Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

DC Trip Favorites + two extra

An angel looking over the Lincoln Memorial. We were amazed at the planes flying over. They were so close!

A small portion of Union Station. All of it is absolutely beautiful!

A Soldier in the Korean War Memorial

One of the many waterfalls in the FDR Memorial

The Korean War Memorial

A different view of the Lincoln Memorial

A portion of he Vietnam War Memorial

I loved this... The Old Post Office in the rain. 

The Arlington Memorial Cemetery. Notice the grave markers in this portion aren't the uniformed crosses? They weren't always required... so these were the markers of the past. 

The Washington Memorial... we saw it wherever we went in DC. 

My favorite Memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. It was so beautiful, sitting on the water,
Georgetown Cupcakes... Home of the cupcake sisters, as I call them :)

We loved Georgetown.. it reminded me of England, the village we lived in. SO pretty, clean, and quaint.

More of Georgetown!

And more... I was trying to capture its charm :)

AND another :)

Yes, we went back several time in the 5 days we were there :)
One of the many tents in the Freedom Square Occupy Movement 

Might need to build myself one of these ;)
I do love it! :)

I am not raising the Conservative... the wife is  :)

Ummm, no explanation

On our way to the White House

Silliness on the open top bus

Georgetown Cupcakes!!

Me on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

These next two pictures are from this past busy, busy week! I thought they were good pics of the kids :)

The girl after receiving her letter Jacket... watching the Rangers lose....
Watching the Rangers lose, before the end of the game obviously :)


Velvet_Heaven said...

I love these pics! I'm sure the memories attached to them are just as wonderful. Definitely made me smile :)

Rob-bear said...

Glad you had such an awesome time. Love the pictures.

Anita said...

You saw more of Washington's tourist attractions than I've seen, and I live only two hours away!

It's a great city. Glad you and your family got to see and enjoy it.

Now I want a cupcake. :)