, is our bantering. We do quite a bit of that… we’re always teasing and bantering back and forth, while also getting points across. Much more fun than truly arguing!

So, my “husband”… you are as far from being a man as one can be… Seriously? You aren’t called PP for nothing... Pretty Princess! Luckily you’ve lost the Pillow Princess title, but you are a princess nonetheless. I challenge you to write your blog “The Other Side of the Fence.” I mean, what can you truly say about your completely devoted wife? “She cooks dinners for us every night” “She makes sure I have fresh flowers every week.” Sounds pretty boring to me… but if you want dueling blogs, then I am ALL for it! Bring it darlin’!! ;)

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