Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In the news

I'm currently sitting in front of DFW airport eagerly awaiting the wife's arrival from ummm... Well, I can't remember, great. Yes, she's been many different places as of late... No, I'm not getting early dementia. I promise.

While waiting, I've been getting caught up on current events...

In the headlines:

"Where should sex offenders live?" Really? They shouldn't live.

"1m bond set for Ohio kidnapper" Why is this man even offered the option? I mean, he is obviously guilty... There is no maybe he did it. There is no excuse for his crime that could make it "okay."

"Pink is pregnant" I hope she has a healthy baby and that she doesn't lose sleep over their teen years as I have thus far.

"Is Bristol Palin in the "Dancing" finals? Who really cares...

"Bush: Obama deserves to govern without criticism from me" And people deserve to live and love freely too... I'm sure Bush would disagree.

"Hospital care fatal for some Medicare patients" Well, Obama did basically say people needed to be euthanized once they reached a certain age and became a drain on the healthcare system. Is this his plan?

Okay... The wife has landed! Yay!

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