Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Nurturing addiction... sick!

I know what kind of day it will be when I find myself sitting in front of my computer analyzing what’s happening on the screen in front me. I’m staring at my restaurant… did I mention I was a business owner? Don’t get excited, I’m not a true business owner. I’m nurturing my addiction to a Facebook application called Café World. Today I was watching the little computerized people wander in and out of my restaurant, Asian Zen. I’ve been told it should be called the Tacky Jap. Hopefully no one is offended by this terminology and if you are, get over it.

Anyway… back to Café World. I was mesmerized by the little computer people wandering in and out of my restaurant, some of them with little names above their heads representing those who are Facebook friends. Then I noticed something else. My restaurant was not running efficiently. The waitresses had no idea what they were doing. When the little people sat down at a table with a waitress, that waitress didn’t wait on them. The waitress on the other side of the restaurant attempted to take care of them, but by the time she made it across the room with the food (she seriously took the longest way around possible) the customer had left and I lost money! Unbelievable!! I wanted to fire my waitresses… ALL of them!

Over all there’s an embarrassing sense of satisfaction that comes from running my little computerized restaurant. I like clicking on it and seeing that the food “I” prepared is sparkling and ready to be served. Then the oven is miraculously cleaned and I’m ready to prepare another fantastic dish. I look adorable in my little kimono, and the little gold coins rack up until I’m ready to redecorate or expand. If only life were like this… I’m talking about the visuals. I’m a visual person. I think this is why I love the casino so much. I can watch the money… usually I’m watching it go away, but there are times I get lucky!

Back to the main topic… yes, there was a point to this! I’m feeling completely useless today. It’s Friday… I don’t have anything scheduled except a tennis court at 2. I’ve kept up with my wifely duties, and the housekeeper comes in an hour (I know, I know). The dogs are lazy, the wife is on a conference call, and the kids are at their dad’s. I have four word documents open… one is the book I keep plugging away on, the other two are blogs I’ve started, but have gotten pulled away from, and then of course this one. The good thing is I’m no longer staring at the computer screen. Now it’s the television. I want to know what’s being said, but am currently unable to figure out the sound system… so I’m practicing my lip reading skills. Surely those will come in handy one day.

Oh look, 1 minute before my mac-n-cheese is sparkling!

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