Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

I promised a picture blog of a typical day. Was that about two weeks ago? It certainly feels like longer than that. Maybe it was?

Anyway... as promised, I am going to post my picture blog here and then I am going to go to my business blog and post. After that I may copy and post that blog post into this one so you guys can see what I've currently been dealing with. I've gone back and forth on whether or not to post something personal on my business blog, but I figure it totally pertains to my business, and perhaps people will read and know why I'm so passionate about this!

A Day in the Life
Please note the picture quality isn't the best since I was running around clicking with my phone for a few days in order to get every aspect of each day ;)

Sitting outside with my coffee before I take the kids to school.... it was actually a cool, breezy morning!

Watching the fisherman who came along

He didn't stay long... they're so impatient! If only he had seen the fish jumping just a few minutes earlier!
What? They're still in bed?!?!

That's it. It's late, get up!
Well, He's ready to go!

Cam wants to know where the girl is!
It's a top-down day... the kids hate those days! Strange teens!

Here she comes... finally!!

Bye boy...

Hahaha, she would kill me for this picture! Bye girl!
Now to Starbucks... I have to go to the one in the grocery store because I usually need something from there. Yes, this is an every day thing!

The wife's daily Starbucks drink

My drink.... I don't usually have a drink from Starbucks because they make me sick. BUT the low fat very berry loaf is yummy! 

Yes, the furry babies get their eggs in the morning

They aren't spoiled or anything
Ugh, I forgot to get fresh flowers from the store. Ignore the glass chicken. It was my compromise because the wife really wanted a large ceramic rooster.
Oh well, time for some cleaning

Start the laundry... yes, this is a daily chore.
The wife is still sleeping....
So, back outside I go with my coffee, after my cleaning and while I wait for the laundry. This is the neighbors' live in house-keeper. She's always outside about this time of morning, so I know to leave the yippy yaps in!
The wife woke up and off we went to run our errands! First to get her oil changed

Then to get her car washed

Then to Sonic for her Diet Coke

Then to Firewheel for some Bath and Body supplies!
My stuff from Bath and Body :)

Then here to get our uniform shirts embroidered with our business name. We were scheduled to run a booth at a local expo to promote our business we don't yet have a space for. 

Then home in time for the dog groomer! 
Cam all handsome and groomed!

My Tallulah trying to look poised after her grooming 

Callie May sitting pretty
We had to go get the girl from school a bit earlier than usual  because she was having chest pains... to the ER we go.

The girl... no she's not miserable, she's trying to get her brother to have a conversation. This is the look most of us have after trying to talk to him.
The boy acting silly after they took the girl for x-rays

Dinner out after it took us so long at the hospital

The quick drive home because the wife was disgusted that the children didn't eat all of their food and frowned upon taking it home for left-evers.

Home for the evening, finally. Yes we are all in our space downstairs

Typical of the boy... this is his space

Callie is usually passed out

The boy decided to play with the other two furry babies

How I make the dogs and family behave ;)
I'm usually online looking through recipes for dinner. I thought I would try some crock-pot dinners this week
It's a top-down day... possible rain!!! Yay! The lake is 6 feet lower now :(
I remembered the flowers today!

I love my fresh flowers :)

Sushi for lunch! Love it, but I was surprised by how fattening it is... haven't had it since :(
The only non-crock-pot dinner of the week... Yummy salmon.. By the way, I now know I won't be doing the crock pot meals anymore. They were horrible. I'll stick with my cooking as is. Just as you see it above :)
Sunset through the window while I cook :)
I had to go outside to watch it... so beautiful!

Then we were blessed with a little rain...

This is pretty typical of the babies while we're outside without them!
SO, this is my picture blog. Kind of boring, but I suppose that's the point. We lead a fairly typical life and this makes me happy. I do get somewhat restless in that I miss my road trips, and I need quality time with the wife. Look, I know we spend the whole freakin' day together, but I'm talking memory making time. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade this for anything! Now it's time for me to go make the wife and I lunch, and then we'll watch some Sunday football. I don't like Pro-ball nearly as much as I do college football. Talk about slipping into a stereo-typical lesbian when my team plays! I put my Auburn shirt on, and yell at the television, or better yet, yell while at the game!!!! ;)

Warrrrrrrr Eagle, Hey!!!
My family... the wife loves the Cowboys, but we now also follow the Carolina Panthers... our boy Cam from Auburn is now playing for them!! :)
Happy Sunday everyone!!


Rob-bear said...

What a delightful, simple, complex story.
Glad to see the pictures of the family. Hope girl child is OK.

Aeria said...

NOT kinda boring at all! I hope trips to the ER are not a routine part of your routine! Hope she's ok!

This was fun to browse- some awesome pics here! You have a lovely family, thank you for sharing it all with us!

Anita said...

Yep, the ER incident took you out of the every day routine category.

Other than that, I enjoyed your picture blog. Beautiful home, nice view, fresh flowers, Starbucks, private school(?) for the kids...

I love America! :)

Anita said...

Oh, how could I forget the pups and their eggs? :)

Thank you for taking the time to journal your day, post it, and let us into your family's life.