Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, March 8, 2010

18 with 22 years of experience!

I’m not forty yet… I’m not old! I can think this all day long, but the fact of the matter is, there are times when I’m not sure if I’m showing my age or my dorky side… hell, maybe it’s both. I remember when Fergie’s song London Bridge came out. I truly thought Fergie was Sarah, Duchess of York. I mean, I hadn’t heard of the Black Eye Pea’s Fergie, and suddenly someone named Fergie was singing about the London Bridge… it seemed possible to me. Duchess of York… married/divorced to Queen Elizabeth’s second son… They connect, yes? This was a long time ago, but it was the first time I realized I am not always completely “with it.”


* I’m singing 80’s songs in the car and forcing my children to listen to 80’s on 8. There are times I will switch it to 40’s on 4… the kids actually like that!

*I’m gaining weight. There once was a time when (this particular phrase is a sign of old age) I could starve myself all day in order to make my stomach flat for my night on the town. Now I go to the gym, hit a whole machine of tennis balls on the court, and make extra trips up and down the stairs, all to no avail.

*I’m more than likely menopausal… my moods have been up and down and I’m hot flashing all over the place… especially at night. This makes it very hard for me to get any sleep! Bags under my eyes do NOT help things.

*I’m struggling to maneuver my way through web sites like Twitter and BlogSpot… I’m frustrated that I can’t change my font on Twitter and that I can’t figure out how to better personalize my blogs with awesome backgrounds and pretty colors!

*I’m not the cool mom… I take my daughter’s phone, computer, and iTouch away as punishment for lying and other things I’ll get into when I start my second Blogspot called “Oh crap, it’s a girl!”

The good news is… I’m not wearing scarves to keep my hair in place, I don’t drive a minivan… just a Mini , and I’m at an age that enables me to embrace my dorky side in so many ways. Life is good!

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