Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

New York vs. Home

This will be a fly by the seat of your pants blog! Let me see… We’ll start with some New York blurbs!

* We met a hobo, as my son likes to call them. He posed for a picture with us and even let my wife hold his bottle of liquor as a “prop.” Overall, I would say he was a very nice man!

*We walked a marathon in the wind and rain. We heard it was the worst storm New York has seen in a LONG time. How nice that we were there for that!

*We took the wrong subway, almost killed each other trying to get off of that particular train, and then learned that we more than likely would have made it to the same destination no matter the train we took.

*We learned that you cannot order cheese fries in New York City and expect them to be the mountain of melted cheddar and crispy fries you get here in Texas… what you will get is a plate of fries with a few slices of Kraft American cheese slapped over them. The waiter did try to appease my wife’s requests.

*We attempted to walk from Battery Park to our hotel in Times Square not realizing the distance. As we hit the halfway mark, an empty taxi pulled up directly in front of us… we couldn’t move fast enough to secure that ride!

*The best part of New York is that I was able to shake Al Roker’s hand, and Kirsty Ally waved at us while she waited for her Today Show interview. I love her! I’m now trying to get my wife to try Kirsty’s Organic Liaison diet.

I’m going to post pictures from our trip tomorrow afternoon on my Facebook site, LHW Chronicles of our Perfectly Imperfect Life. Join it if you’d like and you can see the pics. I don’t send out constant notifications and I don’t message at all. I just understand how to use Facebook more than I understand this blog site!

We’re home now and back to life. Driving to Starbucks feels good… doing laundry feels good… sitting in bed while writing and watching the rain feels so very good! Life has been busy since we’ve been home…

*Last night we took the kids to the Blackeyed Peas concert. It was great… so much fun! I can honestly say I never thought I would see Ludacris in concert, but low and behold, he was the opening act. Two guys marching around the stage yelling their raps was interesting.

*This morning I was up at 6 AM and ready to meet my running group. It was pouring rain and 40 degrees out, but we ran. Did I mention I joined Team in Training? I love it!

Now we are off to gamble. I’m going to try to take pictures of the crazies rubbing the machines while we’re there. I have little tolerance for that type of thing and will usually get up and move away. I’ve decided that today I will clean my machine with hand sanitizer and then give it a big ole lick when some nut sits next to me and starts their rubbing, crisscross routine. Perhaps they will move! ;o) Perhaps I won’t get a disease… ha!

If there are typos, please forgive! My computer is about to die and I don't have time to proof! :)

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