Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Slippery When Wet

There are times life can be compared to a newly laid sidewalk, so smooth and easy to follow. Then there are times it appears to be as treacherous as a hiking trail through a rocky ravine during a heavy rainfall! These are the times we must tread carefully or risk falling.

I think I could safely compare these past few weeks to that rocky ravine and I’m teetering and soaking wet! My beautiful wife and I have had three arguments this past month. It’s disconcerting because we haven’t really fought at all. I would like to think of my previous relationships as avenues of experience. I’ve learned from my mistakes and my exes’ mistakes, and I’ve learned from the good we had too. I’ve put most of what I’ve learned to use. I’ve learned to compromise and listen. I’ve learned that we as individuals do not have to stay with someone if we are unhappy. This last one is big because I think at times we forget to look at our partners as separate entities as the relationship grows comfortable. We forget this person sleeping next to us does not have to be here and we get careless with gestures and words. We forget to show them how much we respect them, we forget to show them love, and we forget they have needs that must be met. Anyway… the most important lesson I’ve learned was to communicate when angry. Unfortunately, this particular lesson hasn’t seemed to help and this is why….

I’ve met myself in my wife. She is stubborn. When she’s mad she bottles up, but no worries, she’ll let loose when you least suspect it. Then she turns over and doesn’t say a thing. That is exactly what I USED to do. I learned that not responding to rebuttals after you’ve blown tends to make people a little crazy. I now know exactly why people have slammed out of rooms yelling like loons after an argument with me in which I’ve said very little. I always felt so confused when that would happen and wondered what crawled up their butt… now I know.

Luckily after our arguments, we’ve talked things out. We made a deal after our 1st one that we would count to three, roll over, and hold each other. That deal didn’t make it through the second argument. So now, after our third argument, we know that we need to communicate better. I’m not really sure how we’re going to do that… prehaps no bottling up and then letting loose in a fiery word storm for her, and no leaving the room for the rest of the night for me. What else though? What can we do to better manage ourselves when we are less than pleased with each other? Hmmmm… I’ve written her a poem. I am the world’s worst poet, but hey… I keep trying! One day, I’ll write a masterpiece! I said it wasn’t for the blog, but I’ve changed my mind. Here it is…

This is not a blog for others to see.

It’s something for you, written by me.

This is not a love letter. It’s a rhyme.

It’s a message to your heart from mine.

The day I saw your smiling face… I thought to myself “This must be fate.”

It was easy and a lot of fun.

I’m so surprised I didn’t run.

If it’s easy, is it real?

With my heart I made a deal…

If I saw love in your eyes

If I could hear it in your sighs

If there was tenderness in your kiss

And you were the one I knew I’d miss

Then you were the one I knew I’d need

The one I’ve felt in my dreams

I need your love and your trust

You do too, it’s a must

I need your touch, I need your time

I need to know we’ll be fine

Through troubles and a little strife

I’ll always love you, you’re my life.

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