Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, September 26, 2011

80 MPH Highway

It feels as if it's been forever since I've been able to sit down and smell the coffee, or drink the coffee in my case! My coffee has been in a to-go cup on an 80 MPH highway with no rest stops. Today will be different. I've declared today, a day of nothingness. I will take the kids to school, get the wife her coffee, come right back home, and sit. That's right, sit. Maybe I'll watch television, maybe I'll play on my computer, I'll catch up on blogs, I'll make a Doctor appointment or for the kids and dogs, but nothingness is my theme.

I have to say I was a little put out with the wife last night. I told her that I wanted us to just do nothing all day Monday. She said, "Isn't that what we do every day?" Really?!?!?!?! If that's the case then I need some serious vitamins, because I'm exhausted. Nothing all day... pffffft!!

I also want to get my "Typical Day" picture blog posted. I really hope the pictures reflect my typical day, and that the chaos of the past few weeks isn't the new theme. Talk about aging fast if that's the case....whew!

Let me tell you a short story of what chaos does to a brain that is very OCD yet ADD at the same time. The kids' homecoming was this past week. We went to get them from school on Friday and dropped them at home so the girl could start getting ready for the game. Because she's on Drill Team, she has to really do the make-up and hair up in Toddler and Tiara fashion. We dropped them off , and the girl realized she'd forgotten her duffle bag. The wife and I went back to the school, picked up her duffle bag, AND a chair that she needed for the evening's routine(apparently that had been forgotten as well). Then the wife and I, or I should say, I went into several different stores to look for leather twine for the belt for the girl's costume, because she'd lost hers. The wife drove me to the stores but chose to wait it out in the car. Anyway, I finally found the twine, we stopped for fast food because we were in a hurry, got home, and I curled the girls hair. The wife then took her back to the school, and it was my responsibility to go to the store to buy food for the tailgate party the school was having after the game. The boy and I headed to the store, with the girls mum in tow (she forgot it so I figured I would have the store refresh it). I was feeling relief as we checked out. I was proud of myself for having her mum refreshed, having the food bought, and remembering to get cash for the football game. The boy and left, and got home in record time. I pulled into the driveway, got out of the car, grabbed the mum, and told the boy to get the food. He looked at me and asked... "Where is it?" YES, I left the store and the three bags of groceries I bought too!! ALL of them. We didn't even go in the house. I knew I'd hear it from the wife. We got back in the car, and drove back to the store. The clerk remembered me and we had a good laugh. She told me she had never had anyone forget ALL of their groceries before. She hadn't met me yet!! I swear, I really wanted a drink after all of that. Hell, the clerk probably thought I had already been drinking!!

So yes, hopefully things will calm down this week, and my Monday of nothingness will only benefit my crazy brain in the long run!


Rob-bear said...

I have nothing to say about that.
Oh, wait; I just said something.
I do hope this is a day off, and not an off day.
Blessings and Bear hugs.
And did you all survive the game?

Aeria said...

A day of nothingness! What a great idea!!! I may declare tomorrow my very own day of nothingness- at least I can try.

I hope that the chaos of the past few weeks isn't the new theme too. I'm beginning to think that is the case here at our house. :(

Hope your nothingness day goes well and you get some much deserved R & R!

Sunny Dee said...

You can totally have some of my nothing, and I will take some of your busy. Sound like a plan? lol I am about to stab myself in the eye from boredom. At least I get a chance to catch up on all my blogs, right?

I am also glad to know that I'm not the only one who's walked out of a store without my groceries... tee hee... Did the rest of homecoming turn out okay?